30 May 2014

Rhymes With Sex

This sturdy, fine-looking musclestud named Dex was featured in January on the Randy Blue website. He had the look of a slutty bottom about him with that face and cum-catching beard, but alas the website has not brought him back to fuck or be fuck. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up at another company's site with his legs in the air whilst being hammered like a bitch.

Based on his body proportions, I'd wager that he's no more than five-eight. These are larger photos than they appear below, so to download a free folder with nearly three dozen Dex pictures, you'll want to click here.


  1. Anonymous13:22

    I admit it would be rude to ask. Even so, I'd like to know if Dex thought the tattoos or "body art" would enhance his appearance and, if so, how. To me, it's like defacing a work of art considered by most critics to be a masterpiece.

  2. Anonymous13:40

    Unlike a lot of guys, Dex looks better naked than he does clothed (especially with that dorky beenie in the first image). Now, if he could have just had the wisdom not to defile himself with excessive ink, he'd be pretty-near perfect.

    1. I think the beenie is sort of cute

  3. The fur was a nice surprise...the tats? I could do without them.

  4. I could get over the tats if he looks deeply into my eyes while sticking his beautiful manliness into ME!


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