01 April 2009

Catching Some Rays

Another amateur god to torture us with his hotness. The radiator looks European although he looks North American. Is he stashed away in some Berlin garret, longing for the warmer beaches of home?

Perhaps he's Canadian. I took a trip not long ago through Saskatchewan and Alberta and discovered the provinces are a fantastic reservoir of ruggedly hot men. The sunbathing god shown here would fit right in with those guys. They're a little on the pale side due to the long winters but, thanks to the weather, they spend a great deal of time at the gym. And they're friendly as all hell.

The fact that our feature god doesn't depilate makes him all the hotter. Fur like that is meant to be enjoyed. How I would love to cuddle up with this guy on a cold winter night. The poor fellow wouldn't get any sleep though. I wouldn't let him.


  1. Just enough fur for my taste.....at least he's not too wooly for Arizona weather,if i may...

    but all in all 'godly'

  2. Love that fur and muscle! WOOF!

  3. Anonymous06:30

    Will, I have seen this man before. He is indeed Canadian and occasionally goes on webcam. He is quite the tease, usually only giving fleeting glimpses of what might lay below. He is However EXCEPTIONALLY nice and friendly and always smiling!!


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