30 April 2012

Less Is More

Kent here is so flawlessly hot that he can be partially dressed and still look like sex on a stick. It was a sad day when he retired from porn and became a personal trainer. I'll bet he didn't have to wait long for clients. Some of them may even have actually wanted to exercise.

If you look closely, you'll see his T-shirt reads "receiving department." He's both topped and bottomed on screen, but maybe he prefers catching. I'd be happy to pitch to him if that's the case.

29 April 2012

Fernando and Orlando

Two big versatile lads who will gladly flip-fuck. Both of them should've sucked cock, though, not just the one.

28 April 2012

Kurt and the Mystery Cocksucker

The production values here are only average, but Kurt is such a sexual animal that he more than makes up for it.

27 April 2012

Phallic Phacts

It's been a while since I've done a vintage stroke magazine post. I know some of you blokes aren't wild about older porn, but at the same time some of you really, really like it. I try to appeal to a wide variety of tastes here.

These shots are from a smut magazine with the rather silly title of Phallic Phacts. I'm guessing it's from the early 1970s, based on some of their clothes and other clues seen in the pictures. The magazine is something of a ruse, with a quasi-scholarly discussion about penises used as editorial content to wrap around hardcore, explicit shots of men fucking and sucking.

I like the look of many of the lads in this publication. They don't seem like zoned-out druggie hustlers, what you often see in old porn. Some of them are also quite nicely endowed, too.

The last shot illustrates a technique many lads have figured out on their own quite early, include yours truly. When your cock head is slick with precum, you gently roll the palm of your hand over the surface. It's great to do to a friend, too.

If you'd like to download a free folder containing scans of the entire magazine, be sure to click here (mirrors here).

26 April 2012

Industrial Arts

We moved from the UK to the United States when I was twelve. I experienced culture shock, to say the least. I went from attending a traditional London primary school to a midwestern American junior high school in the middle of nowhere.

One of the many curious new circumstances in the American school was something called "industrial arts," where boys made rickety bird houses and wobbly stools. We were required to take four years of IA, if memory serves me correctly. The lads all called it "shop" but the school never did.

I know that the teachers were decidedly not hot like Sam here because I've forgotten them entirely. I remember all the eye candy during school, but the rest are lost in the haze of memory.

The last year I had to take IA, my "shop partner" was an exchange student from Denmark. I remember him very well. How much I would have liked to roll around in the shavings with him. The hayseed teacher, in his infinite wisdom, decided to pair us as partners because we were both "foreign," but I certainly did not complain about being stereotyped.

25 April 2012

Landon in Action

I could only find one video of Landon on the Xvideos site. If you fast forward through the first two minutes, you'll reach the beginning of the naughty bits.

24 April 2012

The Wet Spot

I like this photo for a variety of reasons. The studs are hot. I like the expression on the recipient's face and how he tenderly but firmly holds the cocksucker's head.

I'm also intrigued by that big wet spot on the one lad's underwear. Is that from sweat? From his friend slobbering all over his pole? From the copious amount of precum that oozed out of his cock before he was sucked?

Or maybe it's all three. I like that choice best. The wet shot really makes this picture work for me. He'll walk around the rest of the afternoon with his crotch wet from what went down and that'll be a continual reminder of what a great blowjob he had.

23 April 2012


An ex-Mormon, Landon has become quite a big name in porn as of late. I wonder if he was ever a door-to-door missionary? He usually tops but occasionally bottoms.

Offscreen he reportedly does not escort and has a long-time boyfriend. He has the sort of chiseled looks Hollywood favored in the 1980s for action TV shows.

I could see him as starring in something like Chip Wescott, PI, racing about in some sports car with a flimsy shirt that always comes unbottoned. He would be fast with a gun and faster getting boy to their knees. Oh wait, that last part wouldn't be on network TV.

22 April 2012

The Barrett of Big Pole Street

Here in Los Angeles, the Health Department puts up placards in prominent place by the entrance at every restaurant in order to grade them on kitchen cleanliness. I wonder how it affects your score if the inspectors find pubic hair or dried cum on the stove and counters?

21 April 2012

Big Blue

I hope this puts up a puptent in your pants like it did in mine. I was hoping he'd end up with cum all over his faces and sunglasses but unfortunately that did not happen.

20 April 2012

The Camping Trip

I like this picture because of what it doesn't show. Did this start out as an innocent camping trip and, somehow, the two blokes discovered their previously unrealized attraction for each other? What did their wives say when they came back from their walk and discovered the two men rutting like crazed animals?

19 April 2012

Monochrome Rumps

I found a zipped folder on one of my hard drives recently that I must've downloaded from somewhere but apparently never opened. After scanning for viruses, I checked to see what was inside. These lads were inhabiting a folder called "monochrome rumps." I selected the choicest specimens for posting here.

18 April 2012

Down in the Cellar

This has been a favorite ever since I saw it when it was first released. The dirty mattress on the basement floor adds a nice romantic touch.

17 April 2012

Great Dane

This lad has appeared on several porn sites. On one he's "Dane," but that's probably bogus.

I wish I could find some better-quality shots of him because he's so hot. He looks like a real man, not a pretty boy model. I seem to recall seeing him on the receiving end of a blowjob on one site.

He seems very comfortable with nudity and man-on-man activity so who knows what his actual orientation might be. He reminds me of the wild party boys in college who didn't care what happened once they were drunk. Give Dane two six-packs and he's yours for the asking.

16 April 2012

Brawny Braun

This is Braun, who is getting those jeans down so he can be put to good use. He's hitting all my preferred points: innocent face, devilish body, thick muscles, and an ahborance of shaving.

I believe he's only done solo stroke porn for one website. Hopefully we'll see more of him sometime soon, preferably on his back with his legs spread wide in the air, taking it like a man.

15 April 2012

The Dragon and the Cupcake

If Channing Tatum does gay porn in ten years or so, it might look like this. Twinks banging twinks doesn't interest me, but a big brawny stud using and abusing a helpless twink always gets my attention.

14 April 2012

Pavel's Violation

Chris and Pavel could do a hot video if they kept their clothes on and did their laundry. When they decide to fuck, it's that much hotter. I wonder what Pavel is doing now, having long ago retired from porn. He was arrested a few years ago in Cuba, and his bail was paid by none other than George Michael.

13 April 2012

Laundry Day

This bloke obviously believes in getting every last penny's worth of use out of his jockstraps before putting them in the trash. And notice the dog behind him that's checking out his master's ass. That dog is so gay.

12 April 2012

Blindman's Bluff

These are stills from one of the popular porn websites, part of a very long, ongoing series where allegedly straight guys are blindfolded with music piped into their ears whilst they receive a blowjob from a man. Considering that some of these men appear on a lot of other websites engaging in gay sex, the straightness of their alleged sexuality is highly dubious.

Usually the blokes on that site are quite banal and the blindfolded blowjob routine has few variations. This young buck shown here, however, is an exception. The slight look of terror in his face provides a nice counterpoint to his half-hard cock, with the tip of the head just peeking out of his waistband -- if you click the pictures, you can see them in a much larger size.

His anxious expression suggests he's just now realizing what he's gotten himself into, yet he's also excited that he may be crossing a new sexual frontier. His his just about to lose his virginity, to have his first sexual experience with another person of either gender?

I find the combination of power and helplessness very intoxicating. He's a big, strong lad with powerful muscles but he's now submissive and bound. That is a trust which must not be abused, although that doesn't mean it can't be pushed a little further to the edge. He knows he has a need for submission and now is willing to pay the price for that need.