31 October 2012

Bathroom Orgy

The tall skinhead here has always been a favorite of mine and now does straight porn under the name Christian XXX. He is a very interesting fellow and has his own blog (warning pussy pictures) where he writes very candidly about his life in porn.

30 October 2012

Something to Smile About

Even if his teeth are perfect, I'd still love to drill his cavity. He wouldn't even have to spit afterwards, either.

29 October 2012

Tied Up

I'm volunteering to get out the vote, so I may be a bit tardy over the next week or so in reviewing comments. Some of the male campaign volunteers are very nice eye candy, and I wouldn't mind tying a few of them up and stuffing their ballot boxes.

28 October 2012

In the Dungeon

The fact that these lads take their time, in my opinion, makes the video much hotter. Slam bam works sometimes but not always.

27 October 2012


The bottom in this video is quite a hottie. A feather duster can be a terrific sex toy, but he's not really using it effectively here, as evidenced by the his partner's tepid response.

The blindfold is a nice touch, but to really make it work, he should have bound his partner with his hands behind his back. Then he could have done some serious edging and had his whimpering lover begging for release.

26 October 2012

The Probe

I like this photo pair because it's just pure animal sex. The top could give a shit about the bottom and is just using his holes for his pleasure. There is no "making love" here. Sometimes you need romance, but other times you do not.

25 October 2012

Corn Fed

This lad is not model hot but he reminds me of some blokes from my high school years in the American Midwest. He's supposedly from Kansas, stands six-foot-one, and weights 205 pounds.

Those tatts might strike some as undesirable, but if you strip a blue collar man down to his skin, you're likely to find this sort of thing. Besides, when he's on all fours on your bed whilst you pound him doggystyle, are you really going to notice that ink?

24 October 2012

The Double-Penetrating Drifter

Now that Xvideos has added user accounts, I realized I can find good videos by searching the user IDs of blokes who have posted other hot scenes. I've been looking for this vid for a while and was happy to find it. The lad sleeping on the floor is supposed to be a drifter, as revealed in an earlier scene, hence the title of today's entry.

23 October 2012

Debate Night

I'm thinking this might have been a good way to watch last night's big debate. You can keep your eye on the telly, but during the boring bits, you have something else going on to focus your attention.

22 October 2012

Ian the Tall

These well endowed lads all appeared on an excellent Tumblr blog called Ian the Tall. Ian also occasionally posts photos of his own legs, which are thick and oaken.

He describes himself as "tall, big, uncut, strong legs." He also says "I've found that lube, time and the lust of the receiver make almost anything possible."

Ian sounds like a lot of fun.

21 October 2012

Undercover Cum

This spy needs to watch a few episodes of Homeland to sharpen his skills. The bondage really worked in this scene because there was a reason for it. Holding still whilst your captor removes his necktie, however, does strain credulity. Special thanks to the bloke who keeps posting these on Xvideos.

20 October 2012

The New Suit

Poking around on Xvideos, I found what appears to be a very recent addition featuring Samuel Colt buying a suit. He's not much of an actor, but the hot hairy musclestud sex more than makes up for that.

19 October 2012

I've Got a Secret

I happen to know a woman whose boyfriend does gay porn. I found out by accident when I saw his pictures online with another man. I'm almost positive she doesn't know he does porn.

Now I would never say anything to her. But if I were a really wicked person, I could extort sexual favors out of him in return for my silence. Blow me or I blow your secret. I'd never, ever do it, but I can't say it isn't tempting. I might be a little wicked but not that wicked.

18 October 2012

Fine Art

These are very beautiful photos that look like something that could hang in an art museum. The photographer is Allain Illyustratova from St. Petersburg, Russia. They are quite large images, so be sure to click each one to see full sized.

17 October 2012

Double Feature

Two videos featured today, in the event the first one doesn't last long. It's a new video that someone just put up on the Xvideos site. The lads and the sex are hot but the camera work leaves a bit to be desired. The second one is memorable, too, with three horny lads going at it and should survive even if the first one does not.

16 October 2012


Was Alexander the Great in love with his longtime friend, the cavalry commander Hephaestion? The answer is shrouded in the mists of history. A man who loved men was not a scandal in ancient Greece. When Hephaestion died, Alexander grieved for days and could not eat. He died himself not much later, at the young age of 32, after allowing his health to decline after his friend's death.

This relationship was depicted to some extent in the Oliver Stone-directed biopic Alexander, starring Colin Farrell as Alexander and Jared Leto and Hephaestion, which was not a boxoffice success. Too bad porn stars are not good actors, because the Alexander story cries out for a hardcore adaption.

If I had to live in an historical period, I might choose ancient Greece. I think it would be a more erotic destination if you had a time machine, compared to ancient Rome or Egypt.

Now this is a photograph that Alexander the Great probably would've liked.

15 October 2012

The Medical Student

The lads at the Fratmen website usually don't do much for me. They're generally too young or twinkish for my taste. This bloke is an exception.

Too old to be a fratboy, maybe he's a medical student picking up a few extra bucks by posing naked. He has great abs and obviously low body fat. His cock isn't massive and, instead, ordinary guy normal. He's definitely a keeper.

14 October 2012

The Meter Reader

I always thought being a meter reader would be a mind-numbingly dull job. I'm happy to see I'm completely wrong. And Spencer may come read my meter any time he wants.

13 October 2012

On the Beach

I'm hoping you were not expecting the Gregory Peck movie, because this is definitely not it. Considering it's both romantic and hardcore, it may have appealed to Gregory's pecker, though.

12 October 2012

Not-So-Subtle Homoeroticism

This is enough to make me reconsider all the lads who went out for wrestling in high school. I used to think they wanted to prove their athletic and physical prowess. But now I'm wondering if some of them had other ideas. Perhaps this explains why they always eagerly looked forward to practice and couldn't wait for the school day to end.

11 October 2012

Gruff Stuff

There's something about Samuel Colt I find very alluring. He has this whole surly, gruff attitude that's like catnip for me. He's 5'7" and 210 pounds, so that definitely makes him a "pocked stud."

He usually tops in porn films but occasionally bottoms. I've read gossip that he prefers to be a bottom in his private life. I could definitely see him on my bed naked, shackled, and with a dirty jockstrap stuffed in his mouth.

10 October 2012

Slutty Manwhore

The bottom here is an enthusiastic cumpig. He can't get enough of that uncut chocolate cock. These blokes seem like they're having a really good time, like they're doing porn for the fun of it and not for the cash.

09 October 2012

I Need New Tires

Tire salesmen can be fast-talking hucksters like Mitt Romney. But when your tire salesman is naked, you know he can't have any tricks up his sleeve. (Okay, I know it's an inner tube and not a tire, but how long did it take before you noticed that?)

I actually do need new tires and the place where I buy them has a major hottie who is very honest. He's straight, married, and keeps fathering more children, so no chance of anything more than sightseeing and a competitive price on new radials.