13 October 2012

On the Beach

I'm hoping you were not expecting the Gregory Peck movie, because this is definitely not it. Considering it's both romantic and hardcore, it may have appealed to Gregory's pecker, though.


  1. Anonymous06:40

    That may have been the hottest thing I've ever seen. No "brown chicken brown cow". No pretense. No backstory. No costumes. It was simply lovely--and friggin' hot.

    Leo G.

  2. This is one of the best ever you've posted

  3. Anonymous11:57

    My fantasy!!

  4. Anonymous13:37

    I think you mean "From Here to Eternity" with Burt Lancaster.

  5. Huh......the beach fantasy, One of d best in your blog :)

  6. Anonymous10:27

    I saw hundreds of thousands gay sex-vids, but this one is so outstanding ... absolutely magnificent ... THANX !!

  7. Anonymous16:39

    Truly hot! Kept me hard and leaking! I especially loved it when the guy who was passionately fucking his mate, grabs an amount of cum and smears it on his face. Including when he came, he shot a very thick load and gives it to his lover and then kiss! From what scene is this from and what is the video called? Who are these beautiful men on the beach? Send more videos like this! Love it and love you! Thanx!

  8. Gorgeous in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Anonymous21:08

    Yeah. One of my favorites. What makes it hot is emotion & passion is involved, not just the hot sex, which is incredible. Hint to the porn industry - add some feeling - everyone (man) deep down wants to love & be loved.


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