04 December 2014

And. . .Wrestle!

I vaguely remember the gym teacher shouted "and...wrestle!" in high school just before we were supposed to grapple with our opponent. But the lads didn't have on anything as hot as these blokes.

I have a particularly wicked fantasy going in my head right now about the last photo. One thing is for sure: the wrestling singlet was not designed by a straight man. And although it seems risky to me, I'm certainly happy to gape at him when a lad isn't wearing his athletic supporter.

Most of these pictures are larger than they appear below. To access and download a free folder with twelve hot wrestling shots, including all of the lads shown, you'll want to click here.


  1. Anonymous07:28

    Un deporte muy erotico.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Spandex was invented to stretch and these men have put it to it's test
    Now let's test the testors ;-¤
    Lockeroom Orgy Anyone?

  3. Anonymous00:12

    while i was slidng down the screen ... i wished these pics dont end ... muaaah

  4. Anonymous05:37

    I'd rather have a go at the coach.

  5. I wish we had had wrestling when I went to school!

  6. Well you know you can still Wrestle on your Living room floor (Although I recommend putting a comforter down so as to not get rug-burn
    Or just try those moves in the safety and comfort of your bed-just don't fall out and hurt yourself)


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