31 July 2018

The Trial

The first criminal trial of Donald Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort starts today in Virginia, barring any last minute developments. Trump is only the second President in U.S. history to see his campaign chairman face a criminal trial, with the first being Richard Nixon. Nixon's was convicted and served prison time.

The New York Times published a good analysis of the trial (link here), as did the Associated Press (link here) and NPR (link here). Reuters published a handy overview of the criminal charges themselves (link here).

Trump has repeatedly said the charges relate to things that happened "many years before" Manafort became his campaign chairman. That is a lie. The most serious charges he faces in this trial relate to alleged crimes that occurred in part while he was campaign chairman.

When campaigning, Trump repeatedly said he would hire "the best people," boasting he could attract talent far superior to any prior President. When he was saying this, one of those "best people" was working for him and potentially committing serious financial crimes.

The reality is that Trump has a knack for picking bottomfeeders. Manafort has been a bottomfeeder for years, working for dictators and shady oligarchs before becoming Trump's campaign chairman. The Washington Post released a great twenty-minute video this week titled "The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Paul Manafort" that provides a good portrait of the man (link here).

Heading into court, Manafort's chances to escape prison are not good. Recent statistics show federal prosecutors secure convictions in 97 percent of cases that go to trial.

And this will not be Manafort's only criminal trial this year. He faces another one in less than two months in Washington. His odds in that one are said by legal experts to be even longer.

Of course, one reason today's trial may not happen has nothing to do with court delays or procedure. His trial would be delayed if he decided to flip and testify against Trump himself. That would be a glorious last-minute development.

Definitely stay tuned this week.

Armando's Raging Hard-on

This is Armando who, unlike the majority of amateur lads who appear on the source webpage, is an actual pornstar. He's been working in porn for the past five years where he's versatile but more often tops than bottoms. He stands 5'8, weighs 165, and is originally from Cuba.

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30 July 2018

Refilling the Swamp

An article in the Washington Post over the weekend (link here) underscores not only how Donald Trump is not "draining the swamp" in Washington D.C. like he promised, but in fact making it far swampier.

The linked piece in question deals with a smaller aid function of the U.S. government with 300 employees and an $800 million annual budget. Previously, most of the appointed positions were filled with highly technical people who had a specific expertise in funding underdeveloped countries.

No more. The experts were sent packing and replaced with Trump loyalists being rewarded with high-paying government jobs, like a 2016 college graduate with utterly no international aid experience and a former Congressional intern who graduate from college in 2018 and also has no international aid experience.

This travesty once again demonstrates how what Trump promised and what he delivered are two entirely different things. His promises were lies. And the reality is he's doing the opposite of what he promised to do.

Of course his supporters will never know this, but they can't be counted on to reverse their stance in the 2018 and 2020 elections. However this kind of crap needs to be brought to the attention of independent voters before these two important elections so that they can see the results are nothing like what everyone was told to expect.

Rippled Muscle

This is Leo, who will never be a huge hulking man because he doesn't have the necessary bone structure, but he nonetheless has a fantastic physique. He's built more like a swimmer or a runner than a rugby player. He also has a fantastic uncut cock and a great set of saggy dangling balls.

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29 July 2018

The Week's Biggest Development

Arguably the biggest development of last week was the revelation that Donald Trump's longtime financial manager Allen Weisselberg has been subpoenaed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who leads the criminal investigation into the President and his circle (details here).

This is major news because, as the linked article notes, "the fact that there was reason to subpoena him is big. That means he has to answer investigators' questions, save for ones where he might invoke the Fifth Amendment. It also means the probe has clearly expanded into Trump's business, which constituted Trump's previously expressed red line."

The business is where Trump may be the most vulnerable, particularly if he was involved in money laundering, which has long been widely believed.

The piece then quotes a former Justice Department official: "The subpoena is significant because it indicates that the probe encompasses the welter of transactions done under the umbrella of the Trump Organization, with possible criminal liability for the organization itself. Moreover, it means investigation into possible abuse of the organizational structure to serve Trump’s personal purposes."

The official continues: "If he was truly the guy people like Cohen sought to execute shady dealings like setting up companies for payments to cover up alleged affairs, just think of what he might know. You can bet Trump is."

This a development definitely to be watched. Stay tuned.

Tender Wolf

The top here is big Austin Wolf, a favorite of mine and hopefully one of yours, too. He's a strong lad and doesn't hold back, but at the same time, he's sweet and tender. He fucks hard but with kindness.

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28 July 2018

The Revelation

On Thursday night, CNN broke the story (link here) that Donald Trump's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen has revealed that the President, while still a candidate, knew in advance of the secret conference between Trump's inner circle and Kremlin emisaries offering help to win the election.

"Cohen is willing to make that assertion to Special Counsel Robert Mueller," the article reveals. "Cohen’s claim would contradict repeated denials by Trump, Donald Trump Jr., their lawyers and other administration officials who have said that the President knew nothing about the Trump Tower meeting until he was approached about it by the New York Times in July 2017."

Trump is saying Cohen is now lying, but considering that prosecutors now possess at least a hundred recordings Cohen made plus hundreds of thousands of documents, there may be hard evidence showing that the President is the liar.

While Cohen may not yet have technically flipped, it's pretty clear he's effectively done so. He's waiting to be questioned by Mueller's people and seems eager to tell all.

If it can be proven Trump knew about the meeting in advance, then he potentially has committed several felonies under federal law. It's also ironic that while Trump repeatedly says his campaign did not engage in collusion, this shows that is a lie and that he was up to his neck in it.

More should shake out on this story soon. Stay tuned.

Trenton's Boytoy

The top here, of course, is the musclestud Trenton Ducati. It has an internal cumshot, so that might disappoint some. I believe this is from a website that features live feeds of fuckstars in action in real time and then makes the videos available thereafter.

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27 July 2018

Shameless and Craven

Late Wednesday night, eleven hardcore conservative Republicans and ardent Donald Trump supporters in the House of Representatives introduced a measure to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is responsible for overseeing Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation into the President and his circle (details here).

Several of the eleven sit on the House Judiciary Committee, which in an extreme act of partisanship and for much of the last year has attempted to derail Mueller's criminal investigation of Trump. The committee demands to see highly confidential documents relating to the investigation for entirely partisan purposes and with no interest in justice.

As the linked article notes, "it is highly unusual, if not unprecedented, for lawmakers to demand documents that are part of an ongoing criminal investigation."

And it is, of course, nothing but a disgusting, shameless, and craven attempt to hide the truth and obstruct justice simply to prop up the deeply corrupt and likely criminal Trump and his administration.

Arguably this is nothing but a publicity stunt and will likely not lead to Rosenstein's impeachment. The Republican House leadership has said they will not support the measure and key GOP members have already gone on the record to say they will vote against it.

And given the Constitution requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate to remove an impeached individual from office, it would die in that house, becaause Republicans only have a slim 51-vote majority and some of them would not support this effort.

Many traditional law-and-order Republicans are disgusted by this craven political stunt. Conservative Republican Jennifer Rubin nicely crystalizes that argument in a column (link here) with the title "The GOP isn’t fit to govern." I highly recommend you read her well written piece.

More More More

Yes, I know I've featured Markie more than a few times. But I like his killer body combined with his handsome, bookish face and also the fact that he's totally versatile and gets fucked as often as he fucks.

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26 July 2018

Underneath the Iceberg

Last week, Wired published a superb, detailed article (link here) about nine major areas Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is conducting the criminal investigation of Donald Trump and his circle, are known to be investigating but have received very little public scrutiny so far.

For instance: "While we’ve mostly talked about Mueller’s probe as focusing on Russia, there are clearly some adjacent questions about other foreign influence in Washington involving Republican donor Elliott Broidy, among others. A key Middle East go-between, Lebanese-American businessman George Nader, is both cooperating with Mueller’s investigation and has testified before his grand jury—indicating a line of inquiry that hasn’t resulted in any public charges but is somehow central to Mueller’s underlying investigation."

And this is just one of the nine areas. Other underreported scandals include the mystery financing of Trump inauguration festivities; son-in-law Jared Kushner's pay-to-play Middle East scandals; the spy scandal involving the Republican Party and the National Rifle Association; the Cambridge Analytica scandal; the 291,000 documents seized from Trump's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, and more.

Trump's people keep circulating the baseless claim that Mueller's work is almost done. All signs point to the opposite -- he's just getting started. And if Democrats take control of either or both houses of Congress in this year's midterms, open congressional investigations become a real possibility.

Rhymes With Fuck

This is Buck, who was featured here on the blog two years ago and is back today with a new photoset. Based on what I could research, this lad has only ever done four solo jerkoff shoots and nothing with a partner. What a shame.

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25 July 2018


Late last night, CNN released a 2016 taped recording between Donald Trump and his former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, where the two discussed paying hush money to a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Trump (details here).

The Washington Post then published an excellent article (link here) about important legal issues raised by revelations from the tape, including possibly serious criminal acts.

What's great about release of the tape is that Trump can't lie his way out of this. He can't claim the whole store is fake news. And it's also important to remember, this is just one of at least twelve different Cohen recordings that federal prosecutors now have in their possession.

What is on those other tapes? Hopefully we'll learn sooner rather than later. Stay tuned.

Doctor Bunghole

Poor Ace claims his asshole has lost its sensitivity. He visits a specialist who is able to work miracles with his fingers and special probe. Something tells me Ace is faking this "problem."

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24 July 2018

Highly Unstable

Once again Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to remind the world that he's an unstable threat to peace and a national embarrassment for the United States. On Sunday night, he tweeted a sputtering all-cap tirade directed at Iranian president Hassan Rouhani (details here) that threatened war.

As Simon Tisdall wrote at The Guardian (link here), "Trump’s escalation does not appear premeditated or thought through. He faced intense bipartisan criticism after last week’s inept summit with Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin. He is under relentless pressure from the official inquiry into alleged 2016 campaign collusion with Russia. Trump may have been looking for an easy target on which to vent his pent-up frustration."

Tisdall didn't mention one other possibility: the Twitter tantrum was yet another attempt to divert public attention from Trump's groveling before Vladimir Putin last week in Helsinki, from the public outrage at Trump's appeasement of Russia, and the forthcoming criminal trial of Trump's campaign chairman Paul Manafort, which begins at the end of this month.

When Trump threatens world leaders like this, and then does nothing more than threaten, and then capitulates to them like he did with North Korea's dictator, he ends up looking weak, notwithstanding he probably thinks it makes him look strong. People learn quickly with empty threats that the old dog has no teeth.

Some worry that Trump's regularly rushing to make reckless threats against Iran and his cozying up to Putin foreshadow attempts to provoke Tehran into a war. Given the President's frequent lapses of common sense and good judgment, not to mention a total lack of impulse control, suggest this is more than a remote possibility.

Tom the Musclebear

According to porn credit sites, this lad has only ever done one shoot, the solo seen here. But I swear I've seen him bottoming several times -- if so, that's been under another name and not the Tom he's using for this appearance. He stands six foot even and allegedly has played semi-professional rugby since his teens.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear here and total more than seventy in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you need to click here.

23 July 2018

That Darn Leviticus

This post is something of an exception because it's political but not about the corrupt incompetent clown occupying the Oval Office. I wanted to alert you to a fascinating article published over the weekend in the New York Times (link here), written by a biblical scholar, about how an earlier version of the Book of Leviticus did not prohibit homosexuality but instead permitted it.

The well known Leviticus prohibitions endlessly quoted by Christian zealots as an argument against LGBT legality were likely added by a later writer/editor.

This is really no surprise. The authorship of the Bible is anonymous and clearly not by one person. Certain faiths hold that the book is infallible and authored by a supreme being, but that's a belief, not proven fact. If I believe my dictionary is infallible and authored by a supreme being, does that make me correct?

Read the linked piece and save it. The next time someone throws Leviticus in your face, show them this article.

Monday With Michael

This lad has a fantastic physique and a very nice oversized cock. Unfortunately, as is typical, the releasing studio provided utterly no information about him nor even his stats. Pity.

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