31 January 2019


Jonathan Chait published an excellent piece in New York magazine yesterday (link here) with the title "The Peculiar Logic of the Trump-Russia Scandal Deniers." His focus, in particular, is on the professional columnists who whistle past the graveyard in print after every damning revelation about Donald Trump and his associates.

These individuals "have confidently explained that every new indictment or revelation of malfeasance does not seriously indict the President or is not a revelation at all." They base this entirely on wishful thinking.

"Their method for dismissing every incremental advance in the investigation is the same. First, they examine every new charge in isolation, ignoring the broader pattern of behavior in which it is contained. Then they assume the most innocent possible interpretation for each isolated fact, further assuming that no other incriminating evidence will emerge. It is not clear whether they have decided to act like lawyers for Trump, presenting the most plausible defense they can muster, or if they simply trust he would never do something like collude with Russia, and are working backward from their heartfelt presumption of innocence."

This reader comment takes these theme and runs with it: "To defend Trump, you have to do three things. One -- as Chait mentions -- is to take every accusation and incident as a totally separate item, ignoring patterns. Second, you have to treat a notorious micromanager like Trump as being totally ignorant of what is going on around him instead of a clear effort to manufacture deniability. Third, you have to ignore a number of thoroughly damning details, like the hiring of Manafort and several others with well-known Russian connections, Junior's effort to set up a back-channel with the Russians, Trump's meetings with Putin without any US staff involvement, and his obsequious, even fawning behavior toward Putin in Helsinki. Trump rudely pushes aside the leader of Montenegro and picks fights with almost every allied leader, and yet he shows by his behavior and body language that he is completely cowed by Putin. He treats no other man in the world like that."

And to top this off came a new report of yet another secret meeting between Trump and Putin where all his own White House staffers were barred from attending (details here). What is Trump trying to keep secret from everyone?

The Gigolo

This lad is not currently in the military although perhaps he once was. The non-regulation tattoos are the big clue he's not active duty. He has the hungry eyes of an experienced gigolo, the sort of bloke you see on the arm of a fabulously wealthy gay producer or divorced woman. Still, I want to see him fuck or get fucked. As usual, the releasing website provided utterly no information about him.

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30 January 2019


Politico published a widely shared piece yesterday (link here) about how Senate Republicans may try to block Donald Trump from shutting down the government again if a budget agreement is not finished by mid-February.

If this happens, it's good for two important reasons. First, it demonstrates how Trump has become weakened in his own party. While Congressional Republicans may overtly go through the motions of supporting him, if they're restraining him, the American people benefit.

And second, blocking Trump from shutting down the government again means House investigations into the President will continue, including public hearings. Many people Trump caused the recent shutdown of more than a month to derail the House's efforts to investigate him and not because he really cares about a border wall.

The weaker Trump is, the less harm he can cause. And the more he's put on the defensive, the stronger House investigations will be. Let's hope what this article predicts comes to pass.

Everybody's Versatile

This is a great scene with three hot studs who are all versatile and both top and bottom as they suck and fuck themselves silly. My favorite performer in this scene is big hot Brock Magnus who stands 6'2 and weighs in at 230 pounds. He has an active Twitter where he shares nudes and hardcore shots and clips where he's a participant (link here).

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29 January 2019


On Sunday, the Washington Post published a timely article (link here) that asks the question many people have been asking: why did so many high-level Trump campaign and administration officials steadfastly lie about contacts with Russia? They did this even when they were under oath with full knowledge that getting caught would mean criminal prosecution.

The list of culprits includes: Trump's campaign chair, his deputy chair, his personal attorney, his national security adviser, his foreign policy adviser, his friends, and, potentially, his son and son-in-law, amongst others.

Why did they lie about contact that, in and of themselves, were probably not illegal?

The linked article posits several theories, but this is the most tantalizing: "Did the president’s men lie to protect a still-hidden dark secret about the campaign’s interaction with Russia, engaging in a broad effort to obstruct the probe — one that included perhaps even Trump?"

If that's the case, who orchestrated this coordinated campaign of lying, which in and of itself would be a whopping obstruction of justice?

Hopefully these important questions will eventually be answered. Stay tuned.

Older and Wiser

This lad debuted late last year in porn world under the name Kelly and has done four scenes to date, including the one seen here. The other three were man-on-man action with him topping in all three. He's said to be 40, 5'8, and 160 pounds. It's good to see lads who have a few miles on the odometer jumping into porn like this.

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28 January 2019


The new House leadership has been in place since January 3. Most committees are already operating and active with members from both parties seated and hard at work.

Except the House Intelligence Committee. This is the critically important committee that should be investigating Donald Trump, his administration, his businesses, and his activities.

But the committee can't meet. The Democratic leadership has filled all the seats for the Democratic majority. They're ready to go.

The Republicans, however, have seated no members on the committee. Hence, the committee cannot meet. It's just sitting idle (details here).

Worse, some critical evidence that should already have been passed from the committee to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who's investigating Trump and associates, cannot leave Capitol Hill with the committee in mothballs like this.

When the House was Republican-controlled, during the first two years of the Trump presidency, the House Intelligence Committee went out of its way to provide cover for the White House. Now that Democrats are in the majority, however, the GOP has apparently decided the only way to keep protecting the President is by their dereliction of duty.

Hopefully the House leadership can clear up this logjam and soon. Justice should be be taken hostage like this, and the Republicans should not be allowed to get away with it.

Erectile Dysfunction

Poor Jake has had an erection last for more than four hours. Like the ad instructs, he calls his doctor Jessie and learns the latter just stepped out the door for the gym. So Jake rushes into the lockerroom to find Jessie suiting up for his workout. Once he sees Jake's problem, however, he promises to do all he can to remedy the matter.

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27 January 2019

Will He Flip?

After his indictment and arrest, longtime Donald Trump associate Roger Stone said he would not cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller or any federal prosecutor (details here).

But we've heard that before. Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort said he would not flip. And then he did. Same for Michael Cohen. Same for Michael Flynn. And on and on.

The pressure on Stone to cooperate will be intense. Federal prosecutors have a 97 percent success rate. Stone is affluent but not fabulously wealthy -- he can't afford millions in pricey defense attorneys. He knows he's facing possibly four or five years in prison or longer. By the time he would go to trial and be sentenced, he'd be close to seventy. He's now looking at a serious chunk of the rest of his life behind bars.

So if he flips, who would he turn on? The list isn't very long. And chances are most on that short list have the surname of Trump or are part of the Trump family, like Jared Kushner, the President's son-in-law.

When does the next shoe fall? Will any more shoes fall? Time will tell. Stay tuned.

Dicked by Derek

Beefy porn veteran Derek Atlas does the topping honors here. Sadly, he retired from porn about a year ago. I don't know if he's still escorting. His Twitter page has been inactive for about a year.

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26 January 2019

Big Day

You almost certainly heard already about yesterday's two big developments: Donald Trump's close friend and associate Roger Stone was indicted and arrested and also Trump completely caved on his government shutdown, which caused a whole lot of misery and was entirely for naught.

Stone was indicted for his collusion with Wikileaks, a conduit for Russian intelligence. This is the most important line in his indictment: "After the July 22, 2016 release of stolen DNC emails by [Wikileaks], a senior Trump Campaign official was directed to contact Stone about any additional releases and what other damaging information [Wikileaks] had regarding the Clinton Campaign."

In other words, who decided Stone should contact Wikileaks? Was it campaign chairman Paul Manafort? Or Trump himself?

If it's the latter, then Trump is now in much greater legal jeopardy and also more likely to be impeached. And, if he's a one-term President, he would almost certainly be criminally prosecuted if he ordered contact and could potentially end up in prison. (The statute of limitations might run out if he was elected to a second term, unless prosecutors obtain a sealed indictment against him before he leaves office.)

The bottom line is this: What did Trump know and when did he know it? If you know your twentieth century history, you'll know this was a question asked repeatedly about Richard Nixon.

Banged by Boomer

The hung and enthusiastic top here is Boomer Banks. Someone cut their tacky spam into an occasional screen crawl along the bottom that hopefully isn't too distracting for you.

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25 January 2019

Witness Intimidation

Vox published an excellent piece yesterday (link here) that analyzes whether or not Donald Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani have been openly and publicly engaging in witness intimidation directed at Michael Cohen, Trump's former fixer and lawyer who has been cooperating with federal prosecutors.

Cohen was scheduled to appear in public to testify before a Congressional committee in early February but has now bowed out of that appearance, citing his family's safety and Trump and Giuliani's threats. For their part, both Trump and Giuliani have been making coy and potentially slanderous statements about Cohen's wife and father-in-law.

On one hand, this could just be Trump making his typical nasty comments about somebody. On the other hand, it could be overt witness intimidation.

Hopefully, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has people looking into this. Cohen has already given his grand jury testimony, so that damage to Trump is already in the bag. But grand jury transcripts are secret and almost never leak.

By effectively making Cohen afraid to appear before Congress, Trump accidentally or intentionally has silenced what could be explosive public testimony that could have turned sentiment against the President even further.

But it's hard to believe this is accidental on Trump's part, given his past behavior. While he may not have come up with this idea, one of his lawyers, specifically Giuliani, could have put it into his head and now he's running with the ball.

While You Were Out

Al and Hugh are two remodeling subcontractors who frequently run into each other in an empty house as they finish up work on a job. With the homeowner gone, nobody would ever know they engage in some additional activities not mentioned in their contracts.

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24 January 2019

Badly Bleeding

Three of the biggest national polls were released yesterday, and all three were brutal for Donald Trump (details here). All but his base blame him for the government shutdown -- which he said on national TV that he'd be proud to own as his own -- and this is clearly reflected in his more-terrible-than-ever poll numbers.

One poll has him at 40 percent support while the other two have him at 36 and 34 percent. All three saw significant erosion from last month's polls. His numbers amongst independents has really taken a beating, and the middle is where national elections are won or lost.

From a political standpoint, he's committing suicide in slow motion with this shutdown. He keeps digging in his heels but he's not winning over any converts.

I still suspect he's clinging to the shutdown to distract attention from the Mueller investigation and also from House committee investigations into him, his associates, and his administration. But if a big story breaks on either of those fronts, the media will be all over that with negative coverage and Trump will still be stuck with his shutdown.

This will not end pretty and it will not end well but it will end with Trump's standing all the worse because of it. It couldn't happen to someone more deserving.

The Bowling League

For the past five years, Cade and Carter have told their wives they're out bowling every Thursday. Truth is, neither man has ever bowled in his life. What the wives don't know won't hurt them. At least the guys are doing something with balls.

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23 January 2019

The Tower

Donald Trump and his flacks just don't get it. When you're a public figure and lie, and then double down on those lies, chances are you will be exposed. This is exponentially true when you're the President.

Take the Trump Tower Moscow lies. They've been lying about this for going on two years and continually "correcting" those lies with new lies.

Recent reporting has revealed the Trump Tower Moscow was an actively planned project right up to election day 2016. But Trump and his people have denied this repeatedly.

They presented the whole thing as nothing more than a rough idea, not even notes on the back of an envelope. Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani told The New Yorker magazine earlier this week (link here): "The proposal was in the earliest stage. No plans were ever made. There were no drafts. Nothing in the file."

It only took a few days to expose this as a whopping lie. Yesterday, Buzzfeed News revealed the existence of hundreds of pages of business documents about Trump Tower Moscow, complete with memos, agreements, emails, text messages, architectural plans, and photographs of architectural models (link here).

Trump and his flacks lie so much, we have to assume everything they say is a lie unless and until proven otherwise.

Wilder Luke

The top in both of these scenes -- who goes by Luke Wilder in porn -- is a hottie. The bottoms, however, do nothing for me. I'd like to see Luke paired with a non-twink stud and bottoming, too. Luke says he's 23 and 6'3. He's also worked as an EMT and lifeguard. If you're interested, he posts hardcore selfies on his Twitter feed (link here).

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22 January 2019

Inconvenient Facts

Here's something Donald Trump wishes you didn't know: nearly two-thirds of illegal immigrants remaining the United States annually do not cross the Mexican border (source here).

More than 700,000 undocumented immigrants are people who come to the US on a temporary visa and simply stay -- these are often called "overstays." In contrast, fewer than 400,000 undocumented immigrants cross the southern border without authorization.

Hence, Trump's proposed wall would do nothing to stop nearly two-thirds of undocumented immigrants.

Here's another inconvenient fact: anyone holding a Mexican passport can fly into Canada without a visa. The two countries have a mutual entry/exit pact much like the EU. And the US/Canadian border is very porous with no barriers and many backroad and backcountry crossings, primarily by Chinese nationals.

So if Trump's wall ever goes up, people from Mexico and Central America will simply book an ultracheap flight into Canada and then walk across the northern border. The number of illegal border crossings would drop but then overstays would spike.

This is why many Democrats and Republicans oppose Trump's wall -- it's wasteful to spend tens and perhaps even hundreds of billions on a plan doomed to fail.


I have a feeling that 99 percent of the time a double-penetration encounter occurs, its whilst a porn scene is being filmed. I don't think it's something ordinary blokes do, but I might be wrong. These three lads give it a whirl -- have they ever done this when they're not getting paid to fuck?

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