19 May 2012

Muscle Pool Party

This is a hot scene but I don't understand why it was shot at night. Perhaps it has something to do with the film's plot, although those tend to be nearly nonexistent in porn.


  1. Anonymous06:24

    What video is this from? I like Brad Patton and I'd like to buy the full video.

  2. This video was very hot!

    I've been watching gay porn for 30 years. I pride myself in being able to "date" porn. But this video has none of the usual era indicators. There are no tan lines, a few tatoos, no piercings, and everyone has trimmed pubes and shaved balls.

    Based solely on the neon colored speedo briefs and the clean-cut haircuts, I would have to guess this video was made in 1998. Am I even close?

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous09:01

    Well I'll venture a guess as to maybe why the film was shot at night. Perhaps, deep down inside each actor was the essence of Blanche DuBois from 'A Streetcar Named Desire'. None of whom wanted to be looked at in the brightness of daylight. Maybe. -Montana Cowboy

    1. ...and most fellows find it offensive if your eyes squint when you look at their cocks.

      Leo G.

  4. Anonymous00:28

    I have this one. It's called Tommy's Tale from Falcon - Chi Chi LaRue, 2004.

  5. Anonymous16:12

    This is from Tommy's Tale by Falcon. I have it. It was released in 2004. Directed by ChiChi LaRue. Stars Tommy Brandt.


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