31 August 2012

The Naked Marine

I always feel slightly guilty when I get my hands on amateur photos of blokes like this. Did they make their way onto the internet without the subject's knowledge and/or permission? I hope whoever this Marine is, he's keeping out of harm's way.

30 August 2012

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, say about a year ago, Patrick couldn't even be in the same room with another lad who had a boner. Now he's getting head from blokes and fucking them up the ass. He's even doing some rimming.

So a year from now, I guess Patrick will be down on all fours, a cock in his mouth and another shoved in his pooper. Be sure to click each photo to see full-sized; they're quite large, which will slow down loading for those without high-speed connections.

29 August 2012

Hurry Up

I imagine whoever put these two on Xvideos did so without permission, so they probably will not last long. Watch sooner rather than later.

28 August 2012

Summer Shower

Yes I know he's somewhat twinkish and young, but he is a tempting bauble. I'll bet that beautiful uncut cock is fun to play with whilst you're pounding his tight little hole.

27 August 2012

Med School Dropout

This lad is very confused about the proper use of a stethoscope. Yet that fat, hard cock is so full of blood, he might just be able to hear his pulse.

26 August 2012

Sexy Beasts

Spencer and Alex are very hot here. The sex is hot and lusty but feels genuine, like these two blokes really are into each other. My only criticism is that the camera operator needs to learn how to use a wider lens.

25 August 2012

Buckets of Cum

This appears to be some kind of amateur production. The one bloke is somewhat on the small side but produces a massive, milky load. The other bloke just keeps cumming and cumming and cumming.

24 August 2012

Mischievous Teeth

I love the look on his face. He has things planned the other lad doesn't even know are possible. The tan line, too, is a great touch.

23 August 2012

Prince Harry's Full Monty

Although British by birth, I am not a fan of the royal family. The whole lot of them needs to get off the dole.

As a public service, however, when Harry gets naked in public, that's within our purview here. The website TMZ has published two naked shots of Harry when he was partying in Vegas recently.

From the front, Harry is okay but nothing to rave about. He's tall and lean but doesn't have a lot of muscle definition. He has a nice ass, however, with strong thighs.

Let's hope more photos from this event surface. The ones here are too blurry and don't show what we really want to see -- Harry's willy.

22 August 2012

Sweet and Wholesome

He's a bit young and twinky, but nonetheless cute and horny. He needs an older man like me to corrupt his morals and put that tight little butt to good use.

21 August 2012

Smells Like Fish

Normally I don't like for my men to smell like seafood, but sometimes I'll make an exception. This picture is huge, so be sure to click to enjoy him full size.

20 August 2012

Swing Low

I'm not really into the gangsta look, unless he's on all fours squealing whilst I'm stuffing something hard inside him. But this lad here warranted inclusion because of those magnificent low hangers and that thick, long cock.

I think the photographer made a mistake having the top gaping at the camera in nearly ever shot. That makes him disconnected from what's going on. The third shot is great, however, with him grinning at us while he's getting sucked. The rest of the shots should've had him watching his partner.

19 August 2012


Someone keeps putting new porn scenes on Xvideos, but they don't last long. Many of them are quite nice.

So that leaves me with a dilemma -- do I put links up here for some of you lads to enjoy, even if it's likely they'll go down soon? Or do I just skip them?

This one will probably not last long, but hopefully some of you will get a chance to enjoy it.

18 August 2012

Hot Massage

The lads here are a bit on the twinky side but the sex is hot and sensual. I want to pop the top's cherry.

17 August 2012


If you look closely, you'll notice empty beercans and condoms beside the bed. These lads know how to party.

16 August 2012

By the Pool

A pool is a tempation to get naked and frisky. My boyfriend and I have a pool, but unfortunately we can't get naked out there. Neighbors on both sides can see over our wall and so trunks are mandatory at all times. Visibly naked neighbors is a very sticky issue here in Southern California, and we don't want to cause any undue friction.

15 August 2012

Frat Mixer

Someone will likely complain about this video and then the lads at Xvideos will have to take it down. Hopefully you all can see it before that happens.

The lad in the gray shorts is major crushing on the other one. He just can't stop talking about his friend's physique.

The fucking is hot but I wish they sucked more cock. Still, it's definitely worth watching.

14 August 2012

The Kiss

There needs to be more kissing in porn. Long, slow, passionate, sloppy kisses. It makes everything that follows seem more intense.

13 August 2012

Baby Face

There's something very tempting about a young man with a powerfully muscled body and an innocent, boyish face. You know he's been fucked before, but you always feel like you're popping his cherry every time you have a go at him.

Billy Heights here stands 6 foot two and is said to have a nine-inch cock. He's also supposed to be straight. The few times I've seen him in porn, he's got a cock in his mouth and another up his hole. Maybe that's how he convinces himself he's faithful to his girlfriend -- as long as he's sucking cock and taking it like a bitch, he's somehow still monogomous.

12 August 2012


This is very nicely done. If Calvin Klein made porn, it might look something like this.

11 August 2012

The Fourth Wall

I like how the top grins at the camera on occasion. In movies and TV, that's called "breaking the fourth wall" -- when an actor "breaks" the imaginary wall separating the viewer from what's happening on screen by directly looking at or interacting in some way with the audience.

10 August 2012

Wardrobe Malfunctions

I can still remember a day in college when I was riding a city bus. A young German couple sat across from me, absorbed in a travel guide. The male was wearing short athetic shorts, a common fashion item of the time.

He was oblivious to the fact that his balls and uncut cock were visible up the leg of his shorts. He whispered back and forth to his girlfriend, and sometimes his cock would move on its own, particularly when she touched his arm or thigh. I have no idea now where I was going that day, but I still remember those orange shorts and what they revealed.