31 July 2013

Hirsute Lust

I was alerted to this hot Adam Champ video by one of my regular readers who is female. She told me one of her fantasies is to see her husband lose his anal virginity to Adam. Maybe he'll grant his wife's wish for her birthday, and she'll film it for us.

30 July 2013


This is Ewan, who's in his late thirties and London based. He stands 6'2" and weighs 200 pounds. The picture quality here is not the best, but this lad just oozes sexuality so it really doesn't matter.

29 July 2013

In Your Face

In movie vernacular, an extreme close up is tighter than a standard close up. A close up typically includes all of the case and maybe a bit of neck. An extreme close up, often referred to as an ECU, doesn't even include all of the face.

I've noticed some of the big porn studios now are doing X-rated photos that are almost close ups. But instead of focusing on Connor and Johnnie's faces here, the photographer is zeroing on their cocks and balls. Some of the shot are so detailed you can literally count the hairs on their nuts.

These are large-format high-resolution images, so be sure to right click each one for that genuine in-your-face feel.

28 July 2013

Steve Makes Baby Batter

Not too long ago I featured some still photos here of straight porn stud Steve Hooper. I've located two clips where he takes matters in hand. Steve may have liked straight porn, but he also loved playing with his cock, too.

Direct links to the individual film pages on Xvideos can be found here and here.

27 July 2013

Virgin No More

Many thanks to the multiple regular readers of this blog who alerted about the first flick appearing below on Xvideos. I'll leave it to your judgement about whether this is the moment Patrick lost his virginity or merely when he lost it on film. Hopefully soon, he'll learn to suck cock, but for now, we must be satisfied with the many baby steps it took to get him to this point.

Included is a second new video someone posted this week in case the first one goes down quickly. Neither of these will probably last terribly long on Xvideos, so it's the old case of watch sooner rather than later. If you want the direct link to the page with Patrick, click here. For the second video's page, click here.

26 July 2013

Call Him Stud

This lad did solo wank porn in the 1990s and went by the name of Stud Mitchner. He wasn't the most ripped model ever, but he had a nice "everyman" look about him.

It goes without saying he had a beautiful uncut cock and lovely nuts. Right click the fourth photo below (as you can with all of them) to see the precum dribbling from his foreskin.

25 July 2013

Your Dog Is Gay

Hey mister, I think your dog is gay. Because otherwise, why is he smiling like that? This was posted online by someone who said she was his girlfriend. Then someone claimed it was a repost from several years ago and she was lying.

Maybe she wishes he was her boyfriend but she has no clue. Because my gaydar is hinting he might not be interested in any girlfriend. Is it just me or does he look like Ryan Gosling's hotter little brother?

24 July 2013

Patrick Bottom Alert

Here are two Patrick scenes I've not seen before. The second one is already a new favorite, one of the best porn I've seen in a while. Patrick really gives the one bloke a great powerfuck.

Patrick also rims a lad in the second film, something I don't recall seeing him do before. But that pales in comparison to the news out this week: he'll soon bottom onscreen. Wow, how far our little Paddy has come.

What's next? Patrick's first bukkake bottom gangbang in front of 100 horny truckers? I'm not complaining. I suspected this day was coming, but it's fun to anticipate nonetheless. Will he take it like a man or whimper like a puppy?

23 July 2013

Pornstud Selfies

There's something endearing about pornstars who post their selfies online. Perhaps they just don't want to be seen as a pound of flesh. The one with his dog is particularly sweet.

Here's Mitchell Rock doing some selfies. I don't know why he's being modest with his shorts over the crown jewels and cutting his head off in another. It's not like someone can't very easily find what he looks like naked and with a cock in his mouth.

22 July 2013

Lost in the Woods

Landon and his friend Jessy are lost in the woods, so without anything to read or watch, they have to resort to entertaining themselves until help arrives. They could look for kindling or firewood perhaps, but they decide sucking and fucking is the best way to keep themselves warm.

I can't say I blame them. If I was lost in the woods with Landon, I'd probably try to tap his ass, too. These are really large photos, so be sure to right click each one so you can feel warm and tingly in all the right places.

21 July 2013

Lost Razor Ranch

Three hot lads get boned up loading hay and decide on some instant relief. I like how razors are prohibited on this ranch and none have shaved their body hair.

To go directly to the Xvideos page featuring this movie, click here.

20 July 2013

Hot Semi-Amateur Threeway

Technically these two videos are not amateur porn, because the bloke who stars in them and puts them together also sells them through his website. But they're self-shot in hotel rooms, which gives them a hot amateur feel. He's making some cash, sure, but he's really much more interested in fucking.

The same two thirtysomething white tops appear in both scenes, but the twinky Asian bottoms are different in each one. That's his sort of niche specialty -- he seeks out submissive Asian bottoms and then fucks them on screen. That's one hell of a way to make a living.

If you only have limited time to view these, I'd recommend the second over the first. If you'd rather view these directly on the Xvideos website, you can do so here and here.

19 July 2013


The big lad here goes by Christian Power, although that's surely not his real name. It sounds like a reading club at a girl's religious school.

I've seen him perform onscreen and he's versatile. In some scenes he's a top, others a bottom, and both in still others. The scene from which these three stills were taken is one of his flipflop scenes.

He's not marketed as "gay for pay," so maybe that means he really is on team rainbow. He seems glad to be sucking cock and taking it in the ass, so if that's not real, he's a pretty decent actor.

I wish this still set had hardcore fucking, but alas not. Only the sucking was good and the rest were those fake posed shots with hard cocks near holes but not actually inside. Why that's done, I have no idea, because the film is certainly hardcore.

18 July 2013

Cock for Hire

I happened on an old straight video online recently that featured the indomitable Steve Hooper. I miss seeing new stuff from now that he's retired. He was a mainstay in het porn but would gladly do solo jerkoffs, too. He really seemed to like playing with his bonus-size cock.

He was also one of the few straight porn studs who would wank in boy/girl smut. His scenes sometimes would begin with him wanking alone, to be interrupted by a woman or two, who would then give him a proper shagging.

Unfortunately a man never happened on him when he was playing with his junk. He really seemed to love boy/girl anal, so the right amount of cash could've convinced him to slide his meatpole up some bloke's ass.

Here is Steve -- who appeared sometimes in solo porn as Bailey -- during his younger years. He looked fantastic right before he retired, when he was weathered and with graying hair, and it's shame he didn't keep appearing in porn.

17 July 2013

Crime Pays

The unanswered question in this scene is: did the criminal plan this all along? If only all home invasions turned out this well.

For those having trouble seeing the viewer below, you can watch the video directly on the Xvideos page here.

16 July 2013

Rump Roundup

I went to the gym yesterday and saw one of the most magnificent asses I've seen in a while. It was so memorable it's been etched into my brain. That inspired me to rummage through my asses of glory folder on my laptop.

I found some that would definitely be in the running with the lad at the gym but didn't quite find any that matched him perfectly. He was like the fourth one below but even more spectacular.

15 July 2013

Tits Ahoy

I have a weakness for a man with fantastic pecs. I'm sure I'm not alone with that. Who couldn't resist sneaking a look at any of these lads if you saw them shirtless?

Wearing sunglasses helps when doing this, because you point your head one way and then windowshop with your eyes looking about 30 degrees to the side to catch the scenery.

All of these fine specimens came from the excellent Tumblr blog Bulging Pecs. I have a bulging crotch after looking at all of the eyecandy on that page.