27 May 2014

The Blond Otter

I'd say this model is more real-world hot lad than big ripped pornstar hot. He looks more like a bloke you'd see at the gym and take home to fuck, as opposed to some stroke-fantasy ideal. He's lean and athletic, nicely fuzzy and muscled, and generously hung with a beautiful uncut cock. His dick is like mine -- the glans doesn't retract even when he's hard.

I've seen him in a few porn scenes, and he's always a submissive bottom. Who knows if that's the way he is in real life. Rumor has it that one or two of his scenes can be found on some of the porn video sites but I've yet to locate them to date.

Lads like this once were referred to as otters -- fuzzy men not broad enough to be called bears. For whatever reason, that term seems to have fallen out of favor.

As is typical, these photos are larger than they appear below. You can download the entire set of 22 images here or see and select the ones you like here.


  1. Is that your pic in profile? Nice to know your dick size, lucky you. How about your balls? Same as his? He is a hot furry man. Thank you for posting and sharing more of you.

  2. Yes it's me. That's an "after" pix after I lost nearly 100 pounds. My balls are average size and very saggy.

  3. 100 lbs? thats fuckin amazin!! Good for you. I know from your postings you did lotsa work outs!
    Hangers for balls? Hot! Now can you post a video of what might be what you and yours do in bed? :)

  4. Nice, thanks for coming out of the shadows. Takes Balls. You are a sexy looking little otter. Video either Solo or other would be fucking hot to see your cock and balls in action... just saying

  5. Anonymous13:45

    Does this otter have any facial expression other than "grim" or "glum"? Lighten up, dude!


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