20 May 2012

Prostate Health Strategy

John Magnum probably does 300 porn videos a year, so one has to suspend disbelief at his claim in this scene that he very rarely has a chance to cum. I have heard, seriously, that not cumming regularly is not good for prostate health.


  1. Basically you are correct! But any activity down there, jacking without cumming, tantric sex, is better than no sex at all. When you are jacking, there's lots of action around the prostate area so that's good. No action is not good. But cumming about once a week is about right if some men wants to preserve their energy. Up to each of you with choice, but please play with yourself often!

  2. What a great pick-up line! "Fuck me now or you'll get cancer." I'm trying that tonight.

    When the married guy responds "I see" to the neighbor's comment, "I'm just trying to be a good friend" (2:10), I laughed out loud.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous19:49

    The medical studies show that plenty of orgasms especially in teens and 20s diminish the risks of prostate canc in later life. So if most guys are anything like me and my buddies its amazing that any man gets prostate cancer, ever! Big V (and a long way from my teens and twenties and enjoying every hardon and every spurt)


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