17 September 2010

Must See TeeVee

Coming up this fall on GayTV, it's the exciting new reality show everyone's talking about -- Desert Isle. Six hot straight studs recruited from across the country are stranded on a remote island in the Pacific, where they believe the challenge will be to build a boat for escape.

They won't know their water supply is spiked with a powerful aphrodisiac. Which stud will "go gay" first and who will hold out until last? You won't want to miss a minute of Desert Isle.

Shown below are the six contestants. Which one do you think will be the first to cross over? And who will resist the longest?


  1. Anonymous06:37

    Will, I think you need to get some O2. Pure fantasy; str8 guys don't do "gay" 'cause they just know, once you go gay, you can't get str8 again. It's the biggest fantasy running in our community... aside from the one that pledges Democrats will be our good political friends if we just sell out to them. LOL. Great pics, tho.

  2. Anonymous08:11

    dear will,
    i could use a little help please. what exactly is GayTV? do they have a website? google wasn't very helpful. i found a bunch of YouTube clips, a GayTv magazine, a GayTVOne broadcast site. is it a cable channel? duh! many thanks!

  3. Anonymous09:29

    They say that "youth is wasted on the young". I don't believe that these young fellows have wasted a thing. Wow! I don't know which one of these "straights" will bend, but to me it doesn't matter. I would enjoy seeing any one of them take the plunge.


  4. Anonymous10:53

    I think the fifth one is going to get royally fucked by all the others - but for my part, numbers 3 and 4 have my cock as hard as nails. I'll fuck them both, one after the other, over and over, and then they can fuck me, too!!!

  5. Anonymous11:15

    By the end of the second week #2 (Nate), who already succumbs to nipple play with his adventurous girlfriend back home, will be blowing #3 (Bill), whose churchy wife put an end to any more of her already less than stellar blow jobs the week after the ceremony.

    In a sense, then, they'll fall together (so to speak)

    As for the last to give in, that'll be #6, Navy grad Charles. Eventually #5, Sasha, we'll use his wandering eye and perfect bubble to tempt him into the cave behind the falls. By then Sasha'll have long proven himself the real slut of the group, getting cock on the sly from #1 (Vinnie), #4 (Brad) and even our old buddy, Bill (who finds he needs more than a blow job once he grazes over the fence for a few weeks).

    So by the time Sasha lures shy Charlie up through his creamy gates, he'll have perfected his "no one'll know, dude . . . just nail me," spiel ;).

    Does that about size the series up? Can't wait for the reunion show when all the secrets come out - grin.

  6. Anonymous13:39

    Its not #6 ... he's already Gay!

  7. Anonymous15:25

    Under the right circumstances.....

  8. Number two, the guy in the hat acting all tough, will be the first to go. He will be a complete douchebag about it, but he will be getting it up the ass before he even finishes his first drink!

  9. I agree...#2 will be sticking his ass so far in the air it'll be mistaken for a lost mine. And #4 will hold out the longest because damn! Who wouldn't want to get fucked by him?

  10. Ralph06:29

    I like Number 2. So I will give him both votes: He will crossover to "go gay"; or he will "holdout" the longest... Either way, I like to think I get him.

  11. Anonymous03:19

    number 2 will go gay for sure...
    number 6 is already gay.

  12. Anonymous08:27

    Where can i watch it? Does this channel has any website or something?


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