30 September 2010


This is Brett, a 19-year-old college sophomore and member of the dive team. This was the first time anyone ever photographed him naked, so he got a little over-excited.

29 September 2010

Cock Therapy

The crux of this scene is that a bloke must be hypnotized and then given a rough facefuck by his analyst. I think this is a rather novel approach to gestalt therapy. So with apologies to Joni Mitchell...

My analyst told me,
That I was right out of my head,
He said I'd need treatment,
But I wanted his cock instead.

28 September 2010


Does it hurt if you hang this low? When you're slamming away doggy-style, do you ever injure your nuts when they're slapping against your lover's backside? Do those big baggy things ever get pinched in your crotch when your jeans bunch up whilst your seated?

When I was in college, one rather shy and slim bloke had phenomenally large and saggy balls. During track practice, they would sometimes partially slip out of his shorts unbeknownst to him. He was teased relentlessly about this and soon earned the nickname "Nutboy." He struck me as virgin material and I didn't know him well, so I never asked him about the risks and joys of particularly pendanted testicles.

27 September 2010

Home Alone

Not the handsomest bloke I've ever seen, but nonetheless this young lad has something endearing about him. Perhaps because he seems a little too eager to please and to show his commendable uncut cock with pride. He's not ashamed of the fact that his pictures will be seen by anyone.

He's horny and a little needy, thus not thinking quite straight, which in my book says he's uninhibited if not a bit inexperienced. He wants to try anything right now and simply needs an older bloke to show him the ropes, perhaps both literally and figuratively.

26 September 2010

Big Vince

I like Vince Ferelli a whole lot. He resembles a real man rather than a prettified model, like a bloke who you might call to fix your water heater or to do some cement work on your house.

I also like his sexual versatility. He's a major horndog and will happily bottom or top. I'm versatile, so I prefer my men to be the same.

The images below are from a high quality, large format thirty-picture set featuring Vince getting his kit off. If you'd like to download the set for free, be sure to click here.

25 September 2010

Harder Please

What a way to wake up, and what a way to be rewarded for wakeup service. I'll be out of town this week and staying in a hotel. I wonder what number I dial to get this kind of wakeup attention?

(I only ask that rhetorically, of course. I am deeply in love with my boyfriend and steadfastly faithful. But I am missing him right now and won't see him again for another week.)

24 September 2010

Brawn in Briefs

It's no exaggeration to say he is magnificent. Hopefully one or more of you resourceful viewers will know his name so we can all rush to Google and hunt for more pictures of him. I found him at the always fantastic Brawny Stud.

23 September 2010

Odd Jobs

Sir, I really appreciate you helping me out by giving me odd jobs around your place, cleaning up your shit and stuff. Tuition went up again this year and since I got married, with the baby on the way, well, I really need to earn more money.

I'll tell you what sir, if you want, I could do some other kinds of work for you, if you know what I mean. Like a special odd job, sir, you get my meaning? It wouldn't be an imposition or anything on me, because I sometimes like to, you know, mess around with guys.

You would sir? Oh, that's great. Talking about this is getting me kind of worked up, sir, if you know what I mean. You can't tell because these jeans are real loose sir, but I got me a massive boner right now. What's that? Do I swallow, sir? Well, for a little extra I guess I could. I kind of like the taste actually.

22 September 2010

Rough Cowboys

Home on the range, where the cowboys aren't afraid to get rough and nasty. The "victim" has an erection throughout his ordeal as well as a rousing orgasm, hence the reason his "attackers" have no qualms about giving him a good hard ride.

Be forewarned this video is not for the faint of heart, so don't click "play" if you like your porn more in the mainstream. It is consensual, of course, but it is also violent.

21 September 2010

Vintage Cocksuckers

Amongst straight men, "cocksucker" is a derogatory word. The idea of putting another bloke's dick in your mouth horrifies them.

Amongst gay and bi men, however, there's nothing wrong with a cocksucker. He's a great guy, your buddy, your helper, and often your lover. The more cocksuckers the better. I once saw a license plate frame in San Francisco that said "I brake for cocksuckers."

Featured below are stills from various 1970s and 80s porn rags showing happy cocksuckers and their appreciative recipients. As always, pictures are much larger than they appear here on the front page, so click each one to see the action in detail. If you'd like a free download of a collection featuring complete scans from twelve different vintage stroke mags, where all these images originated, be sure to click here.

20 September 2010


Great body, great house, great dogs. What more could you want? Whoever he is, he came from the fantastic blog Buff Muscles.

19 September 2010

What Sort of Stud Reads Gods Amongst Men?

Years ago, Playboy magazine used to run regular advertisements with the tagline "What Sort of Man Reads Playboy?" The ads featured masculine studs who could easily seduce young women. I saw the photo below and the idea popped into my head for an imaginary ad campaign, "What Sort of Stud Reads Gods Amongst Men?"

18 September 2010

Doctor Rafael Will See You Now

Rafael is one of my favorite pornstars. He always looks like he's thoroughly enjoying himself in his films. He obviously does porn and escorting as a matter of choice, because he's also a dentist, although he does not have a practice. He's an expert driller of more than just teeth. Enjoy the triple feature, and please cum in your empty popcorn cup, not on the floor.

17 September 2010

Must See TeeVee

Coming up this fall on GayTV, it's the exciting new reality show everyone's talking about -- Desert Isle. Six hot straight studs recruited from across the country are stranded on a remote island in the Pacific, where they believe the challenge will be to build a boat for escape.

They won't know their water supply is spiked with a powerful aphrodisiac. Which stud will "go gay" first and who will hold out until last? You won't want to miss a minute of Desert Isle.

Shown below are the six contestants. Which one do you think will be the first to cross over? And who will resist the longest?

16 September 2010

Cleanup on Aisle Four

Ah, the agony and pleasure of a raging erection, so throbbing hard it hurts. The glans is super-sensitive and stings slightly from the overflowing precum. The balls feel bloated and three times their normal weight. Release is desperately needed, but at the same time, it's prolonged again and again, to allow the exquisite torture to continue.

15 September 2010

Finger Lickin' Good

Some of these videos look like they're actually shot with unaware spectators. I think that's part of the fun, trying to decide if they're real or fake.

14 September 2010

The Hypothetical

Say you get to know these two blokes, father and son. At some point you learn they're both gay.

And then the day arrives when they tell you they want to sleep with you. Together, at the same time, anything goes. They both have wild fantasies about you that they've shared with each other. They beckon you to follow them into their bedroom.

What would you do?

13 September 2010

The Shop Teacher

We did not have any hot shop teachers like this when I was a lad in school. They were all old fossilized toads. They paddled the blokes who acted up on the shop floor, as did the gym teachers, although my cheeks were never reddened. Not that I was good by any measure; I just made sure I never got caught at anything paddle worthy.

These are massive pictures, so be sure to click on each one to see them full-sized. They're large enough to use as screen-savers. If you'd like to download a free copy of a thirty-minute movie featuring these two blokes sucking and fucking in the woodshop, be sure to click here.

12 September 2010

Real Men Wear Kilts

And if they wear them correctly, they wear nothing underneath.

I'm afraid I couldn't wear a kilt for fear of an inadvertent woody. Knowing my junk was banging around down their without any restraint would make me think about my cock, and then just thinking about my dick would make me get hard. The sensation of the wool fabric rubbing on my glans would also get be hot and bothered.

My mind would start to wander to wondering what my boyfriend would look like in a kilt, what it would be like to give or receive a blowjob wearing a kilt, and then pretty soon I'd be poking out like a flagpole. That's why I need to wear jeans, to keep my friend under control in public. Just thinking about wearing a kilt and getting a boner is giving me a boner.

11 September 2010

The Growler

I know I'm not alone in saying that big Zak Spears is one of my favorite pornstars. He's versatile and all man. He well demonstrates that you can be gay and a masculine male at the same time. He doesn't do as much porn as he used to, so when something new from him is released, it's cause for celebration.

My Russian-speaking boyfriend has a name for men like Zak -- ворчун. Translated into English, it means "growler." I think that's a very apt description for him. He growls, and makes me want to growl, too.

10 September 2010

Matthew Fox's Hotter Brother

The actor Matthew Fox is hot. But this bloke, who looks like he could be Matthew's more muscular brother, is even hotter. Or maybe this is really Dr. Jack Shephard in a parallel leather universe.

09 September 2010

Zeus Relaxes at Home

Zeus was the king of the sky and, according to the Iliad, "all the gods rise in his presence." I'm a mere mortal and something here certainly is rising in his presence. These casual shots of Zeus chilling in his crib were found at one of my favorite blogs, Jack Off Material.