19 April 2009

Rafael the Escort

This is Rafael, a 23-year-old "versatile" male escort from Madrid. His profile page indicates that he is 5'11" and 176 pounds (converting from metric). His cock measures 9.5 inches by 2.35 inches thick and is "sin engaños," whatever that means; my Spanish is not good enough to translate that.

He certainly is a magnificent specimen. I have to wonder, however, what kind of life a male escort leads. Whilst we mere mortals may face rejection when pursuing someone, we also have the power to say "no" if we don't like who pursues us. What if the man who hires you looks like Wilford Brimley or Donald Trump? You couldn't pay me enough to be intimate with someone like that. Rafael should be worshiped, not used.


  1. Anonymous11:55

    I think it translates to "no lie" or something like that.

    I think the photos offer prove positive that he's packing something really special ;)

  2. Tomas22:03

    "sin engaños" could be translated to “not cheating” (refering to the size of his cock) or as Horny posted “not lying”

    regards from Mexico!

  3. His body is very virile and his large tool could certainly render one speechless if he used it on you !

  4. Anonymous10:21

    "Sin engaños", he is probably referring to not being full of games or B.S., but is quite honest and direct, which is good.

    I would most certainly hire him for his services. With the lack of goodlooking, in-shape, built guys around my age (I'm 38 and look great!), I might as well hire someone like Rafael for a hot evening in!

  5. André09:10

    he is from Brazil.
    ex porn actor.


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