31 May 2012

The Smirk

This bloke knows he's hot. He knows he's a tease. He knows you want to get naked with him. He knows that's not going to happen. How do we know all this? That smirk.

30 May 2012

Marc Bangs Marco

These lads were a real couple when this video was made, so that explains the hotness factor. I don't know anything about them -- are they still together? I've seen them together in other porn scenes.

29 May 2012

Big Shiny Boots

Boot fetishism is a subset of leather fetishism. Some blokes are really into one or the other or both. They like to wear their fetish and/or are into lads wearing leather or boots.

Some men definitely look hot in big shiny boots but others look rather silly, in my opinion. You can either carry it off or you can't. Shorter lads frequently seem like they're trying to appear bigger or tougher by wearing boots and leather, but the look often fails. A big lad like Erik here can pull off the leather look with no problem -- no one would ever accuse him of being a ponce.

I've included a "behind the scenes" shot at the end of this sequence. If you look closely at the tattooed bloke with the tan shorts, you'll see he has a wet spot in front. Somebody likes to watch! Click any or all pictures to see them full sized.

28 May 2012

Naked Day

Naked Day at the gym is always one of my favorites. Click on the picture so you can see the full-sized image and enjoy the lad's thick, uncut cock. That big piece of meat would be bobbing around as he does his chin-ups on the bar. That would be mesmerizing.

27 May 2012

In the Warehouse

If this video doesn't make you hard, you may want to make an appointment with your doctor. Something could be wrong with your woody.

26 May 2012

Flightsuit Hookup

In light of my recent post about jumpsuits, I happened to stumble on this video. Unfortunately the director doesn't tease the audience -- Paolo gets the zipper down much too quickly IMHO. He could've really teased Max by making him beg for it before pulling it all the way down to reveal what he's packing. Or he could've had Max pull down the zipper with his teeth.

25 May 2012

Fun & Games

This currently is the mosaic screensaver on my laptop. I don't know what this game is, but I sure wish we played it when I was in gym class. You may want to click the picture to see the full-size version.

24 May 2012

Chains & Cocks

I've noticed in some non-BDSM porn that chains are hung as backdrops for no apparent reason. Maybe someone thinks it looks butch and masculine. Given the meat these lads are packing, that seems rather pointless here. My favorite shot is the last one -- who's gonna wake up with a sore asshole tomorrow?

23 May 2012

Sammy Does Paul

This appears to be a very recent post on Xvideos and will probably not last long. Enjoy it while you can. Paul Wagner is my idea of a nearly perfect bottom.

22 May 2012

Full Load

After you've shot your load, there's a perfect lull of tranquil satiation. Sure, you could get up, pull it off, and toss it in the trash. But what's the rush?

As the sensation of warm cum inside the condom caresses your skin, that starts to arouse you, and your cock hardens once more, pushing the glans into the pool of lukewarm jism. Sliding the cum-slick condom back and forth on your cock only makes you harder.

Now you're ready to fuck him again. Slap his ass, wake him up, and roll him over. If he's a real slut, have him pull the condom off and clean your cock with his mouth before you use his hole once more.

21 May 2012

Necktie Love

Sometime in high school I figured out that if you looped a necktie around your balls and gently pulled the ends back and forth, the sensation was extremely pleasurable. You need a silk tie or one made of similar material, like smooth rayon, as opposed to a cotton or wool one.

With time I learned that if you did this necktie trick whilst another lad sucked your cock, the effect was exponentially more intense. Make sure you use an old necktie, however, because cum permanently stains silk. On that I speak from experience.

20 May 2012

Prostate Health Strategy

John Magnum probably does 300 porn videos a year, so one has to suspend disbelief at his claim in this scene that he very rarely has a chance to cum. I have heard, seriously, that not cumming regularly is not good for prostate health.

19 May 2012

Muscle Pool Party

This is a hot scene but I don't understand why it was shot at night. Perhaps it has something to do with the film's plot, although those tend to be nearly nonexistent in porn.

18 May 2012

The Jumpsuit

I had some furniture delivered recently, and the deliveryman was a hot-looking scruffy lad with a very nice physique. I could tell he had nothing on underneath his jumpsuit because he was visibly freeballing. He had a nicely furry chest, easily seen because he had the zipper down almost to his navel.

I think he was uncut, too, but I couldn't quite tell. He was one of those men who stood a little closer than social conventions dictate so I couldn't sneak too many peeks at his crotch. I wonder what he would've done if I pulled his zipper all the way down to have a look at his junk?

17 May 2012

Talk Filth to Me

I came across these two pictures about the same time. Chances are they're not calling each other for a little phone sex, but it's nice to imagine that they are.

16 May 2012

Muscle Mashup

This apparently is a quasi-amateur video made by the musclestud in the first scene of this video, the one dry humping his pillow. He cuts together commercial porn clips with his own amateur footage shot of him solo and with his boyfriend.

To play, click the arrow in the lower left corner. Don't click the arrow in the middle of the box below. If you want to watch a larger screen version, you can do so here.

15 May 2012

The Clickhibitionist

These are all self portraits shot by a photographer named Andrew in St. Petersburg. I'm glad Andrew is both a talented photographer and loves to show off his body.

14 May 2012

Put a Sock In It

Perhaps Francesco shot this picture to send to Rand Paul as a commentary on the latter's "call me cynical" remark.

13 May 2012

Monster Meat

Presumably the thick-cocked bloke getting sucked is straight because he's watching straight porn through much of this video. I love how his cock jerks involuntarily around 8:10 when he cums again.

12 May 2012

The Cage

I believe Edu and Manu are no longer a couple. This video was obviously made when they were still very much in love.

11 May 2012

Permission to Cum Aboard

I know some of you lads aren't wild about vintage material, but many others of you are, judging by your emails. Here is a variety of sailors from yesteryear -- some real, some imaginary. The last one is my favorite.