31 May 2020

Collusion After All

Donald Trump has spent much of the last year gleefully declaring that Robert Mueller's punting on charging the President and the stillborn impeachment effort are proof there was "no collusion."

And then yesterday, the Trump administration very quietly released a phone transcript from before Trump was sworn into office that proves there was collusion after all (details here).

Michael Flynn, at that time Trump's pick for national security adviser, blatantly colluded with Russia and attempted to undermine the Obama administration weeks before Trump was sworn into office. And then Flynn lied about that conversation, a crime for which he was charged and then later admitted and pleaded guilty.

Trump has been spending the last several months trying to make admitted criminal Flynn out to be an innocent victim and the law enforcement officials involved in investigating and pursuing him as villains. Indeed, another one of them was fired yesterday (details here).

Now Trump undoubtedly will continue to refer to the "Russia hoax." Everyone who hears that, however, needs to be reminded that the Trump administration has admitted it was not a hoax but, in fact, that it was all true.

Slam, Bam, Thank You Man

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30 May 2020


I suspect Donald Trump's current noisy battle with Twitter over what he falsely claims is censorship is an attempt to deflect attention from his ongoing and disastrous mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis.

And I also suspect Trump is using this non-issue to rile up his base about something that's entirely irrelevant to the 2020 presidential election.

These two considerations aside, Trump is wailing about what he claims is censorship of him while at the same pushing measures that would allow him to censor and silence his critics. Adam Serwer at The Atlantic published a smart piece yesterday (link here) explaining how he wants to do this.

"To the President, criticism of his falsehoods is a violation of his free-speech rights," he writes. "This position reverses the purpose of the First Amendment, turning an individual right of freedom of expression into the right of the state to silence its critics."

Fortunately, federal judges, even conservative ones, are loathe to uphold limitations on free speech. So his actions will probably not pass constitutional muster when they're litigated. But Trump likely doesn't really care about that — he's milking this now for political reasons.

Nonetheless, the whole thing underscores how little respect Trump has for the Constitution and for free speech. In his wannabe dictator brain, it's perfectly all right for a head of state to censor his critics. His buddies Putin and the rest of his authoritarian bros can do it, and he wants to do that, too.

All the more reason the man must be removed from office by defeating him in November. His values and goals are the antithesis of what this nation is all about. It's time he was gone.

Prisoner of Love

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29 May 2020

The Psychopath

Tony Schwartz, Donald Trump's ghostwriter on The Art of the Deal, published a detailed essay yesterday (link here) with the title "The Psychopath in Chief." In it, he argues that Trump is a classic psychopath (note that word is widely considered by mental health professionals to mean the same as sociopath).

Consider the following from the piece: "The trait that most distinguishes psychopaths is the utter absence of conscience — the capacity to lie, cheat, steal and inflict pain to achieve his ends without a scintilla of guilt or shame, as Trump so demonstrably does. What Trump’s words and behavior make clear is that he feels no more guilt about hurting others than a lion does about killing a giraffe."

Arguably, most autocrats or wannabe autocrats, the latter which includes Trump, are classic psychopaths. It's nearly impossible to be a dictator if you're not. And they're highly manipulative, too, which Trump is.

Not surprising, serial criminals are also psychopaths. Serial killers, serial rapists, or in Trump's case, serial con artists.

Schwartz eloquently says what many close Trump observers have said for years if not decades. His behavior as President has made what is obvious so much clearer.

It's baffling, therefore, that while so many people can see this, so many cannot. They blindly follow Trump without question. They ignore reason and logic and facts by continuing to support him.

If Trump were just a loudmouth on TV, as he was when he appeared on his reality TV show, then it would not matter. But he's now President. And he wants to keep on being President. We cannot afford to keep a man who is clearly mentally disturbed in the Oval Office.

For our own sanity and the sanity of this nation, he must be expelled from office in this year's election. Commit to doing your part to make that happen.

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28 May 2020

All But Obvious

On Tuesday, New York magazine published an article (link here) which spells out its thesis in the title: "Trump Is Laying the Groundwork to Contest the Results of the Election."

This is something I've been saying now for weeks if not months to friends. In 2016, Donald Trump peddled various versions of the same claim: his election victory would be stolen from him. When he actually won, that suddenly changed to variations of the claim he had won the popular vote but voter fraud made him look like the loser.

And now, four years later, he's doing it again, viciously attacking balloting by mail with a fusillade of lies, without a shred of evidence, claiming it's subject to massive fraud. Thus if he loses in November, then he'll immediately claim he was the winner and that fraud stole away his victory. In short, Trump is such a narcissist he could never concede he actually lost.

If this just turns out to be blather, and he leaves the White House willingly nonetheless, then it's just more Trumpian noise, then it matters little. However, if this happens and he refuses to leave the White House, if he insists he's still President and even stages a fraudulent second-term inauguration, then the country is in serious trouble.

The best way to weaken Trump's claim is for him to overwhelmingly lose this November. If he only loses by one state with results like the 2000 race, then problems almost certainly will result. But if he loses by a half dozen states, with results more like 2008, then his claim becomes all but laughable.

If the latter happens, then I think the GOP leadership will work behind the scenes to pressure Trump out of the White House. Because, for them, an attempted Trump coup would be an indelible stain on the Republican Party they will want to avoid at all costs.

Snake Milkers

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27 May 2020


For the first time ever, Twitter has begun marking some of Donald Trump's fraudulent tweets with a fact check link (details here). They began doing so yesterday by branding two of his false, dishonest tweets about voting by mail.

Trump, of course, had a meltdown, falsely claiming Twitter was "interfering" with the election. He threatened to take action as President without clarifying what that might be. In reality, there's nothing he can do.

A lawyer needs to explain to Trump that Twitter is not a government website. Thus, marking or removing dishonest tweets is not a First Amendment violation. Twitter has a legal right to exert editorial control over their own website.

I hope Twitter continues to do this and ignores the President's bullying. It's high time Trump is called on the carpet for his incessant lying and dishonesty.

The Trainer

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26 May 2020

The Wimp

The Atlantic published an excellent piece yesterday that I highly recommend (link here). The piece is titled "Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President" with the secondary title of "Why don’t the President’s supporters hold him to their own standard of masculinity?"

No Man Is An Island

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25 May 2020

Doomsday Options

Yesterday, the New York Times published a very interesting article (link here) about how several different groups and organizations have formed special committees to both map out various schemes Donald Trump could attempt this year to interfere with the election and also design plans to counter such efforts should they occur.

Some examples:

A few weeks before the election, Trump declares a state of emergency in several large cities in swing states, thus severely limiting urban voter participation and thus tipping the states to go Republican.

Or, a week before the election, the administration announces a criminal investigation, albeit ultimately bogus, of Trump's November opponent.

Of, the election occurs and Trump narrowly loses. He refuses to concede, insisting he's actually won and the numbers are wrong because of "massive voter fraud." He refuses to cooperate in the transition to the legitimately elected candidate and won't leave the White House on January 20.

Thanks to these groups, if things like this happen, they should already have a game plan and immediately swing into action to counter Trump's dirty tricks.

This is a refreshing change from the 2004 election, where the nominee seemed paralyzed about how to respond to the Swift Boat slander, as well as in the 2016 election, when the nominee seemed powerless to respond to the document dumps of hacked material.

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24 May 2020

A Nightmare Scenario

Veteran journalist Andrew Feinberg wrote a troubling piece for The Independent on Friday (link here) about how, if Donald Trump loses the November election narrowly by only one or two states, those states could discard a Trump loss and give all their electoral votes to him.

In other words, Trump would lose both the popular vote and the Electoral College but he'd still win the presidency because one or two state legislators would just ignore the will of their voters and give their electors to the loser.

This could happen in so-called swing states where the GOP controls the state legislature but the state itself sometimes goes for the Democratic presidential candidate.

There's one certain way to make sure this doesn't happen. Trump must be defeated by a large margin. He must lose not just by one or two states but by ten or twelve or more.

In short, he needs to lose in something close to a landslide. He needs to lose by the margin that John McCain lost in the 2008 race, a margin large enough that the outcome could not be questioned.

This can happen — but only happen — if each and every one of us commits to vote for the Democratic nominee in the November election. Joe Biden may not be your favorite choice, but he's billions of times better than Trump.

Rocco's New Toy

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23 May 2020

The Returns

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in three different cases, all dealing with Donald Trump and his attempt to hide his tax returns from any sort of judicial or legislative review.

In response, the New York Times published a biting editorial (link here) titled "Remember When Trump Said He’d Be Happy to Share His Tax Returns?" and a secondary title of "In a bid to keep his tax and financial records secret, the President’s lawyers tell the justices that he is beyond the reach of Congress and prosecutors."

Presidents Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon tried variations of the latter to keep from having to respond to court orders. Both lost in cases where the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against them.

If the oral arguments are any guide, a unanimous ruling against Trump may not be in the cards (details here). Then again, predicting court decisions based on oral arguments can often be an exercise in futility.

The end result may be that neither side gets what they want. Ultimately, the goal is to let the public know what is in Trump's tax returns. Who knows if that will happen before this year's election.

The fact that Trump has so steadfastly tried to hide his returns, after promising repeatedly to release them, one of his biggest lies, is an issue that should be front and center in the 2020 campaign. No court can rule that out of consideration by voters.

It seems all but certain that Trump is hiding embarrassing or compromising facts in his returns. What are they? That doubt should be in every citizen's mind when he or she votes in November. Hopefully, Trump's opponents will make this a major issue in the 2020 campaign, because it should be.

Needy and Greedy

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22 May 2020


Yesterday, the New York Times published an article (link here) about how Donald Trump is, once again, falsely blaming the American intelligence community, this time for failing to alert him to the severity of the looming coronavirus threat. In reality, the problem is Trump, not the intelligence briefings.

Simply put, Trump reads almost nothing in the written intelligence materials prepared exclusively for him. And, in oral briefings, his attention quickly wanders.

"The President veers off on tangents and getting him back on topic is difficult," the article notes. "He has a short attention span and rarely, if ever, reads intelligence reports, relying instead on conservative media and his friends for information. He is unashamed to interrupt intelligence officers and riff based on tips or gossip he hears from the former casino magnate Steve Wynn, the retired golfer Gary Player or Christopher Ruddy, the conservative media executive."

A golfer? WTF? Seriously? He has no access to special and confidential information. Why does Trump trust him over the intelligence professionals?

"Trump rarely absorbs information that he disagrees with or that runs counter to his worldview," the piece states. "Briefing him has been so great a challenge compared with his predecessors that the intelligence agencies have hired outside consultants to study how better to present information to him."

The bottom line is simple รข€” America does not need a President who is as intellectually incurious as a lazy juvenile who refuses to do his homework. We need a President who takes a sober, mature, responsible view of intelligence and isn't afraid to fucking read.

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