31 January 2018


For unknown reasons, writer Howard Fineman and/or his editor(s) buried an explosive revelation seventeen paragraphs into a story (link here) about Donald Trump's State of the Union address last night. I quote verbatim:

"Trump is even talking to friends about the possibility of asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to consider prosecuting Mueller and his team."

The strategy is then described: Trump wouldn't fire Mueller but he'd hopefully be too busy and distracted with his own defense to spend time on investigating the President.

This possible strategy is so bizarre and surreal that one is left wondering if Trump has lost his grip on reality. Apparently he doesn't realize that, while leading the criminal investigation into the President and his associates, he's only a small part of it. If Mueller is unavailable for any reason, then the investigation continues nonetheless with his many subordinates continuing to work on their aspects of the investigation.

Is Trump such a narcissist that he doesn't understand basic concepts of delegation and team work product? He thinks Manafort must be operating just like him, like some kind of imaginary princeling?

This also shows his fundamental ignorance of how American justice works. This isn't some banana republic -- people can't just be prosecuted on nonsensical fabricated charges. The law is constrained by concepts like probable cause and due process.

A man who doesn't understand legal basics is not a man who would feel bound by the rule of law. If this hairbrain scheme goes no further, Trump can't undo the damage this revelation has done.

Hot Muscle Love

These two beefy lads are both identified in the beginning of the film. Mike, the top here, has probably bottomed more often in his career, but he clearly performs were in either role.

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30 January 2018

Snake Oil

CNBC reported yesterday (link here) that only about two percent of Americans received a raise, bonus, or other improved benefits as a result of the new tax law heavily promoted by Donald Trump and passed with only Republican votes in Congress.

Trump will likely boast about this legislation tonight in his State of the Union speech as a win for the middle class, even though the large tax cuts all went to the upper class and massive tax cuts went to corporations. As many as a third of middle class Americans will actually pay more taxes as a result of the new law, and some will pay substantially more.

Of the companies actually paying bonuses to some of their workers, a number of prominent corporations actually fired thousands of other workers (details here). Comcast, AT&T, and Walmart, for instance, gave a one-time bonus to some employees while firing others.

Trump will also likely tonight attempt to claim that the economy is stronger because he is President. The numbers, however, show the economy is weakening. For instance, fourth quarter gross domestic product, reported on Friday, was not increasing at the pace it had been previously (details here).

The reality is that Trump's economy is not as strong as it was under President Obama (details here). American voters realize this and credit Obama more than Trump for positive economic news (details here).

So Congress tonight will pretend to believe the snake oil Trump will be peddling, but American voters are not so easily fooled. Stay tuned.

Veteran Affairs

I imagine most if not all of these lads are not currently serving in the miliary, and certainly none of the ones with tattoos that could be seen if they're wearing tee shirts. Some or many of them, however, certainly look like they could have been in the military in recent years.

Spencer, the lad receiving the blowjob in the first photo below, was featured here in his porn debut. He's just had his hardcore scene debut where he topped the other lad seen in the first image.

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29 January 2018

Protecting Mueller

Last summer, when news reports first appeared that Donald Trump was contemplating firing Robert Mueller, the man investigating him for potential crimes, some members of Congress introduced legislation to protect the special counsel. But then the legislation lost momentum and is still pending.

Following last week's stunning revelation that this possibility was more than a rumor and that Trump had actually issued the order, only to back down, members of Congress once again are talking about the need for such a bill (details here).

For instance, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said yesterday "we know that if he tried to [fire Mueller], it would be the end of his presidency" and that everyone in the White House knows this (details here).

Some Republicans support this protection but plenty do not (details here). If I was one of the latter group's constituents, I'd be loudly demanding to know why not.

Trump himself has said he has no plans to fire Mueller, but that's a worthless comment, given his long history of lying and breaking his promises. The man insists he's not guilty, so he should put his money where his mouth is and support legislation that would protect the special counsel. But don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

In his explosive bestseller, author Michael Wolff made clear in Fire and Fury that Trump's lawyers begged him repeatedly to stop talking publicly about Mueller's criminal investigation. The President, of course, ignores that advice because he lacks the necessary impulse control to keep his mouth shut. He thus has made the situation much worse for himself.

If he were actually presidential material, he would simply say something like, "I will have no comment until Director Mueller releases his report." Then the issue would disappear from the news. That's why other Presidents who have been investigated have done.

But Trump lacks the emotional maturity to do this. He is like a spoiled, whiny child who constantly needs attention and will do anything, even self-destructive acts, to keep everyone watching.

So I say let him destroy himself. The nation will be far better without him in the White House.

Then Came Bronson

The lad seen in all the photos below, who goes by Bronson in porn and perhaps in real life, was featured here on the blog in August in a solo jackoff scene. He's back today in three different shoots, two where he tops another lad and also a mutual jackoff scene. To date, he's apparently appeared in six porn scenes, and he topped in all four where hardcore fucking happened.

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28 January 2018


On Friday, NBC published an excellent timeline (link here) that shows the multitude of connections between Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Trump's family, and Trump's campaign. You can sort by individual person or view the timeline with all of them involved.

Unless you read a great deal about this hydra-complex criminal conspiracy, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of all the components. I recommend you bookmark the link for future reference and be sure to share copies with friends and family.

You can rest assured Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team, who are conducting the criminal investigation of Trump and his circle, have a diagram somewhere that is far more complex than this one.

Plymouth Fury

Myles Landon was featured here in still photos on Thursday and he's back today, using his classic Plymouth Fury to lure hapless twinks to his house so he can seduce him. Stephen King wrote a horror novel about a Plymouth Fury that was demonically possessed, so fortunately Myles does not seem to own that car given the much more satisfying outcome here.

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27 January 2018

Obstruction Aftershocks

As predicted in yesterday's entry, the aftershocks continued following the startling revelation that Donald Trump had ordered the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is investigating him and his associates for a variety of potential crimes. Only when the White House Counsel refused to carry out the order and threatened to resign did the President back down.

That stunning news was followed by a second, astonishing revelation yesterday when Foreign Policy magazine broke the story (link here) that Trump personally directed senior White House aides "to devise and carry out a campaign to discredit senior FBI officials after learning that those specific employees were likely to be witnesses against him as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation."

Such an action would be no less than four criminal violations of federal laws prohibiting obstruction of justice, specifically 18 U.S. Code Chapter 73 (details here): (1) influencing or injuring an officer; (2) obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees; (3) obstruction of criminal investigations; and (4) tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant.

Before the Foreign Policy piece even broke, Politico published a compelling article written by a former federal prosecutor about the legal quicksand in which Trump now finds himself (link here). The item has the title "It’s Now Likely Mueller Thinks Trump Obstructed Justice" and the subhead "Thursday’s bombshell news points toward one conclusion: The special counsel has the goods on the President."

At The New Yorker, legal expert Jeffrey Toobin wrote a piece (link here) making some similar arguments. His article is titled "The Answer to Whether Trump Obstructed Justice Now Seems Clear."

Over at Bloomberg Media, Tim O'Brien wrote a piece (link here) with a headline that says it all: "Trump Will Try to Fire Mueller. Again."

Trump has said point blank in interviews more than once that he thinks he can do nearly anything he wants as President, a fatal miscalculation that also doomed Richard Nixon. And considering that he has at least once nearly fired Mueller while ignoring the firestorm of protest that followed his firing of FBI Director James Comey, who was also investigating him, there's no reason to believe Trump won't try the same reckess tactic yet again.

The fallout from these revelations about Trump's obstruction will be fascinating to watch in the coming week. Stay tuned.

Railroad Underpass

This is a very hot video featuring three lads who hook up after a random encounter, so they suck and fuck like animals in a railroad underpass. I hope the remember to watch out for a train.

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26 January 2018


Last night, The New York Times broke the shocking story (link here) that, last June, Donald Trump ordered the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has been conducting the criminal investigation of the President, his campaign, and his associates.

Only when Don McGahn, the White House counsel, refused to carry out the order, arguing that it would have a catastrophic effect on the presidency, did Trump back down.

Ironically, the fact that Trump tried to remove Mueller only makes the latter's case stronger that the President attempted to obstruct justice by trying to derail the criminal probe into his and his associates' activities. Many legal experts argue that Mueller already has a strong case for obstruction based on the firing of former FBI Director James Comey and Trump's statements and actions thereafter. This latest news only makes the case worse for Trump.

This is definitely a developing story and more is likely to shake down this weekend and next week. Definitely stay tuned.


This is Tomas who has the chiseled good looks and ripped body that casting agents and modeling managers seek. Is he also doing legit work under another name?

He showed up in porn in Autumn 2017 and has done about fifteen scenes so far, some solo, some BDSM, and some with other blokes where he bottoms. He's said to be 24, from the Czech Republic, stands 5'8, and weighs 150 pounds.

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25 January 2018


As I continue to read Michael Wolff's bestselling Fire and Fury about Donald Trump's failed presidential administration, I find a number of revelations the media has not covered in its extensive reporting on the book.

For example, the author writes about how Turkey seriously contemplated offering Trump "an enviable hotel site on the Bosporus" to curry favor with him. If you're not super familiar with that country geography, the Bosporus is the strait between the Mediterranean world and the Black Sea. Prime coastal real estate along that waterway is highly desirable and hard to come by.

This speaks volumes for how the world sees Trump: easily corruptible with a primary interest in helping himself. Trump was already in a real estate project in Turkey before the election which, in a 2015 radio interview, he admitted represented a conflict of interest should he become President (details here).

"I have a little conflict of interest, because I have a major, major building in Istanbul," Trump said, referring to the country's capital. "It's called Trump Towers. Two towers, instead of one. Not the usual one, it's two. And I've gotten to know Turkey very well."

Another interesting revelation in Wolff's book is the fact that Trump's former senior adviser Steven Bannon and his attorney general Jeff Sessions are very close and in regular contact. Trump has long had an enmity toward Sessions, notwithstanding this was his first cabinet pick, because of the attorney general's recusal from all aspects of the Russian investigation.

Since publication of the book, the President has burned all bridges between himself and Bannon and famously excoriated his one-time ally on Twitter in the media. Both Bannon and Sessions are known to be devious plotters and score settlers and both have every reason to betray Trump now.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is conducting the criminal investigation into Trump and his associates, is known to have questioned Sessions recently as part of his probe (details here). Given Sessions faces the possibility of being charged with both perjery and obstruction of justice, he would have a clear incentive to testify against Trump if offered a plea deal in return for cooperation.

Mueller will also question Bannon, possibly by the end of this month or shortly thereafter (details here). While Trump's former White House advisor was apparently out of the loop on the campaign's Russia collusion, he has promised to tell everything he knows if called before a grand jury.

Sessions and Bannon undoubtedly continue to talk and, possibly, plot against Trump together. By alienating two powerful former allies who now have more strength together, the President has once again proven to be his own worst enemy.

Stay tuned.

Swim Coach

The muscular top here is Myles Landon, who exclusively tops and almost always is cast in a "dad" role. Many of his scenes are shot with his real-life boyfriend, but not the one seen here.

Myles is in his mid-forties, stands 5'10, and weighs in at 185 pounds. He was featured here on the blog about six months ago topping in a video scene.

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24 January 2018


I've been reading Michael Wolff's explosive bestseller about the first months of Donald Trump's disastrous presidential administration. Wolff made it clear in his preface that not everything in the book is necessarily correct because sources within the Trump camp are notoriously dishonest, but much of the text is clearly true because it has been corroborated independently by many other sources.

I read one chapter twice because it concisely demonstrates Trump's abhorrent thinking, revealing the man has no moral compass. He feels sorry for Nixon because he sees him as a victim.

Trump doesn't even bother thinking about Nixon's many felonies and his total disregard for the law. The only thing that matters is Nixon was "betrayed" by people who testified against him when he believed they would be totally loyal, no matter what.

So in Trump's mind, the real villains of Watergate were not Nixon and those who remained loyal. The real bad guys were the one who revealed Nixon's many crimes.

Trump is engaging in a sort of transference here. The real problem with the President's growing scandals are not all the criminal acts he and his associates may have committed; instead, the villains are the ones working to expose Trump and bring him and his family to justice.

Here is an excerpt from Wolff's book where he talks about Trump musing aloud about his "enemies" and those of Nixon:

[White House counsel Don] McGahn tried to explain that in fact [former FBI director James] Comey himself was not running the Russia investigation, that without Comey the investigation would proceed anyway. McGahn, the lawyer whose job was necessarily to issue cautions, was a frequent target of Trump rages. Typically these would begin as a kind of exaggeration or acting and then devolve into the real thing: uncontrollable, vein-popping, ugly-face, tantrum stuff. It got primal. Now the President’s denunciations focused in a vicious fury on McGahn and his cautions about Comey.

“Comey was a rat,” repeated Trump. There were rats everywhere and you had to get rid of them. John Dean, John Dean, he repeated. “Do you know what John Dean did to Nixon?”

Trump, who saw history through personalities -- people he might have liked or disliked -- was a John Dean freak. He went bananas when a now gray and much aged Dean appeared on talk shows to compare the Trump-Russia investigation to Watergate. That would bring the President to instant attention and launch an inevitable talk-back monologue to the screen about loyalty and what people would do for media attention. It might also be accompanied by several revisionist theories Trump had about Watergate and how Nixon had been framed. And always there were rats. A rat was someone who would take you down for his own advantage. If you had a rat, you needed to kill it. And there were rats all around.

Later, it was [former White House advisor Steven] Bannon who had to take the President aside and tell him that John Dean had been the White House counsel in the Nixon administration, so maybe it would be a good idea to lighten up on McGahn.

Men in Kilts

Paul and Vinnie are so turned on by their kilts they lose complete control and fuck with abandon. I could never wear a kilt because then I'd think about scenes like this and would have a raging hardon all day. Everyone would know because you never wear underwear under your kilt.

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23 January 2018

The Art of the Dunce

Remember how Donald Trump promised to go to Washington and use his self-professed legendary dealmaking powers to completely reshape and revamp the government? The man who ominously warned that "I alone can fix it," as if it would be self-destructive for all of us not to elect him?

He's in Washington now and this allegedly dealmaking power is nonexistent.

Republicans and Democrats in the Senate yesterday cobbled together an agreement to reopen the federal government for a few weeks. And Donald Trump was entirely absent from any of that dealmaking. He was off in the White House watching daytime television.

As Josh Barro wrote at Business Insider yesterday (link here): "The President’s shifting positions are a problem that has contributed to the shutdown. But there’s another, related issue: Members of Congress in both parties believe the President is a weak negotiator. This discourages them from compromising, even among themselves, because they believe they’ll eventually be able to roll Trump closer to their own position. Why cut a deal now when you believe you’ll eventually be able to get Trump alone in a room and he’ll agree to give you more?"

Over at The Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin wrote (link here): "Both sides know better than to negotiate with ... Trump. Removing him from the equation ... should make a deal possible. The great dealmaker has been sent out to pasture... Trump was exposed as a non-player, a hazard to dealmaking. That’s quite a blow to his brand."

At this point, the only people left believing Trump is some fabulous dealmaker are the President himself and his die-hard supporters. Everyone else has seen the emperor's new clothes for what they are.

Ginger Giant

This is Doug, who appears to be quite tall. As is often the case, the releasing studio provided no stats about him. I'd guess he's several inches over six feet tall, given his proportions and comparison to the furniture in the room.

The studio said he is a former Marine, and that is certainly credible, given the USMC tattoos. Without coming right out and saying it, they imply that he's straight and I'm getting that vibe from him, too.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total thirty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, please click here.

22 January 2018

Empty Words

In 2013, before he ever ran as a candidate, Donald Trump appeared on television and blasted President Obama during a government shutdown. He said he knew exactly what had to be done.

"Very simply, you have to get everybody in a room," Trump said (source here). "You have to be a leader. The president has to lead. He’s got to get the Speaker of the House and everybody else in a room, and they have to make a deal. You have to be nice, and be angry, and be wild, and cajole, and do all sorts of things. But you have to get a deal."

Now, five years later, with the government shut down again, why isn't Trump doing exactly what he told Obama to do? The answer: he's been holed up in the White House and watching old clips of himself, including the same interview where he told Obama how to act.

Given Trump's inability to attempt any kind of self-examination, he sees no irony or hypocrisy in this.

As The New York Times noted (link here), "inside the White House ... the neophyte president who has styled himself the ultimate dealmaker ... remained remarkably disengaged from the complex process of hammering out a politically palatable deal that could provide a way out of the morass."

Remember during the 2016 Republican convention when Trump famously crowed "I alone can fix it" (source here)?

What a surprise -- that turned out to be another steaming pile of horseshit.


These are film stills from four porn magazines titled Ramrod that were published between 1976 and 1979. In their day, these men were considered the epitome of masculine.

I remember finding some of these in the vintage mag bin at a used book store when I was in university for a dollar a piece. Now they sell for like forty times that. Sadly, my smut magazine collection was destroyed in a fire.

The original images are larger than seen below and total more than two hundred photos, which represent complete scans of all four vintage magazines. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here