31 May 2010

Horny Young Lads

On PimpAndHost, where I upload pictures for this blog, the main screen features stills recently uploaded by other users. Mostly they're straight porn shots, but sometimes I see horny young lads have posted their own hardcore amateur pictures. I grab them whenever I see them.

There is something very arousing about photographing yourself whilst undressed. When I was nineteen or so, long before digital cameras, I had the idea to use a Polaroid to photograph myself naked when I was alone in the dorm.

I didn't intend to get hard, but after I had stripped down and started shooting, Mr. Woody just insisted on putting in an appearance. Next thing I knew, I was stroking with one hand and clicking with the other. Ah, the wonders of being a teenager, when your dick very much has a mind of his own.

30 May 2010

The Tease

He tempts but he never puts out. His whole game is about driving you crazy. He knows you desperately want him, but he pretends he's clueless. He's dumb like a fox.

29 May 2010

Jersey Shore, Uncensored Outtakes

The bloke getting the blowjob interests me. Is this strictly a gay-for-pay scenario here? I'm always intrigued by what drives a young lad like this to get into porn. That's what I would rather have heard them discuss.

28 May 2010

Click Click

When I see pictures like this, I wonder how many were taken to show off on the Internet, and how many were taken for significant others who then posted them someplace online? I can never get enough of hot amateur self-portraits.

Any hot guys who want to share their self-portraits here are more than welcome. We've already had a few, and more would be merrier.

27 May 2010

Bedroom Eyes

Another internet find. I'm sure some of you know his name. Finding more shots of him would not be a terrible thing. He has my favorite combination: sweet face and hot body. They're both large, crisp images, so click to see him in all his glory.

A reader commented that this blog veers from the PG-rated to the X-rated and back. A sagacious observation. When my boyfriend and I are separated by travel, which happens several times a month, I tend to be randier. When we're in town together, like now, I'm not so lust crazed.

26 May 2010

Tropical Tryst

What I love to see: big masculine alpha bullstuds rutting with abandon. I hope you like it, too.

25 May 2010

Why Is He Alone?

He seems lonely, based on his expression. He seems horny, based on the fact that he keeps touching himself. This is another great set by the photographer Alan from Israel.

24 May 2010

Flex Time

Many muscular men are not particular flexible. It's nice to see an exception. You can click for a larger version, but it's not particularly high resolution. I wish I had a better copy, but he's too hot not to share.

23 May 2010

We Have a Winner

Having skipped a grade by the time I got to high school and being naturally short, I was much smaller than the other boys in any gym class I took. I was a good runner, so I was evenly matched in many sports requiring one to be fleet of foot.

I was a terrible wrestler, however, because I probably was always at least twenty pounds lighter and a half head shorter than any of the other lads and never evenly matched. I would not stoop to paying another kid to let me win, so I almost always lost.

So whilst I was pinned quite a bit, I regret no one ever elected this move to finish a bout. Had that been the case, I think I could have been much more enthusiastic about the sport.

22 May 2010

Share the Fantasy

Austin was featured here earlier in the week, and today he's back getting all hot and bothered whilst fantasizing about someone.

21 May 2010

More Sir, Please

This is such a hot photo. My brain immediately goes into overdrive thinking of various X-rated scenarios involving Mister Booty there and me.

Does anyone recognize who he is? If it's part of a set, I'd like to find more. This is a large picture, so be sure to click it to see him full-sized and ready for use.

20 May 2010

Pause to Refresh

I do believe Heloise suggests that, if you spill beer on your jeans, you should remove them immediately. That's advice I heartily recommend, particularly if you're flying commando.

19 May 2010

Yes Officer Sir

This is an early gay cinema classic which still remains hot after all these years.

18 May 2010

Hot Wheels

When football season is over and you're pining for hot studs in skintight white lycra, it's nice to know you can tune in some cycling to feed your need.

17 May 2010

Real Men Use Pink Phones

Here's pornstar Austin showing off his new tattoo. You can see the "before" look here. The first shot looks like a behind-the-scenes photo from some X-rated shoot. What's with the woman in the background in the mirror? Is he doing straight porn now, too?

16 May 2010

Semper Fi

Usually I like my Marines with a bit more muscle on them, but that come hither look in the last one sealed the deal for me.

15 May 2010


Be forewarned this video is not for everyone. In addition to being fucked, the bottom is fisted and sodomized with a baseball bat. That notwithstanding, the monster-hung top is not brutal and is, in fact, quite loving to his eager bottom.

14 May 2010

Need Expert Opinions

So what do you guys think? Is that natural or does he use a penis pump? His balls are pretty big, which makes me think he's blessed by good genes.

13 May 2010


Jordan apparently has done only a few solo shoots, nothing with a partner. I hope to be proven wrong. Am I a bad person for wanting to see a high-resolution video of Jordan fucking the daylights out of a blond, blue-eyed fratboy musclepup who's moaning "harder, harder"?

12 May 2010

Adam Redux

Big Adam returns, this time with big Vince. I love the way Adam gently rubs his big paw all over his lover. These blokes take their time, and I think that adds to the steam here.

11 May 2010

Truck Driver

I was at the petrol station the other day, filling my car at the self-service island, when a flatbed truck carrying acetylene tanks pulled on the other side of the pump. A bloke hopped out and started filling his vehicle.

He was standing directly in my line of sight, only some three feet away. About 6'2" and very muscular with big shoulders, he wore scruffy coveralls unzipped to about his navel, revealing he had no shirt on underneath and a nice furry pelt. By the way his package moved in his crotch, I suspect he was both well hung and naked underneath his coveralls.

The service station had one of those annoying flatscreen TVs that play endless commercials and he made an earthy remark to me about that. I replied with something unremarkable, then he asked me about my car. Notwithstanding he had a scruffy, scowling expression on his face, he was very chatty and friendly. We ended up talking about nothing in particular for maybe ten minutes whilst we also both went inside to buy a beverage.

The guy below reminded me of the truck driver at the service station. He was not handsome, but his body was very nice and he was very masculine. He stood quite close to me when we spoke and was quite tactile, touching me lightly several times on the forearm, shoulder, or chest.

My gaydar was totally confused. He had no wedding ring and seemed not to notice a very attractive young woman filling her convertible at a nearby island. Outwardly, in appearance or mannerisms, there was nothing about him that said "queer." I favor gay men who are very masculine, and actually thought my boyfriend was straight when I first met him, but the truck driver was even more of a mystery.

I am entirely monogamous so even if the truck driver was queer and desperately looking for an afternoon delight, that wouldn't have happened. Maybe he was just a gregarious straight guy. He made no overtures whatsoever except that he was very friendly. He remained a very hot mystery.

The hot amateur guy appearing in this post came from the fantastic Todd's Bear Blog.

10 May 2010

Nick Needs Dick

Nick clearly needs a fat, hard cock plowing deep inside him right now. His hole is very hungry. That vibrator is a poor substitute for what he needs and craves so badly. I'd be happy to give it to him as long as he promises never to shave off that fantastic fuzz.

Have you ever noticed how men who razor their bodies smell different than men who wash but stay natural? The natural blokes often have a sort of salty, tangy scent with a touch of honey about them. When they get sweaty, it morphs into something more powerful and intoxicating.