06 October 2012

Hairball Muscle

Sometimes I receive emails asking why I don't include more hairy men here at the blog. I try to feature a wide variety of lads who ring my chimes, but truth be told the quantity of good clips on Xvideos with hirsute blokes is rather scant. Someone posted this vid in the last few days featuring two musclestud hairballs, so hopefully this will make up for some of the paucity of fur.


  1. Anonymous03:00

    One of my favourite Men at Play vids after Boardroom Rendezvous (also with Bruno Knight). They have some delectable hairy men.

  2. YES, you did it with these hairy beauties. especially the blue collar guy (rogan Richards?) is a hottie. Yes I shot my load also seeing those two hairy ones. For other men: Ban the razor,be natural. jan from the netherlands

  3. I watched this the other day...fur at its best.

  4. I love all that wet hair on his mangina. Yum!


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