31 May 2019

Special Snowflake

Whilst Donald Trump was visiting Japan a few days ago, the White House ordered that the warship USS John McCain be kept out of sight so as not to upset the President (details here).

When it proved nearly impossible to move the vessel because repairs were underway, orders came down that the name should be obscured, which was achieved by draping a tarp over the stern.

Now Trump himself was probably uninvolved in this decision-making process. But the fact that senior White House staff plus senior Pentagon staff would go through all this rigmarole attests to how they know the President has such a fragile ego that they know he would have a meltdown if he saw the ship.

Trump pretends that he's tough. But it's patently clear nearly every day he's the exact opposite. He's never had to do any physical labor in his life. A rich daddy kept his ass out of harm's way and bought him a draft deferment due to fake "bone spurs."

His staff knows he's a screeching drama queen and a whiny pussy and so they act accordingly.

His First Scene

Skip ahead to the five minure point if you just want the sex. This is supposedly the bottom's first hardcore action on screen. I love watching his hard uncut dick flop around as Michael Roman fucks him.

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30 May 2019

Mueller Speaks

With little advance warning, Special Counsel Robert Mueller made a public statement yesterday morning that lasted about ten minutes about the Trump/Russia investigation. A complete transcript of his remarks can be found here.

He stated that this would be the only public comments he would make about the investigation. He then briefly reiterated the major elements of his report.

He said because of Department of Justice policy, he could not charge Donald Trump with a crime nor state that he had committed one. But then he said this: "If we had confidence that the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so."

He couldn't say if the President was guilty. But he could say if the President was innocent. Yet he refused to say that.

Mueller also reiterated that it is Congress's duty, not the Department of Justice, to investigate any possible crimes committed by the President. As well, he strongly reiterated -- twice -- that Russia clearly interfered in the 2016 election, notwithstanding Trump's repeated denials that they did. Mueller's interference conclusion, of course, was well documented by both the Mueller Report and corroborating statements from various national security officials within Trump's own administration.

At the end of the day, Mueller's statement yesterday was bad news for Trump. The special prosecutor spoke both explicitly and in subtext that his phase of the investigation is over but that shouldn't be the case for Congress. That's laid out in his report, and he underscored it yesterday again.

Heavy Meat

*This lad is definitely a keeper. He has a great body and a bloody fantastic thick, heavy, uncut cock. He could be a pornstar with that gorgeous piece of meat. His reportedly straight and gives off that vibe, so I suspect this may be one of the few times we see him in his birthday suit. I hope to be proven wrong.

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29 May 2019

The Enabler

It's no secret that Donald Trump is incompetent, corrupt, and woefully dishonest. He's also a useful idiot for the Senate Majority Leader, Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr., better known as Mitch McConnell.

The greatest long-term damage that arguably will be caused as a result of the Trump administration are the numerous federal judges -- lifetime appointments all -- that Trump will nominate (although they're actually selected by conservative special interest groups). Many of them will fill or already are filling open slots that McConnell blocked during President Obama's administration. The rest will be confirmed on a fast-track basis in the Senate, thanks again to McConnell.

To this end, The Advocate published an excellent commentary on Monday (link here) with the title "Trump Is Horrible But Mitch McConnell Is Really Destroying America." It's not a long piece and I recommend you read it.

As if on cue, at about the same time, McConnell and some of his henchmen thugs gleeful made it known that if the House of Representatives impeaches Trump, the Senate will move as quickly as possible to hold the most minimal hearing possible and then vote (details here). Curious how they weren't so dismissive when Bill Clinton was impeached for transgressions far more minor compared to Trump.

And then yesterday came the report that McConnell's wife -- who happens to be Trump's Secretary of Transportation -- still owns stock in a transportation company that she promised more than a year ago to divest (details here).

Turns out "drain the swamp" may be one of Trump's biggest lies of all time.

Silver Fox

The "gramps" here is Dale Savage, who keeps an active Twitter feed with hardcore content (link here). How many younger lads have a grandfather who looks like this? Not many, I suspect.

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28 May 2019


Axios published an interesting piece yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump's Twitter impact has fallen significantly since he became President.

"Trump’s tweets don’t pack the punch they did at the outset of his presidency," the article notes. "His Twitter interaction rate — a measure of the impact given how much he tweets and how many people follow him — has tumbled precipitously. It’s a sign that his strongest communication tool may be losing its effectiveness and that the novelty has worn off."

At the same time, Trump is tweeting a lot more of late -- and arguably with a lot more instability. Brian Stelter at CNN analyzed his recent Twitter use (link here) and asks "is Trump having to try harder and harder to get the public's attention?"

He certainly seems to be. Like an outrage comic, he keeps acting with increasing outrage -- and instability.

Let's hope this is reflective of the possibility that a lot more Americans are just sick and tired of Trump. Anything that weakens him heading into the 2020 election is a good thing.

The Bay Window

They just don't care that half the neighbors are watching. As he feels his lover's warm mouth slide up and down his rigid cock, he notices the hunky new bloke across the street is watching through binoculars and has his right hand inside his pants. To give him a good show, he makes sure he can see even more, sitting back in the chair, thrusting his pelvis up, and grabbing his lover's hair so he can piston his head up and down on his throbbing meat.

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27 May 2019


Over the weekend, Donald Trump shrugged off North Korea's recent ballistic missile launch as no big deal simply because the country's dictator dissed Vice President Joe Biden (details here).

Members of Congress from both parties and several of Trump's own cabinet secretaries and other senior administration official strongly condemned North Korea's actions.

This perfectly illustrates how Trump puts his own petty personal interests before that of the nation he is supposed to lead. Because Biden may be his 2020 opponent in the general election, anyone who trashes him is his primary focus. He completely ignores the potential ballistic missile threat as a result.

And yet again, Trump praises a brutal dictator while badmouthing a fellow American.

Bound to Serve

Part of BDSM play is being responsible. Even though your partner is bound and completely helpless, you should only do what he wants to do. He should only be forced to suck if he wants that, and he should only be fucked whilst helplessly bound if that's what he wants. Safe words are a must.

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26 May 2019

Discord and Violence

NBC broke the story on Monday (link here) that Russians involved in the 2016 interference with American elections continued to operate into at least 2018, the midterm year. Per the piece, the Russians had "ambitious plans to stoke unrest and even violence inside the U.S." by inflaming racial discord.

Of course, Donald Trump will do absolutely nothing about this. Nor will he say anything about it. He'll accuse America's intelligence agencies of making up "fake news." And when Russia denies everything, he'll slavishly believe them.

Either he's doing this because he's some kind of Manchurian candidate, which seems far fetched, or he's doing this because he has hundreds of millions if not billions in loans from Russian sources and doesn't want to piss them when it comes time to refinance to keep them from turning him down. The latter is the far more likely reason.

Trump typically finances his property with shorter-term interest-only loans that end in an all-principal balloon payment, meaning he needs to refinance every five years. Failing to secure financing would mean default and a forced bankruptcy, which in his case would be his seventh.

Stepdaddy Dearest

Hunky stepdad Myles Landon makes the beast with two backs with his college jock stepson. I would imagine this sort of scenario happens in real life almost never, but the fantasy is nonetheless fun.

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25 May 2019

Absolutely Shameless

The Daily Dot published a piece yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump is selling T-shirts with a rainbow that say "LGBTQ for Trump."

Why would any self-respecting LGBT person support an administration that is so patently anti-LGBT?

As the linked article notes, while a candidate he "promised he would 'fight for' the LGBTQ community, but like so many things Trump says, that was a lie. Instead, he lifted Obama-era guidelines that protected LGBT students in schools from discrimination, appointed anti-LGBT federal judges, pulled LGBT questions from the Census, told the CDC not to say 'transgender' or 'diversity,' enacted the trans military ban, and so many more things. Just [this week], the administration announced a proposed regulation that would permit federally funded healthcare workers, hospitals, and insurance companies the right to refuse services critical to LGBT people."

Trump has no shame with this disgusting attempt to make money for his reelection with a shirt that's nothing short of a lie. If he's really pro-LGBT, let's see a picture of Trump and his homophobic Vice President wearing those T-shirts.


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24 May 2019

Another Day, Another New Scandal

Likely because of the intense public scrutiny surrounding Donald Trump's borrowing from Deutsche Bank, the President has been borrowing money from other sources in recent months, including an obscure Florida bank named Professional Bank, his latest net worth statement reveals (details here).

Trump borrowed $11.2 million from the institution for a mortgage on a house that now sits empty and unrented. Only a few months later, that same bank's CEO was named to a Federal Reserve position (details here). While Trump likely had nothing to do with that appointment, it nonetheless creates a massive conflict of interest on both the President's part and that of the bank. Trump's loan was likely approved simply because he's President, given it generates no revenue and sits empty, making it a risky loan prospect.

In contrast, in order to avoid any potential ethical problem, President Obama never refinanced his personal home mortgage during his entire presidency, even though that could have saved him a small fortune.

Trump's behavior is likely not illegal on this issue. But it nonetheless demonstrates a President with a complete lack of ethical standards and self policing. The bank is in much the same boat, granting loans as political favors on rental property that generates no revenue.

Jax Is Back

Jax was featured here on the blog last week in still photos and he's back today in a new scene released since then where he inadvertently ends up topping his "stepson." Jax's "wife" is featured very briefly in this scene, and that revelation makes clear why even a straight man would be attracted to his cute stepson.

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23 May 2019

Foiled Again

For the second time this week, a federal judge has ruled that Donald Trump, his business, and his family's financial records must be turned over to congressional investigators (details here and here). In this second matter, Trump records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One must be provided in response to the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees.

Deutsche has already indicated it will now comply with the subpoena. Trump's lawyers have said they will appeal, but like with the ruling from a few days ago, they have little time and little chance of succeeding.

One is left wondering what Trump thought he'd achieve by challenging the subpoenas when he had no valid legal grounds to do so. A congressional subpoena has not been quashed in more than a century.

In both cases decided this week, the subpoenas were directed at third parties holding Trump's records. Thus Trump has no power nor leverage to stop them from now complying with court orders. He runs the risk of further obstruction of justice charges if he attempts to order any of the subpoenaed companies to ignore these two judge's rulings.

After all this elaborate legal drama, let's hope the documents the subpoenas produce contain something that can be nailed on Trump.

The Masseur

Tyler has a terrible weakness -- he cannot stop himself from seducing his clients. Soon after he gets a young man on his table, he somehow finds his hands -- or his mouth -- on the lad's hardening cock. And then it's all downhill from there.

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22 May 2019


Donald Trump has been sounding recently like it's itching to go to war with Iran (details here). His National Security Adviser John Bolton has long publicly advocated bombing Iran.

The alleged reasoning for this is to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. This conveniently ignores the Iranian nuclear deal negotiated during the Obama Administration that has effectively stopped Iran from developing any such weapon.

The allegedly bone-spurred draft-avoiding Trump has a fetishistic attraction to the military and warfare. There used to be a phrase for such individuals -- chicken hawks.

One has to wonder if Trump thinks a war with Iran would somehow improve his re-election chances in 2020. Given his ignorance of history, even recent history, he would not realize how foolish such a move would be.

Iran is an autocratic regime but arguably is no worse than Russia, a place Trump deeply admires. So to get all worked up over Iran while swooning about Moscow is the epitome of hypocrisy. But then hypocrisy has always been one of Trump's hallmarks.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail in Washington and pull Trump and Bolton back from the brink. While Trump made similar noises about North Korea, he eventually became that brutal regime's gushing apologist. One cannot imagine he would do the same about Iran, however, given his racist attitude about Muslims.

Trump bungles nearly everything he tries. One would have to assume the same would result with any war he recklessly wandered into; thus, all the more reason to work to see it never happens on his watch.

Too Hot

What a perfect scene. Two hot hung studs who love to fuck and just happen to be making money whilst doing so. When you watch such a well made scene like this one, you have to wonder why people putting out mediocre porn aren't inspired to try harder themselves.

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21 May 2019


Donald Trump lost a critical test case yesterday (details here) about whether he can ignore congressional subpoenas -- and instruct others to do so -- after a federal judge in Washington ordered the President's accounting firm to turn over eight years of his personal and business financial records to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. The judge also denied Trump's attorneys' request to stay his ruling pending appeal.

Trump said yesterday that he would nonetheless appeal, which must come quickly because this is an action on a court ruling and not a final verdict, thus giving it an expedited schedule. With that said, given yesterday's court order, the President now has no power to demand that his accountants not turn over the subpoenaed documents.

Because the subpoena was served on the accountants and not Trump himself, he is in a weaker and more awkward position to block their release. Further, guiding legal precedent is almost solidly against him.

Because he is the President, an appellate court may well grant a temporary stay pending review, but that likely will not last long. Given that third-party challengers very rarely succeed in blocking subpoenas on appeal, Trump has almost no chance of prevailing here. In sum, Trump is probably fucked.

More will definitely shake down on this issue and soon. Until then, stay tuned.

Dan the Man

The top here goes by Dan in porn land. Although he's older than a college student, I suspect he's prematurely gray and still in his thirties or possibly early forties. He nonetheless keeps in fantastic shape.

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