31 May 2014

In the Locker Room

This is classic vintage porn at its best with the great Al Parker. It's not the best copy, but the original was on 16mm film, so you never had the crystal clarity of today's porn anyway. Smut of yesteryear made up for average production quality with scorching hot men and boisterous, passionate sucking and fucking.

If you prefer watching over at the source, or to download a copy to view at your leisure, please click here.

30 May 2014

Rhymes With Sex

This sturdy, fine-looking musclestud named Dex was featured in January on the Randy Blue website. He had the look of a slutty bottom about him with that face and cum-catching beard, but alas the website has not brought him back to fuck or be fuck. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up at another company's site with his legs in the air whilst being hammered like a bitch.

Based on his body proportions, I'd wager that he's no more than five-eight. These are larger photos than they appear below, so to download a free folder with nearly three dozen Dex pictures, you'll want to click here.

29 May 2014

International Masturbation Month

Have you been celebrating International Masturbation Month? A reader shared a set of three dozen photos featuring lads observing the event.

I was not aware of these festivities, but I think it's a great idea. Perhaps there could be a big climax at the end of the month where people could come together in one place to celebrate. I think I'll stop perfect strangers on the street, as long as they're hot-looking studs, and invite them over to celebrate with my boyfriend and me.

I like the through-the-leg-opening technique demonstrated by the third bloke. If you'd like to download a free folder with all three dozen celebrating lads, to get things started on your own, be sure to click right here.

28 May 2014

Steamy Threesome

I personally have never much liked steam rooms because of the heat. That's not my idea of a good time. After seeing this video, however, I'm rethinking that policy. So I get a little too hot?

If you'd like to view on the source page or download for later use and self-abuse, please click here.

27 May 2014

The Blond Otter

I'd say this model is more real-world hot lad than big ripped pornstar hot. He looks more like a bloke you'd see at the gym and take home to fuck, as opposed to some stroke-fantasy ideal. He's lean and athletic, nicely fuzzy and muscled, and generously hung with a beautiful uncut cock. His dick is like mine -- the glans doesn't retract even when he's hard.

I've seen him in a few porn scenes, and he's always a submissive bottom. Who knows if that's the way he is in real life. Rumor has it that one or two of his scenes can be found on some of the porn video sites but I've yet to locate them to date.

Lads like this once were referred to as otters -- fuzzy men not broad enough to be called bears. For whatever reason, that term seems to have fallen out of favor.

As is typical, these photos are larger than they appear below. You can download the entire set of 22 images here or see and select the ones you like here.

26 May 2014

Blue Underpants

Sometimes I think I missed my calling in life. I wonder if I would have made a good pornographer. I have the technical skills to make flesh films. I think I could also be a good porn director to set up and guide a scene while it's made so that it would be intensely erotic.

It wouldn't be just about fucking on film. It would be about striving for the hottest scene between the two (or more) lads being filmed.

And I think the casting would be the most fun. I'd be on the lookout for fresh new faces with hot bodies to put on screen. But they'd need to be screen tested first. I wouldn't use other actors for that. I'd take care of that part of the business myself. I think if you're trying to get into porn, you can't be too picking about being fucked on a few casting couches.

I suspect some porn producers really do that because they sell their filmed seduction scenes. I'd sure like to be the producer who first took Trenton here for a whirl. Not so fast, son -- let my cock slide out of your mouth much slower and look up at the camera as you do it. Open your eyes wider and look at the camera as you guide your tongue over the tip of my cock just as it springs free from your lips. Don't be afraid to drool on the carpet. And be sure not to flinch and close your eyes when I pump cum all over your face.

As usual, these pictures are larger than they appear below, so you can see and save the originals in the free folder here.

25 May 2014

Bearded Horndogs

I popped open Xvideos to see what new scenes were up, and hit on these three almost immediately. And then I noticed they all had hot studs with beards. Voila -- instant theme. The bearded lad in the third flick particularly caught my fancy, but all are mighty fine.

New videos don't always last, so if you don't have time for a look now, surf through to the source pages and download. The links for the vids, in the order they appear below, is here, here, and here.

24 May 2014

Fucking Fred

Some of you lads asked in the comments section of a recent post to try and locate some videos of hung and thick Fred. I couldn't find any on Xvideos but did locate a bounty on the Porn.com site.

Here are three that show Fred in a variety of top and bottom roles, with another bloke, then with two, then with a crowd. Each of these videos can be downloaded and/or watched on the source page by clicking the title link below the video screens.

Romantic Outdoor Sucking & Fucking

Beachfront Strip and Fuck Contest

Machine Shop Sucking & Fucking

23 May 2014

The Ranchhand

A helper is always handy around the ranch. The best ones are strong, cheerful, well built, handy with tools or an engine, scrupulously clean, and up for anything at a moment's notice.

Occasionally, a good ranch hand might have some quirks, like the tendency to work around the ranch naked or a proclivity toward being sexually aroused for lengthy periods of time. You might think these are disadvantages, but your mind will soon be changed on a cold night in front of the fire.

If you want to examine a free folio of this ranch hand for your consideration, to save any or all of the photos for downloading, including many not seen below, be sure to click here.

22 May 2014

Cock Fight

This is my favorite kind of porn, I think: big muscular studs locked in aggressive fucking and sucking. If you can't take your lover's cock up your ass even though you're eager to shove yours up his, well, then you're just a big nelly. You don't know what you're missing.

These are outtakes from a new flick called Cock Fight. The plot apparently is this: two big studs are thrown into a cage to fight, but they can't help but get naked, hard, and share seed. Make love not war.

These images are huge, so to see the original set of fifteen and to save some or all, please click here.

21 May 2014

Cameron Triple Feature

As noted here recently, one of our regular readers located three videos online featuring big Cameron, which are linked below. Remember, if you don't have time to view now, you can download and save for later use and self-abuse.

The source pages for each film, which includes free download links, can be found here, here, and here.

20 May 2014

Samurai Stud

This is Fred aka Miklos aka Jean-Paul aka Jack, a not-uncommon laundry list of aliases common for men who fuck for a living in the porn industry. I've never been able to figure out why so many pseudonyms are necessary.

According to one online porn credit directory, he's still appearing in films. Another says he retired in 2005. That's the problem with porn credits -- they're not as well maintained as those for the so-called "legitimate" film industry.

All that aside, he's a hot piece of ass. I hope he's careful with that sword, though. He's Hungarian, 5'11, 205 pounds, and eight or nine inches uncut (different websites report different lengths; what a surprise, because men never lie about their cock length).

He's known to be versatile but more often bottoms than tops. Given Hungarian men tend not to be homophobic, many Hungarian porn studs are gay-for-pay, so who knows what Fred's inclinations are. I have seen him bottom in porn and he's remained hard while rammed, if that's an indication of anything.

These photos are larger than they appear below, so click here for a free folder where you may see and save in their larger size.