24 April 2009

Twin Gods

Mythology of many cultures is filled with tales of twin dieties. The two real gods pictured here are identical twin brothers Konstantin (left) and Oleg. They were captured by talented photographer and digital artist Andrei, also the creator of yesterday's image.

Andrei does not provide information about their age, but they appear to be in their mid-twenties. They both work at the same large Russian gym. Oleg is loquacious whilst Konstantin rarely speaks. In this picture, however, Oleg looks to be the shy one whereas his brother has a mischievous face.

I have a number of twin pairs in my family, so I am familiar with their unusual and special personalities. Twins often have a bond much closer than ordinary siblings. I imagine these two spectacular brothers are no exception. One does wonder what secrets they share.

Be sure to click the image to see a much larger version. It's too good to miss.


  1. would it not be god-like to see them unclothes and sweating together in sensual embraces !?

  2. Laurent00:49

    I ran into these twins recently on a link from here. Holy unbelievability!


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