07 September 2010


These files were titled "Gaucho" where I found then, but I don't know if that's his first name or referring to the fact he's a cowboy ("gaucho" is Spanish for "cowboy").

He's younger than what I usually favor, but that innocent expression and the wide eyes combined with the killer body reeled me in. He reminds me of a former boyfriend in the face, so that may be part of the attraction. I have to wonder if he's the sort of blithe hustler who'd shamelessly manipulate you but maintain an utterly guileless demeanor the entire time. He can't help being bad and feels guilty when he's naughty, but that doesn't stop him because most of the time he doesn't realize he's misbehaving.

The religious tattoos are a curious juxtaposition to the ripped body and hard cock. Who was he trying to fool with the Jesus tatt? Himself? His mother? His priest? And, of course, that sweet face is just begging for a big wad of semen splashed across it.


  1. His cute face is the type that turns my head...beautiful eyes and scruffy facial hair. I tend to like furry guys but his body is so incredible, even with the Jesus tat which, believe it or not, is kind of a turn on.

  2. First the great towel rack and now this. Will you have a good eye and I need to fuck someone - heye! Maybe even a SPY!



  3. love to see this cowboy in action.


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