30 June 2017


Donald Trump stooped to a new lowest low yesterday with an appalling Twitter tirade directed at a morning television personality (details here). The comment showed Trump at his worst as a cruel bully who acts like a spoiled brat with no sense of common decency.

His behavior was so shocking and so un-presidential that it was widely and resoundingly condemned by both Democrats and Republicans alike in Congress. Not one single public official outside of the administration spoke up in defense of the President's behavior.

There are so many reasons why this is wrong that it's difficult to know where to begin. There was no reason for him to do this. It shows a man who is dangerously petty and thin-skinned. It also shows a man who is dangerously mentally unstable. It shows a man who isn't emotionally fit to be President.

How could he react calmly and rationally during a true national crisis when he can't even handle minor criticism?

The New York Times published an excellent op-ed yesterday (link here) about how this latest incident demonstrates, once again, Trump's fundamental lack of decency and his craven disrespect for other people.

The piece quotes prominent law professor Joan Williams who said: "Trump’s persistent insults to high-profile women play to that part of his base that has long been incensed at a definition of political correctness that includes women, L.G.B.T.Q. people, immigrants and other groups -- but leaves out working-class whites nursing the hidden injuries of class."

Trump's behavior yesterday underscores, once again, that he almost certainly is what mental health professionals call "a pathological narcissist," someone who is devoid of empathy toward others (details here). That means he will throw anybody and everybody under a moving bus who doesn't grovel before him.

Yesterday's tirade shows the time has come to seriously consider removing Trump from office as soon as possible with the 25th Amendment (details here), a more expeditious process than impeachment.

There is just no other reasonable choice at this point. Trump isn't going to change, and he must not be allowed to continue to damage America's standing in the world.


This is Adam who, let's face it, is not the handsomest man ever to walk the face of the earth. He's not ugly but he does look rather gnome-like.

The furry body, of course, is a much different story. He can't do anything about his looks but he obviously visits the gym regularly. He's 27, from Prague, stands 5'10, and weighs in at a solidly built 220 pounds.

I'm thankful Adam does not shave off all that beautiful fur. He does trim his pubes and his armpits, and he needs to stop that right now. A man this furry needs pits and a crotch to match.

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29 June 2017


Vox published an article yesterday (link here) that details how under the U.S. Senate's latest version of Trumpcare, the fraudulent healthcare proposal, "a total of 208,500 unnecessary deaths will occur if the law is passed."

As if that wasn't bad enough, the way the bill is designed, 14 million people will lose their health insurance in 2018 and 22 million by 2026, per Congressional Budget Office projections. Everybody else will see their premiums rise much faster than they do currently.

Vox also has a companion article published yesterday (link here) reminding everyone of Donald Trump's lies about healthcare and insurance.

For instance, in a "60 Minutes" interview in 2015, he said: "I am going to take care of everybody. I don't care if it costs me votes or not. Everybody's going to be taken care of much better than they're taken care of now."

That, as it turns out, was a massive lie. Trumpcare would take health insurance away from tens of millions of people and end up killing several hundred thousand more.

Per the linked piece, Trump also promised on Twitter in 2015 that there would be no cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. The latest Trumpcare proposal would cut Medicare and Medicaid payments for millions of Americans.

The bottom line is that Trumpcare is a horrendous bill. It would worsen healthcare for tens of millions of America, at the same time it would give tens of billions in new tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires.

If you make more than $400,000 per year, Trumpcare is great for you, because you'll be getting tax cuts exclusively for the rich. If you make less than $400,000 per year, you get nothing except more expensive healthcare. You get no tax cut whatsoever.

Harley's Dungeon

The big bruiser top here, who goes by Harley Everett in porn, has been featured on this blog before. He's in his thirties, stands 6'4, and weighs in at a thumping 220 pounds. He's also out and proud and married. He describes his non-porn husband as "a big muscular inked guy who is incredibly handsome and has a heart of gold."

I'm a little confused about whether Harley is actually still doing porn. In 2014 on his Twitter page, he posted cryptically something along the lines of "Harley Everett is no more" but porn scenes in which he stars are still being released. Did he go back into porn or are they being pulled off a shelf somewhere?

Harley has been featured on this blog several times before. He had a post here with a huge set of photos that can still be downloaded. He also appeared here and here topping in video scenes that are still live.

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28 June 2017


The excellent Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold published an article yesterday (link here) with the title "A Time Magazine with Trump on the cover hangs in his golf clubs. It’s fake."

The piece details how Donald Trump has a phony Time magazine cover of himself framed prominently at a number of his golf clubs, sometimes alongside other real magazine covers on which he has appeared. He has also spoken about the fake magazine cover, as if it was real, on a number of occasions.

I remember reading some months ago, in the real Time, on whose cover he did not appear, about how Trump lovingly collects magazines on whose cover he has appeared. He has multiple copies of each magazine on display in a special room at Trump Tower.

Truly, how pathetic is this? He must be terribly insecure that he has to constantly fluff himself up like this. It's not enough that he was on real magazine covers that he has to have fake ones, too?

The man is dangerously unstable. I sometimes worry that he'll pull some kind of psychotic shit whilst President, particularly if the heat really turns up with the Russian scandal investigation.

The sooner Congress impeaches this man, the better. Yes, I know, that means we'll end up with President Pence or President Paul Ryan, but at least they're not seriously mentally ill.

The Asylum

A very horny doctor and his two insatiable patients welcome a new inmate to the asylum. The skinny patient is particularly well hung with a nice long, thick, uncut cock. The ginger bottom is both very cute and a total slut.

I don't recognize any of the performers here nor the origin of this video. If you know anything, please shout it out in the comments.

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27 June 2017

The Truth Revealed

Think Progress published a noteworthy shorter article yesterday with the title "Neil Gorsuch reveals his true anti-LGBTQ self -- Donald Trump’s judge is doling out Mike Pence’s justice" (link here) about some early signs regarding Trump's first Supreme Court nominee.

In short, the signs are not at all encouraging. Gorsuch appears to have been the deciding judge to take up the important Masterpiece Cakeshop case, which will decide whether businesses can openly discriminate against LGBT customers on "religious" grounds.

Fortunately, fewer justices can decide to take up a case than will make a majority, and the votes don't appear to be there to rule in favor of anti-LGBT discrimination.

In all honesty, I'm not surprised Gorsuch is showing his true stripes like this. The idea some people had that he was somehow pro-LGBT was delusional.

Gorsuch was strongly supported as a nominee by ultra-conservative and anti-LGBT hate groups. They looked at his history as a jurist and could see he was way over to the far right with the likes of Justices Samuel Alito and Antonin Scalia. Most of us on the pro-LGBT side of the spectrum could easily see this, too.

In other Supreme Court news yesterday, the rumor that Trump supporters had been widely and wildly circulating, that pro-LGBT Justice Anthony Kennedy would retire, turned out to be bullshit. He made no such move and hired clerks for the 2017-2018 session, which is a good sign he isn't going anywhere for at least another year.

So for the time being, it appears the pro-LGBT 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court will hold. Kennedy does not rule with progressives on all other issues, but on this issue, I think he has our backs.

If any justice in that majority faction should leave, however, then I am saddened to say there will be hell to pay for the LGBT community. Trump will nominate another far-right anti-LGBT justice and it will be a very, very dark day if and when he or she is seated on the high court.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that no other justice will retire before Inauguration Day 2021. Hopefully the GOP will be swept out of the White House on that day.

Ryan aka Giuliano

The big strapping lad seen alone in the first four photos below appeared in porn as Giuliano last year and now as Ryan this year. He's originally from Canada, apparently of Italian ancestry, stands six foot tall, and weighs in at 225 pounds.

He was just signed to an exclusive contract with a porn company, so that likely means we'll be seeing him much more in the future, although he has only done four shoots so far in his entire career that have been released. Is a bottoming scene in the cards? Time will tell.

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26 June 2017

Friends of Donald

For the third year running, Istanbul police tried to shut down the city's LGBT pride march, with officers firing rubber bullets into crowds, others using dogs chasing onlookers, and in some cases brutal violence directed at participants (details here).

The alleged reason for the ban was to "protect" marchers and spectators from far-right protesters. The latter showed up, not surprisingly, but police ignored them.

One police officer was photographed by the international media brutally kicking and punching LGBT participants. The officers firing rubber bullets and using dogs to chase people were also photographed.

Of course, the rationale for attempting to stop the event is ludicrous. They had to attack people in order to protect them?

The Istanbul mayor who banned the parade is from the same conservative political party and is a close ally of Turkish President Recep Erdogan, the increasingly autocratic and anti-democratic leader whom Donald Trump has lavishly praised without hesitation.

For reasons he has never explained, Trump always speaks glowingly about some of the world's most corrupt despots, many of whom are stridently anti-LGBT and openly call for LGBT discrimination, like the leader of Russia, Turkey, and the Philippines.

Yet Trump lovingly praises himself as the "friend of the gays." Fortunately, fewer and fewer people believe that fiction.

Anthony's Magnificent Balls

The producing studio on these images released utterly no information about this lad. So we're left to speculate from what we can see in the pictures themselves. He appears to be tall, considering the set dressing behind him. That's been used for other lads' shoots and he is taller than they are.

But who's looking at furniture when we can be looking at Anthony's magnificent low-hangers. Those things dangle down so far he practically needs running lights for them. I imagine he long ago learned that when he flies commando, he has to take extra care not to snag them in his zipper.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total fifty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

25 June 2017

Dud on Arrival

Senate Republicans unveiled their version of Trumpcare late last week, the legislation being peddled as an "upgrade" to the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare. That's like claiming a broken-down farm wagon pulled by a hobbled nag is an "upgrade" to a sleek Ferrari.

It's even a sham to call the proposed legislation a healthcare bill in the first place. It's not. It's a big tax break exclusively for the rich, paid for by making healthcare more expensive.

Trumpcare is a giant kick in the balls for any household earning less than $400,000 a year because they would pay more for health insurance and more for healthcare and receive absolutely no tax cuts. It's a giant wet kiss to the wealthy because they get a huge tax cut that's exclusively for households earning more than $400,000 per year.

The New York Times didn't mince words in their analysis of the bill (link here) with the title "Shifting Dollars From Poor to Rich Is a Key Part of the Senate Health Bill."

What makes this all the more disgusting is that it's being pushed heavily by Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader. He wants to deny healthcare to folks with modest incomes, notwithstanding he was once saved from polio as a poor child by healthcare provided by government programs (link here).

McConnell wants to take healthcare away from children who are suffering just like he did. He got a helping hand, but he'll slap away the hands of needy children today.

What makes this doubly disgusting is how Donald Trump is cheering on this shitty legislation. He's trying to sell it as an improvement but fails to mention that he's stomping on his own supporters with this bill.

And Trump will remain utterly silent about the fact that this measure will give him a giant tax cut worth millions of dollars.

Coach Sammy

Sam Colt is the perfect pornstar. He oozes masculine eroticism like no other. If I had a coach like Sam in college, I think I would be still enrolled, repeating my senior year over and over again.

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24 June 2017

Another Bombshell

The Washington Post broke another Friday bombshell story yesterday (link here) with the exclusive revelation directly tying the 2016 American election hacking to none other than Vladamir Putin himself.

For anyone already paying attention, this was not a surprising revelation. The whole ongoing scandal had all the signs of classic Putin tradecraft but his fingerprints were lacking. No more. The only real surprise was that he wasn't able to completely cover his tracks.

This leaves us with the question of why. Part of the reason is because Putin is well documented for loathing and fearing Hillary Clinton. If he could tilt the scale to Donald Trump, he could settle an old score with Clinton for what he perceived as slights.

He also clearly thought Trump in the White House would be better for Russia. Trump has always spoke of the Russian near-dictator with fond and almost loving admiration, refusing to criticize him in any manner publicly.

This suggests Putin thought Trump would be weaker than Clinton and much more easily manipulated. The first disastrous five months of the Trump presidency have proven him correct, if that was his goal.

And last, but not by any means least, Putin saw it as a way to destabilize American democracy for the benefit of Russia. This is classic Putin style and he's done it before with other countries. The weaker the US becomes, the better for Putin.

Now Trumpers will tell you nothing is wrong with Russia, that it deserves to be our close ally. That, of course, is rubbish.

Putin is almost but not quite a dictator. Give him time. He openly persecutes LGBT citizens and others. Russia is not a free country. Critics are silenced or murdered. It's a kleptocracy and a thugocracy, not a democracy.

The way the Russian government is run is an anathema to the American government. Every single American, no matter your political beliefs, should be outraged that a near dictatorship wants to weaken this country.

Slutty Sean

The big slutty bottom here is Sean Duran, one of the hottest musclestuds working in porn these days. He is totally versatile and is happy being a total bottom pig or a demanding alpha top leading his mates in a merciless gangbang.

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23 June 2017


Politico published a disturbing article yesterday (link here) with the title "Trump Doesn’t Want to Be President."

This is not the first time a piece of this sort has been published in a major media outlet. During the campaign, similar stories ran on occasion, but this may be the first time since the inauguration.

The piece opens with: "Donald Trump doesn’t really want to be president. If he did, he’d nominate candidates to the 350 important but vacant administration jobs and get on with the job of governance. He doesn’t seem to want to be commander in chief of the armed forces, either, having outsourced Afghanistan troop-level decisions to Secretary of Defense James Mattis. Don’t burden him with foreign policy -- which so daunts him that he’s postponed an official trip to Britain because (as some report) he fears the inevitable protests that will greet him."

The writer then goes on to describe how it seems Trump really wants to be White House communications director.

In some ways this might seem like a good thing that Trump has left so many positions vacant in his administration, a much greater number than any previous President. Fewer appointees could potentially result in fewer mean-spirited and discriminatory policies.

But what happens if we have another natural disaster the size of Hurricane Katrina and all the top FEMA positions are vacant, as they are now? What happens if we have a Three Mile Island-sized industrial accident and most of the top DHS positions are vacant, as they are now? Or what if we have another 911 with critically important intelligence and national security positions vacant, as they are now?

This article ended up making me realize Trump is dangerous in many more ways than we may have thought. And that is truly, truly frightening.


Calvin and Taylor are walking through the meadow in the state park when they're overpowered by enchanted lupines that send their testosterone into overdrive. Soon they're shucking their clothes as they start sucking and fucking right there in plain view of anyone passing buy. Dillon strolls down a nearby trail and cannot pass up this opportunity, so within seconds he's hard and naked and walking toward the other blokes in the heat of passion.

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22 June 2017


The Washington Post published a piece yesterday (link here) about the now dozens of times Donald Trump's press secretary has not answered a journalist's question and instead promised to "get back to you" with a response yet never followed up.

The "get back to you" response is not entirely without rationale, because the press secretary might not yet know the answer or wants to make sure he or she has the most up-to-date response. But when you never get back to all the people you promised, then when do those broken promises become a string of lies?

And when this becomes chronic, it turns from delaying into outright stonewalling. Remember when Trump constantly whined about President Obama's alleged lack of transparency and then later promised to be the most transparent President in history?

Well that of course turned out to be an outright lie. Constant stonewalling and rampant secrecy do not transparency make.

At some point, a promise to "get back to you" automatically converts into a lie. "Get back to you" has an inherent implication of "sooner rather than later." Most everyone agrees it is not the same as "I will never get back to you."

Prior to the press secretaries' employment, Trump regularly made a practice of promising to "get back to" something and then never bothering to do so. He still does this somewhat regularly.

Given many if not most of these promises were never fulfilled, they became outright lies.

One example that comes to mind is Trump's promise to answer soon all questions about the clouds over his wife's immigration history (link here). Ten months ago, Trump promised that news conference in a few weeks. Ten months later, it has yet to happen. I think we can assume now that was a lie.

The greatest example, of course, is Trump's notorious promise to release his tax returns. He first made that promise more than three years ago (link here) and repeated it several times more than year. But more than three years later, still no tax returns.

Only a hopeless optimist would see that as anything other than a bold-faced lie.

Fuzzy Cocksuckers

Jason and Sean here remind me of two hot and lean fuzzy blokes I saw walking down the sidewalk here in broiling Los Angeles yesterday. They were hand-in-hand, their shirts off, and one was bouncing a basketball as if they'd just come from shooting hoops in the park down the street. They entered the lobby of a condo building and disappeared out of sight. In my filthy mind, I imagined they were heading upstairs to shower together and then adjourn for some bedroom games.

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