28 September 2010


Does it hurt if you hang this low? When you're slamming away doggy-style, do you ever injure your nuts when they're slapping against your lover's backside? Do those big baggy things ever get pinched in your crotch when your jeans bunch up whilst your seated?

When I was in college, one rather shy and slim bloke had phenomenally large and saggy balls. During track practice, they would sometimes partially slip out of his shorts unbeknownst to him. He was teased relentlessly about this and soon earned the nickname "Nutboy." He struck me as virgin material and I didn't know him well, so I never asked him about the risks and joys of particularly pendanted testicles.


  1. Anonymous06:19

    Are you kidding me? What fucking glorious globes! The better to fuck you with my dear...


  2. Anonymous06:25

    HOpe you're missing your bf and starting to plan your reunion

  3. Damn, those must have a capacity of at least a quart!

  4. Anonymous08:02

    Love em... wish there were more photos out there for my collection. From what I can tell, mostly guys with lowhangers are uncut. Nothing personal to those who are uncut, but I don't like em that way.

  5. Love those low hangers. They need to be drained and played with.


  6. Nope, doesn't hurt a bit. I hate boxer shorts though. I prefer the support of tighty whities.

  7. Love it when they're slapping my face when I'm sucking on that dick!

  8. Anonymous17:23

    his cock is the best monument since the Napoleon obelisque and the balls are also Napoleonic

  9. ZZinDC14:49

    I have huge heavy nuts and for sure - it can hurt when I'm banging away and they get loose and floppy and sweaty from the heat and they start knocking around. It mostly hurts good, and it's totally worth it - I love to have them played with and I blast a big cum shot. I wouldn't trade my big eggs for anything. No guy has ever complained about them slapping on his chin or ass! (And if he did, I'd kick him out of bed.)

  10. il a vraiment une très belle queue et des merveilleuses couilles bien pendantes !


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