31 December 2014

Remembering Arpad

Arpad Miklos was one of the great pornstars of the contemporary era. He may not be with us any longer, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate what a magnificent man he was. This scene is the sort that made him a legend.

If you'd rather watch on the source page or to download your own free copy, click here.

30 December 2014

Beefy Buddies

The Sean Cody website tends to feature college-age lads who are often on the slimmer, twinky side. On occasion, they have some really nice exceptions -- beefier fellows with some age on them. This pair, particularly the slightly shorter one with the buzzcut, are two such examples. (Nice shorts tenting on the other one, by the way, in the first photo.)

Unfortunately, I checked the video that was shot simultaneously to these, and neither bloke sucks the other. Lads, you are cheating yourself by not dropping into a sloppy sixty-nine before stuffing the snake in the tunnel. Sucking is the best prelude to fucking.

There are eighteen large photos in the original set, including many horizontal ones which don't display well with this blog format. To download the entire batch for free, you'll want to click here (online archive here).

29 December 2014

Hanging With Hung Hans

This big strapping scruffy uncut stud is Hans Berlin. I know he's 5'11 and am guessing he's in his later thirties. I don't know why he's on an allegedly British website with a name like he has, but who really cares?

Hans usually is more ripped than this, but he can be excused for relaxing a bit because he's been recovering from leg surgery. I like how the less toned body gives him more of an "everyman" look, like a hot suburban father you'd see buying nails at Home Depot.

Speaking of nailing, Hans is happily versatile and gives it as good as he receives. Versatile men are my favorite. There are six dozen very large original photos in this set, which you can download for free by clicking here.

28 December 2014

In the Carpark at Midnight

This is one of my favorite porn scenes of recent years. Why does this never happen to me when I'm in a carpark (or as Yanks say, "a parking structure")?

I can't recall whether I featured it here before, but if so, it's been a good long while. It definitely warrants a repeat if so, and if it's new here, all the better.

To watch on the source page or to download your own free copy, you'll want to click here.

27 December 2014

Full Length Fun

As a holiday treat, today I'm featuring two full-length porn movies I found posted on the Xvideos site. I believe I saw one of these years ago in an actual porn theater. If you're of an age like I am, you will remember that distinctive "porn theater" smell that is impossible to duplicate.

To watch on the source site or to download one or both videos, you should click here and here.

26 December 2014

This Is Ron

This is Ron, a magnificent specimen of manhood. He's got everything going for him: rugged and handsome with a sweet, kind face and a fantastic furry body. There are no nude shots, but then again, it's very easy to use your imagination when looking at these shots of him.

25 December 2014

Happy Holidays

I hope your Christmas season is filled with all sorts of fun stuffing: stuffing turkeys, stuffing stockings, stuffing studs, and much more. Thanks to the many loyal readers who all help make this blog a success -- most of you are silent, but I know you're all here because of the daily hit counter. Stay safe everybody and make sure to keep coming back every day in 2015!

24 December 2014

The Celery Monks

If you ever wondered why some monks live cloistered from the busy world, this video will answer the question for you. That one brother is very nicely hung, too.

And here I thought monks were pledged to a life of celibacy. Maybe it's a life of celery and I just misunderstood. After all, lots of celery is supposed to make you come more.

To watch on the source site or to download your own free copy, you should click here.

23 December 2014

The Geeky Professor

This bloke looks amazingly like a professor I had in college, whose name is long forgotten. I had him for the one science class I took, which was mandatory for all non-science students. Were it not for the wrong age, I'd think it was the same person.

He was a geeky mumbler who never looked up at his class and spent most of his time lecturing to the floor in front of his podium. He wore baggy, shapeless clothes that seemed too large and like they had come from a Goodwill bin. I always thought he was overweight.

And then I saw him one day in the gym as he was returning to the locker room after his workout. He was wearing snug shorts and a tanktop. He had a great body with massive muscular arms and shoulders like a circus strongman. I passed him on the way out of the locker room so there was no way I could turn around and dawdle for a chance to see him naked.

No identity for Mr. Geek below nor could I find any other pictures. Everything from the neck down is magnificent. Google image search turns up nothing. If you know anything, please leave a comment.

Right click the photo to see a slightly larger version. Hopefully Santa will steal his razor and throw it away when he slides down his chimney tomorrow tonight.

22 December 2014

Fly the Friendly Skies

Darius Ferdynand used to look twinkish because he had a slim build and a boyish face. Now he's beefed up considerably more and is a bit older. I think he looks a lot hotter and more tempting now, thanks in part to his magnificent ass and thick uncut cock.

He's originally from Hungary and stands 5'6, which is exactly my height. He is, as some of you lads say, "a pocket stud." He's also versatile, which makes him a lot more alluring to me.

The originals for the photos are massive and total 140 in several sets, some with Darius alone and some with him flipflopping another bloke named Alex. To download the entire batch for free, please click here.

21 December 2014

Sizzling Hot Mystery

This looks to be homemade porn. Yet it clearly was shot by a third person, which is not something typically seen in amateur stuff. So its origin remains an intriguing mystery. That aside, the men are hot, the lust seems real, and the sex is sizzling.

If you'd prefer to watch at the source site or to download your own free copy, you'll need to click here.

20 December 2014

Big Steve

Steve Hooper is a very well endowed straight porn stud who's not afraid to do some solo JO shoots for his male fans. He really seems to love playing with his magnificent cock, too. You get a sense he enjoys jacking off and isn't doing it just because he can't get laid.

To view on the source site or to download one or both of these videos, you'll want to click here and here.

19 December 2014

The Job Interview

So you've made the cut, you've done all the interviews at the lower levels. You know it's down to just you and one other lad. The last step in the process is an interview with the big boss. He's the one who says thumbs up or thumbs down to hiring you.

Your interview with Mr. Big is going great. You have a terrific rapport. He really seems to want to hire you. The way he talks about the work, it sounds like your dream job. And as a nice bonus, he's a really hot looking, well built bloke.

Near the end of your interview, he says "there's just one more thing we have to do." He then stands up, drops his pants, and opens his shirt, revealing his sizeable hard cock thrusting out at you. "Get over here, boy, and get to work," he commands.

You know if you don't put out, it's no job for you. But are you willing to work in a job where the boss makes you his personal fucktoy, where laws about sexual harrassment are blatantly ignored?

So what do you do?

(Right click to see and save the larger original of this photo.)

18 December 2014

The Working Man

Kenzo here is allegedly a miner in Quebec. He has a working man's physique as opposed to one that's gym built.

I like that he's fuzzy and particularly like those innocent blue eyes and that thick cumcatcher beard. Imagine that nuzzling against your balls and thighs as he swallows your cock.

The original photos for the set below are huge and total thirty in number. To download the complete group for free, be sure to click here.

17 December 2014

Oreo Flip-Flop Fuck

The film reviewer in my jeans liked this one. He stood up and applauded. It's so hot to see total equality, with two big bucks, one white, one black, both changing places between top and bottom. If you haven't flip-flopped yourself, you don't know what you're missing.

To view on the source site or to download your own free copy, you should click here.

16 December 2014

Baste This

I don't watch cooking shows on TV, so I had never seen this big slab of hot beef before. He's a celebrity chef named Robert Irvine on various gourmet programs.

He's 50 and very ably demonstrates you don't have to go to seed just because you're no longer in your twenties or thirties. Unfortunately, he's also straight, married, and with children.

The larger originals for these photos are archived here.

15 December 2014

Everybody Loves Raymond

This lad is allegedly named Raymond and described as straight on the producer's website. He's supposedly let a few of his gay friends suck him off but has had no other male-on-male sex. The producer plans to bring him back for an male-male oral scene shortly.

He's not model hot but has a great "real man" look about him. He's definitely well above average in the body department, and that pelt of fur is fantastic.

The original photos are larger than they appear below and number sixty in total. To download the entire set for free, you'll want to click here.

14 December 2014

Ginger Spice

If you have a weakness for Ginger lads, then you'll probably enjoy this bloke. He's a hottie. I don't believe I've ever seen him before in porn.

If you want to watch on the source site or to download your own free copy, you'll need to click here.

13 December 2014

Better Than a Card Game

This is a hot one.

Four lads stuck inside on a rainy day. What is there to do? How about a card game? Bridge? Canasta? Poker?

Speaking of poker, perhaps some poking would be a better idea. Yes sir, I vote for that. A no-holes-barred fuckfest for four is much more fun than cards. Save the shuffling and dealing for the old folks home.

If you'd rather watch on the source site or to download your own free copy, please click here.

12 December 2014

The Louisville Slugger

One way I check to see if a picture has been Photoshopped is to run it through several different webpages that analyze photos. I next search for all versions of the photo online to see if I can find any where the individual has a more "normal" size cock.

I ran both tests on this one and he came back okay. The camera angle could be giving him a bit of an advantage, but he still has quite a bit to start. I wonder if he's a "grow-er" and that thing gets any bigger when he's hard.

Right click the photo to see the larger original size.

11 December 2014

The Red Room

Big brawny Sam Colt is sporting an interesting new look with a curious haircut and a big nineteenth century-style mustache. He paws all over musclepup Darius like some kind of sex-crazed ursine and then ruts him in a sex-crazed fury. A good time was had by all.

The originals for the photos below are quite large and part of a set of one hundred. To download the entire batch for free, please click here.