30 September 2012

Eye Contact

Look what I found on Xvideos. A giant thanks to whoever posted it. Enjoy soon because this is scorching hot and may not last.

If Patrick is truly gay-for-pay, he's doing a pretty decent job of acting here. He maintains good eye contact throughout, as if he's really into his partner.

29 September 2012

Ranch Handling

I featured this video about three years ago here, but then it was deleted at Xvideos. I was pleased to discover someone else had posted it, so I'm bringing it back today for an encore.

The two ranch hands are Trent Reed and Jake Andrews, real-life loves when this scene was shot. Trent was always a favorite but seems to have disappeared into obscurity. He was one of the hottest pornstars during his day and enthusiastically versatile.

28 September 2012

Date Night

I thought Matthias here would be a good date for Jake, who was featured yesterday. Jake is more muscular and could probably easily beat the other at arm wrestling, but I think he would end up as Matthias's bitch.

I sure would like to see that -- Jake on all fours as he got slammed from behind, his hard, meaty cock bobbing around wildly, slapping his thighs and leaving smears of precum as Matthias made a man out of him. He might not be able to sit down the next morning, but he would still be smiling.

27 September 2012


I almost didn't use this because of the obnoxious watermark, but he's too cute and cuddly to ignore. Those big blue eyes and that killer bod are like catnip for me.

26 September 2012

Tim's Big Fat Dick

This is another of those videos that might not last long, so don't wait around to watch. Thanks to whomever posted it on Xvideos.

Tim rarely fails to please. He's somewhat dispassionate as he stuffs his big fat dick into his willing partners, but that adds to his allure for some reason. His cock is doing all his thinking for him and his brain is on idle.

25 September 2012


I usually don't use photo sets with prominent watermarks because I think they're distracting, but this one is too cute to pass up. His porn name is Miros Bar and apparently he's only ever done one scene, a "straight" solo jerkoff shoot. He's Czech, stands 5'7", and weighs 184 pounds. He has that combination of a sweet face and a hot body that I always find so alluring.

24 September 2012

Humped by an Angel

The plot to an erotic thriller popped into my head when I saw this picture. A handsome young conservative politician thinks he's blessed when an impish guardian angel appears in his life. As he grows closer to his new divine friend, the homophobic politician begins confiding in friends about his divine acquaintence and the miracles he's seen him perform.

The politician doesn't know, however, that the angel has fallen in love with him and is determined to change his beliefs. The politician is horrified when he awakens one night and finds the hunky angel lying naked beside him, jacking him off and rubbing his own hard cock against him.

The politician is in a panic: as his first big election approaches, he has a gay angel in love with him who won't leave him alone. With time, however, the politician begins to reject his own homophobia when he realizes he's physically attracted to his divine companion. On the day he's sworn into office with his new companion beside him, he suddenly announces his conversion to the other party, breaking a Congressional tie.

23 September 2012

After the Finish Line

I admit I'm confused as to why they're racing what look like bumper cars to me. Bumper cars should be smashed into each other. That's not important, though, because the sex is hot.

22 September 2012

Cholo Puppy

Once he gets out of his ridiculous clothes and shows off that hairy chest, he is definitely worth watching. I see lads like this all over LA in their super-baggy clothes hiding their physiques. Many times it doesn't matter, but sometimes you can tell a young bloke has a really hot body hidden under his walking laundry hamper.

21 September 2012

Farm Fresh

The big blond oaf here is David Kadera, who I've only ever seen bottom on film. He reminds me of a big strapping farmboy who went to my high school in the American midwest.

The lad in question was blond and quiet and, as I came to learn, terribly shy. He ended up as my lab partner in a science class and I got to know him rather well in a strictly platonic way.

Last I heard, he inherited the family farm and never married. I wonder if I missed a golden opportunity.

20 September 2012

What Are They Doing?

I love subliminal erotica like this. If you have a clean mind, you would have no idea what they're doing. Looking for a lost contact lens?

But if you have a dirty mind -- like all of us here -- you know exactly what's going on. Slurp, slurp, oh yes, that's so good, slurp, slurp...

Hidden in plain sight.

19 September 2012

Musclepup Lust

I believe the top here goes by Aiden and the bottom goes by Riley. It's interesting to watch the bottom as the top undresses -- he's clearly dying for cock. He's staring at his crotch, not wanting to miss a second of seeing his dick and getting it into his mouth.

18 September 2012


I swear I've seen this lad in other still photos but couldn't put my finger on them. I know some of you won't like all those tatts but they add a certain authenticity to him. I hope in serving our country he has kept out of harm's way.

17 September 2012

Thick and Uncut

Exactly the way I like 'em -- thick and uncut. Which one would you want to pick you up for a one-night stand?

The last shot is a clever manipulation. He's not really standing with his hose hanging out like that in Times Square.

As usual, big pictures -- click to see each one full sized.

16 September 2012

Revising the Final Roster

Who knew that students now listen to jazz in their dorm rooms as they plot their sexual exploits involving hot coaches in incredibly tight shorts that lace up the front?

15 September 2012

A Good Time

I wonder if Rafael is as expensive as the stack of money here suggests. What a charmed life he leads -- he gets paid, gets laid, and deepthroated to boot.

14 September 2012

Fit to Be Tied

This is exactly where I'd want Patrick -- bound and helpless and ready to be used. Poor thing, he's so horny he's humping the steel table. These are quite large photos, so be sure to click so you can see him in all his sweaty and squirming glory.

13 September 2012

Just Turned Eighteen

This is Jeff, who just turned eighteen. He's six foot even and weighs 185 pounds. I can think of many, many ways to welcome him to manhood. He might resist at first and have to be restrained for a while, but he'd soon have a smile on his face.

12 September 2012

The Preppy and the Gangsta

The victim of a frat hazing prank, a terrified Thad was dumped in the 'hood at two in the morning. But after he met Jamal and his pet anaconda, he was grateful for his adventure.

11 September 2012

Traffic Court

The few times I've been in traffic court, I've noticed that the cops always come and go via a room behind the judge's bench. Next time I'm there, I'll go see if this is what they're doing back there.

These are large pictures, so be sure to click to see full size -- unfortunately they are shrunk way down by Blogger when they're horizontal like this.