30 September 2012

Eye Contact

Look what I found on Xvideos. A giant thanks to whoever posted it. Enjoy soon because this is scorching hot and may not last.

If Patrick is truly gay-for-pay, he's doing a pretty decent job of acting here. He maintains good eye contact throughout, as if he's really into his partner.


  1. Definitely hot...who is the bottom?

  2. Very hot video.
    I love the pool scene and all the rest too.

    The top muscle guy is Marc Dylan...
    I must say that the bottom is very cute and sexy too....

  3. Anonymous11:53

    None of the videos you have posted on your site are coming up today . . . FYI

    1. Sounds like an IP problem on your end. Others have seen it with no problems.

  4. On the XVideos page 140 people actually voted this video down . I don't see how that's possible . If you don't absolutely love that video then you're not really gay and you should just go jerk off with a Playboy !!

  5. Anonymous08:29

    FYI. I dont have any problems with any other video sites I go to other than just recently am not able to bring up videos on YOUR site. Why is that?

  6. If this was not the creation of the homosexual beast god would not exist but it does so it is not a bent gene its a choosing the truth woman loves man loves man. Wherever & whenever he can get away with it, without being caught is the crime.

  7. Damn. Slow down. What's the rush?

  8. I have honestly never been able to get all the way through the video. I usually nut in the first few minutes.


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