31 August 2010

Hot Man and Little Dog

This amateur bloke is very hot, in my opinion. The sweet, innocent face and the body made for sin are my favorite combination. The little dog seems to be aware it's posing, too. Man and dog came from the excellent (and aptly named) blog Jack Off Material, where he regularly features terrific amateur self-portraits like these.

30 August 2010

Photoshop Beast

The hair is not real but everything else is. He's Armon, who was featured here last year sans fur. I wonder if he really would look like this if he didn't depilate. I don't know who fuzzed him up with Photoshop -- I've seen this on several blogs -- but they did a pretty good job. It almost appears real. Tom Katt looked much like this during his very ripped furry stage.

29 August 2010

Kyle & Rod

These are stills from an early 1980s porn loop. The bigger bloke is Kyle Hazard and his playmate is Rod Mitchell. Both were staples of 1980s smut.

28 August 2010

Circle Jerk Party

In the 1980s, circle jerk parties were all the rage for a while. They were popular as a way to get off without sexual penetration in the early days of AIDS. At the time, I don't even remember if I had heard of them.

27 August 2010

Tender Dominance

The juxtaposition here is very erotic to me. One will always dominate, and the other will always submit. This is by choice, not by mandate. But with that dominance comes love and tenderness, but also stern correction on occasion. The alpha is bigger and stronger, so the submissive must relent and serve.

Above all, that submission is always coupled with loving trust. The dominant makes certain he's satisfied, but in doing so, his partner is fully satisfied as well. The big one calls the little one "bitch" but that is out of affection, not anger or hate.

26 August 2010


He appeared in a few nude magazine spreads in the 1990s under the first name Alan with a variety of last names and then disappeared. One of the write-ups said he worked in the medical field at a hospital, but those are notoriously inaccurate.

If Ralph Fiennes and Hugh Grant had a love child, he might look like this. Ralph would definitely be the top, and Hugh the pig-boy bottom.

If you'd like a set with twenty-five images of Alan, you can download the zip folder here for free.

25 August 2010

A Roll in the Hay

As an iconic symbol of masculine ruggedness, cowboys are a staple of gay porn. In reality, men spent a great deal of time without women on the American frontier in the nineteenth century.

Hence, as often happens when men are alone without female company, they turned to each other. I read a book some years ago -- unfortunately, I've forgotten the title and author -- chronicling how male-male love in the wild west was not uncommon, often out of necessity but sometimes out of preference, too.

24 August 2010

Hold On

I love the contrasts here. The bottom is lovingly caressing his man at the same time he's holding on for dear life whilst getting totally slamfucked. This looks like an amateur shot. A good time was definitely had by all.

23 August 2010

Behind the Scenes

These are behind-the-scenes art photos made by photographer Ken Probst at various adult film shoots about ten years ago. Some of the best were collected into a book Pornographic, which is still available. Like with mainstream films, on-the-set shots are often intriguing yet most of the make-believe magic has been stripped away.

22 August 2010


His real name is Travis, but he has also modeled under the name Kent. He's married with three children and lives in Kentucky where he works in a white-collar job for a large insurance company. To date, he's only done a few modeling assignments. He definitely needs to do more.

21 August 2010

Recreational Vehicle

I always thought RVs were for seniors and people with eleven children who shopped at Wally World. I never knew they could be so conducive to hot sex.

20 August 2010

Circa 1965

These photos are from a 1965 magazine. This was about the extent of gay porn back in the swinging sixties. Full frontal nudity was very uncommon because sellers of such fare could be thrown in jail. Hardcore, explicit sex was even more rare. You had to use a great deal of your imagination to fill in the blanks.

19 August 2010

Daddy Dearest

I hesitate to call a bloke my own age "daddy," but I know others would. I do know when I was the age of the younger lad in this set, there was nothing I liked more than a bigger, older man for a bedroom playmate.

I remember one in particular who used to take me to the Best Western on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, just east of the freeway. He was married and I never knew his real name, but he taught me all sorts of things I was happy to learn. I often think of those times still to this day whenever I drive through Hollywood.

18 August 2010

Gay For Pay

This scene has become something of a porn legend. The bottom is none other than straight porn stud Peter North, who did some gay scenes as Matt Ramsey very early in his career, both as a top and a bottom. The mulehung lad stuffing his massive meat into Peter's tight straight ass is Rick Donovan.

Flash forward to some years later, long after he stopped doing man-on-man stuff and was well known in straight porn, when North denied vehemently he had ever done gay porn. When confronted with scenes like this, he said they were made with a body double and special affects. Of course that's utter bollocks. Like why would a porn producer go to all that trouble to fake a scene with a porn performer who was utterly unknown at the time?

"Hey, Peter, I know you would never do man-on-man stuff, but we're getting ready to film a gay movie, and in case you become a huge porn star in a few years, we'll pay a body double and spend countless tens of thousands of dollars on special effects so it will look exactly like you got rammed in the puss with a massive cock but of course no man would actually touch your straight body which happens to be virtually unknown to the public."

Right, sure. And Sarah Palin just flew out of my ass on a pink winged grizzly bear. You betcha!

17 August 2010


This is Steven. We'll probably never know why he decided one day to post his naked pictures on the internet. Perhaps it wasn't even his choice but something done by a jealous ex. Steven later might have been embarrassed by this disclosure, but as we can see, he has nothing about which to be ashamed.