30 April 2010

Pectoralis Major

This guy has seriously fantastic pecs, which are known formally as pectoralis major. I wish I knew his name so I could search for more shots of him. I found him in a grab-bag folder of various blokes on a now-defunct Tumblr page.

29 April 2010

Bad Boy

Jesse how could you do it? You cheated on America's Sweetheart, and now she's divorcing you. You have major problems keeping it in your pants my friend. You obviously are highly sexed, considering all your action on the side. I always thought you were hot in a white trashy biker way.

Your wild ways in the bedroom make me wonder if you've ever crossed over to our side of the fence. You seem like the kind of bloke who takes it wherever he can find it.

28 April 2010

Moving Day

The older bloke is Derek Steel, a 6'5" gay escort who only ever did two or three porn vids. I don't know why because he's a great performer with a nice dirty mouth.

27 April 2010

The New Au Pair

This is Petr, a personal trainer and aspiring model from the Czech Republic. This set has a curious twist -- I found the first image on a jobs wanted website. Petr listed that he was looking for an au pair position in New York City. He provides details about how he's great with kids and loves taking care of them.

My devious mind wonders if Petr put up this photo innocently or in hopes that the added eye candy factor would help sell his au pair services. Yes, I'll take care of the baby, but I'll also take care of you, too. How many au pairs list themselves without a shirt in a cupcake pose?

26 April 2010

Singing in the Rain

This is American football player Patrick Kerney practicing in the rain. He is 33, a towering 6'5", and a thumping 270 pounds. His playing position is called defensive end. He can defend my end any time he wants.

The infrequent times I watch American football on television, they're never in these damp, sheer uniforms. I think they should broadcast the practices if they're this alluring. I'll even volunteer to do the announcing. I'm sure I could provide vivid color commentary about the snug, gossamer fabric straining against his thick, muscular thighs and how it would feel to gently caress that magnificent, tight mound of male buttflesh as he, standing naked beside me, quivered with anticipation whilst his rigid, uncut cock throbbed ever-so-slightly with his quickening pulse.

Be sure to click each image to get a closer look at Patrick's very defensible end.

25 April 2010

Tender Offer

I'm reminded of a bloke I once saw standing on Santa Monica Boulevard holding a sign that read something like "I'll do anything you ask if you can get my screenplay read at CAA." (This was when I was at CAA, then the place to be.) The guy, unfortunately, was not at all hot so I pretended not to notice him. I often wondered, if he had been incredibly cute, what would I have done?

The poor lad here in need of a sandwich and a reach-around was found at the great blog Gay Man in the High Desert.

24 April 2010

Steamy Stuff

How can you not get hard watching this? Sometimes when my boyfriend and I am separated by business travel, we'll have a phone sex session where we put on the same porn clip without the sound and talk filthy to each other. He gives such incredible phone sex.

23 April 2010

Alpha Male

You know you'd do anything he told you to, wouldn't you? No matter if it hurt. Don't deny it.

I was trying to stay awake to reset my internal clock to lessen the effects of jet lag. I saw this and he was like ten cups of coffee in a single gulp. Holy fucking shit.

I found him at the fantastic blog Gay Tagide.

22 April 2010

Litmus Test

I've written here before about the idea of a personal litmus test. There are certain things that attract you at first glance to a particular bloke more than others.

In this group, the one on the right is the hands-down winner for me. (For a much larger version of the photo to make your own choice, be sure to click on it.) All three are attractive men in great physical shape. But if this was The Visual Dating Game, where you had to choose on looks alone, I'd go for the right.

Several things do it for me. First, I like a lad with a powerful set of shoulders. I also like a man with an interesting, kindly face. And, I tend towards men who have earned their physique through hard work or athletics, not just from weight machines in a gym.

Which would you choose and why?

21 April 2010

Just One Kiss

Okay, the set-up is lame and the acting is weak, but the hot guys and steamy sex more than make up for it.

20 April 2010

New Neighbor

I saw him originally at the fantastic blog Men of the World. This appears to be an amateur shot, taken at an apartment building swimming pool.

My first apartment in Los Angeles was at a swinging singles garden complex situated around a large central pool that was heated in winter so it was used year-round. The male eye candy was the best thing about the place.

Needless to say, I spent a great deal of time lounging around the pool, seemingly lost in a book. A dark pair of sunglasses and a down-turned head disguised the fact I often wasn't reading a word for long stretches at a time.

19 April 2010

The Champ

Adam Champ has what I consider the ideal male body. He has a perfect "tee" shape with big, powerful shoulders, strong, muscular arms, and a narrow waist. The fuzzy felt of manfur and the big, beautiful smile wrap everything up in perfection.

18 April 2010

Ebony God

I particularly like these photos because you don't often see black men posing so candidly in amateur shots like this. I found these at the fantastic blog Muscle Men Hideway and cropped them a bit to focus on the stud.

17 April 2010

Rough Lust

I love blokes who can take as much as they dish out.

15 April 2010

Another Stud Named Chris

His name is Chris. As is usually the case here, if you click on the images, you'll see the larger size originals.

14 April 2010

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

One bloke has a tattoo with Arabic writing, and the other wears a star of David. If everybody in the Middle East was busy emulating them, there would be no war.

13 April 2010

Got Change?

I do believe he's the hottest cashier I've ever seen.

12 April 2010

Football Tease

I found these revealing photos of American football player David Thomas on the always enticing blog Ruff's Stuff. Is there any particular reason he's wearing very snug, sheer attire with jockstrap line extremely visible, other than because he's a delightful cock tease?

11 April 2010

Hardcore Dionisio

As promised the other day, here's a hot explicit clip of Dionisio in action.

10 April 2010

Wicked Hot

I do believe this is one of the hottest porn clips I've ever seen. Some might think it's too extreme, but let's face facts -- many of us have had this very fantasy.

One of the first males I mentally cast in this role was back in high school when I daydreamed about a hunky gym teacher abducting me and making me his sex slave. He was a big Italian-American with a thick uncut cock, something I unfortunately only ever glimpsed from afar in the school lockerroom showers.

09 April 2010


Gregg was featured last week in some classic images taken when he was in his twenties. Here he is in a shot taken in the 1990s when he was in his forties. I liked when snug snug shorty shorts were in style. I think it's time for them to come back in fashion, particularly when they're adorning a fine specimen of manhood like this.

08 April 2010


Some time back, I featured Dionisio in a fantastic solo shot with his face obscured, and various readers kindly supplied his identity. I've collected more images of him, both artistic stills like these appearing below, as well as a steaming hot hardcore clip I'll feature here soon. I like how he's completely uninhibited about showing off his fantastic body.

07 April 2010

Daddies Dearest

I tend not to use the term "daddy" because most blokes labeled as such are my own age. With that said, when I was in my twenties, I would have loved two guys like this making me call them "daddy" in their manflesh sandwich.

At around 9:38, check out the look on the younger lad's face. He is totally in heaven. He knows he's about to get fucked, and he's the picture of pure joyful bliss. They're both tender and firm with him, and that's why he knows he'll have a memorable time.

The two older blokes were real-life lovers off-screen at the time this was made, which adds a whole other dimension.

06 April 2010

Zak Attack

Zak Spears has retired and un-retired several times from porn it seems. Now I think he's back again. I believe these are fairly recent shots with his new shaved-head look. I remember the first time I saw him on film doing a fantastic standing sixty-nine outside on a redwood deck with a younger bloke. That scene was acid-etched in my brain. I just wish he did more porn. Lots more.