22 May 2012

Full Load

After you've shot your load, there's a perfect lull of tranquil satiation. Sure, you could get up, pull it off, and toss it in the trash. But what's the rush?

As the sensation of warm cum inside the condom caresses your skin, that starts to arouse you, and your cock hardens once more, pushing the glans into the pool of lukewarm jism. Sliding the cum-slick condom back and forth on your cock only makes you harder.

Now you're ready to fuck him again. Slap his ass, wake him up, and roll him over. If he's a real slut, have him pull the condom off and clean your cock with his mouth before you use his hole once more.


  1. Of men and their liquids. This is one of the hottest images I have seen in a long time. Damn! It feels good.

  2. Anonymous06:46

    The writing here is one of your most deliriously filthy posts. Excellent.


  3. Anonymous13:11

    i agree wwith jack this image is super hot i could cum just looking at it .but i would love to be the lucky one who gets to drink that hot steamy load


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