16 May 2012

Muscle Mashup

This apparently is a quasi-amateur video made by the musclestud in the first scene of this video, the one dry humping his pillow. He cuts together commercial porn clips with his own amateur footage shot of him solo and with his boyfriend.

To play, click the arrow in the lower left corner. Don't click the arrow in the middle of the box below. If you want to watch a larger screen version, you can do so here.


  1. Anonymous21:56

    The cop sequence is hilarious but HOWdid they do it?

  2. he's a hot muscle-daddy for sure. I think he has vids on various sites ... I've seen him on My Muscle Video and on XTube, but also on Rocket Tube.

  3. Anonymous04:11

    Hot video. It's good to be the boy friend.

  4. Anonymous14:32

    I haven't posted a comment here in over five months. (I figure a little of me was going an awfully long way and I was getting on the other fellows' nerves)

    But I couldn't sit by and allow this video to go without a commnet.

    For an "amateur" video, I thought it was spectacular! Bravo. I think we can upgrade this fellow to Semi-Professional.

    Leo G.

  5. Anonymous19:55

    extremely well done and hot. . . puts many "professional" vids to shame. BIg V


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