30 April 2009

Farris From Romania

Farris is a 27-year-old bodybuilder and aspiring model from Romania. I think he could dial back the bling a bit but otherwise I have no complaints. Romanian men can have the sexiest accents. Their personalities are often a curious amalgam of Mediterranean passion and Central European reserve.

This bloke has that wonderful "naughty innocent" look going. In the bottoms-up shot, he looks so sweet and naive. Leaning against the car, however, he appears quite mischievous. I think Farris uses the first one to lure pretty young things into his apartment. Once the door is locked and the lights are dimmed, however, the beast within emerges.

29 April 2009

International Tug Your Foreskin Day

Smoking hot Alejandro here reminds us that it's International Tug Your Foreskin Day. Celebrate by tugging three extra times today on your anteater.

I read about men my age who decide to get circumcised, and I have to wonder if they've lost their minds. You couldn't give me enough money to part with mine. The special man in my life is also uncut, and we both love to tease each other with some good rough foreskin play. There's a threshold just before pain where tugging can be extremely pleasurable.

As for the issue whether uncut meat is less clean, that's why there's soap and water. Cleaning yours and your man's when you're showering together is great foreplay.

28 April 2009

Jason in Iraq

This is Jason, an ex-Marine and now some kind of military police consultant in Iraq. He's not handsome, but he's all-man. He looks so nice and cuddly. He's ready to take a shower in the last picture. I volunteer to wash his back.

These images are all quite a bit larger, so be sure to right click on them and select "open link in new tab" to see big Jason in all his magnificent godliness.

27 April 2009

Andrei by Andrei

This is bodybuilder and aspiring model Andrei from Moscow, photographed by Andrei, whose work I featured a few days back. Other than that, I don't know anything about him.

I know, however, what I'd like him to do to me. And what I'd like to do to him.

I'll bet he smells nice, too.

26 April 2009

Wait a Few Years

As I grow older, I find my taste in men has changed. Once I favored young jock types in their twenties, probably because I was a young bloke in my twenties at the time. Now I tend to prefer men over those whom I see as boys. Guys in their twenties often seem silly and frivolous to me now. They lack the grounded maturity and wisdom of men in their thirties and forties.

Now the guy pictured below would not be tossed out of my bed for eating crackers. But he's still a little too much boy and not enough man for me. I see a bloke like this and I immediately imagine what he'll look like in ten years (hopefully he'll still be in excellent shape). In eight or ten years he could be staggeringly hot.

As you grow older, you start attending reunions. When you do, you see a vivid picture of how guys age. Ten or twenty years can be very unkind. The hot college athlete you once longed for is now a balding dumpling with a bad comb over. But sometimes the nerdy geek you barely noticed back then is now a ripped, chiseled stud, thanks to a successful career that allowed him to pay for private trainers. At the reunion, no one pays any attention to the faded golden boy. All eyes are on the latebloomer.

It's not how you start the race. It's how -- and if -- you finish.

25 April 2009

Self Portraits by Lars

Lars is a German photographer now living in New York. He loves to photograph himself and post the results on the internet.

Lars is leaner than the men I favor these days, but I like him nonetheless. He looks quite a lot like a past boyfriend of mine who was very sweet and a great lover but a complete and total flake.

24 April 2009

Twin Gods

Mythology of many cultures is filled with tales of twin dieties. The two real gods pictured here are identical twin brothers Konstantin (left) and Oleg. They were captured by talented photographer and digital artist Andrei, also the creator of yesterday's image.

Andrei does not provide information about their age, but they appear to be in their mid-twenties. They both work at the same large Russian gym. Oleg is loquacious whilst Konstantin rarely speaks. In this picture, however, Oleg looks to be the shy one whereas his brother has a mischievous face.

I have a number of twin pairs in my family, so I am familiar with their unusual and special personalities. Twins often have a bond much closer than ordinary siblings. I imagine these two spectacular brothers are no exception. One does wonder what secrets they share.

Be sure to click the image to see a much larger version. It's too good to miss.

23 April 2009

Fine Art God

This is a work by a nineteen-year-old artist in Russia. He starts with a photo of himself or one of his friends, then uses digital magic to create a unique work of art. I think the results are spectacular. I can't read Russian well enough to determine if this particular one is his own self-portrait, but I think it is.

Russia is such a fascinating country to visit. Beautiful young men will sometimes latch on to you if they think you're a Westerner of means. I was staying in a five-star hotel in St. Petersburg where an enticing room service waiter decided he was going to be my new friend. I spoiled him, and he spoiled me. When the time came to go, he simply said goodbye. I'm sure he found someone else to pamper very quickly.

22 April 2009

Servicing a Hardhat

These are promo stills for a porno site called NewYorkStraightMen.com so you know it's all a bogus setup. The conceit is that big bloke is supposed to be straight, and he's come into be serviced because he needs a blowjob. He's willing to let a gay guy help him out because he's so horny.

Most porn leaves me indifferent, but I found this engaging. Of course, I like the look of the big fellow, his surly neanderthal look of entitlement. His look seems to be saying, "hey man I deserve to be worshiped."

21 April 2009

Delightful Tease

He knows he's hot, and he just loves to tease. The "mea culpa" soundtrack adds a delightful subtext -- he knows he's bad by teasing us, that it's all his fault if we're agonized by this, but he just can't help himself. How I love a playful, mischievous god.

20 April 2009

Candid Jessie

You've probably seen Jessie before. He's a model and actor who's gotten some recent attention because of a diet show on cable.

He's 26, straight, 195 pounds, and 6'0". I like his look, but what makes him is his smile, in my opinion.

I found these photoshoot outtakes of him yesterday that I hadn't seen before. He's only smiling in one of these. I'll post some other images of him soon with his beautiful smile.

I've been on a few photo shoots in my life and found them tediously dull. I couldn't imagine the model's life. I would be bored silly spending hours posing whilst someone took my picture. Jessie looks a bit bored here. Such is the life of a god when he must spend so much time with we tiresome mortals.

19 April 2009

Rafael the Escort

This is Rafael, a 23-year-old "versatile" male escort from Madrid. His profile page indicates that he is 5'11" and 176 pounds (converting from metric). His cock measures 9.5 inches by 2.35 inches thick and is "sin engaƱos," whatever that means; my Spanish is not good enough to translate that.

He certainly is a magnificent specimen. I have to wonder, however, what kind of life a male escort leads. Whilst we mere mortals may face rejection when pursuing someone, we also have the power to say "no" if we don't like who pursues us. What if the man who hires you looks like Wilford Brimley or Donald Trump? You couldn't pay me enough to be intimate with someone like that. Rafael should be worshiped, not used.

17 April 2009

Monochrome Majesty

This spectacular god put his photos on a website for aspiring models then took them down a short bit later so I have no further details about him. Fortunately, I found a backdoor on the site into the folder with his images, so I was able to rescue these.