28 February 2013

A Warm Shower

How old were you when you discovered the shower was an ideal place to masturbate? One would never do it in a public shower, of course. No bashing the bird in front of classmates in the locker room shower.

But at home, in the privacy of your own shower, where the water would conveniently wash away your cum and the spraying sounds would osbsure your moaning, what better place could be had? And you could sneak a finger in your bunghole whilst you beat your meat without fear of anything unsanitary happening.

The strapping lad here should have slid his finger in his tight little bunghole to enhance his jacking session. I volunteer to do it for him, or perhaps use something I have that's bigger and harder than a finger.

27 February 2013

In Town for Business

The rentboy here should be the one paying for sex. The top is way hotter than he is. It's a crime a stud that hot should be paying for sex. I'm sure he could get it for free anyplace he wanted. He could be the one getting paid. I should be his pimp.

26 February 2013

Pool Party

I overheard one side of a phone conversation about 25 years ago that has always stuck in my mind. I was working a drudge job typing purchase orders during college at a company where a very flamboyantly gay man was the vice president of something. I worked out of a cubicle across from him although my job had nothing to do with whatever he did. He pretty much ignored me the entire time I was there.

He had a rather loud voice. One day when only he and I were in the office during lunch, he was talking to some friend on the phone. He lowered his voice a bit at one part of the conversation, but he was still easy for me to hear.

The crux of the conversation was this: he and someone else went to look at a house for sale with some lady real estate agent. When they walked in the back yard, three naked men were fucking by the pool. Shocked, the real estate agent and her clients left immediately. They had no idea who the three men were because the house was unoccupied.

Lose the real estate agent and replace the flamboyant man with an ordinary bloke who's a real estate agent -- and perhaps a little confused about his sexuality -- checking out a property he thought was unoccupied. But when he walks out alone into the pool area, he sees other people already there -- three men fucking. One spots him and waves. What does our hero do? What happens next? It could be the start of an interesting independent film.

Needless to say, I've never walked out to my pool and discovered anyone fucking. The only thing out of the ordinary are very occasional ducks that stop by for a swim, a la Tony Soprano. I think they're the progeny of someone's pets or dinner that escaped long ago.

25 February 2013

Monday Sucks

Monday is not usually a favorite day of the week. For many workers, it means heading back to the job after the weekend off.

That might change if employers offered certificates for a free blowjob to every bloke who showed up on time Monday morning. Instead of TGIF, soon employees would be celebrating Thank God It's Monday's Blowjob.

Wouldn't you have been happier at work today with a blowjob?

24 February 2013

Collecting the Rent

I should send a copy of this to my tenant with a note -- "would you like my boyfriend and I to collect your rent this way?" He's very shy, so that might freak him out. Perhaps something a bit more subtle.

For what it's worth, the bottom here is allegedly a straight competitive bodybuilder who's married with children. Does his wife know about this?

23 February 2013

Power Failure

There's a little story logic problem here. The bottom lives in a fourth-floor walk-up, which usually means it's in a converted townhouse with maybe eight or ten apartments total. But the building is big enough to employ two electricians who can appear at very short notice? I don't think so.

That aside, nothing like this ever happens to me when I have a power failure. I talk to an interactive voice system at the electric company and that's about it. I never actually interact with any real human.

22 February 2013

Tied up at the Moment

I'm a big fan of bondage -- consensual, of course. Nothing is hotter than getting a big buck all roped and helpless. That way he can be milked for hours until he's a moaning, quavering mess. He's prevented from cumming until he's fucked good and hard. Fun times for all.

21 February 2013

Vintage Piglets

These are stills from a circa early 1980s stroke magazine with outtakes from two porn films, Outpost and Mantalk. The lads seem a little piggier than most porn of that age and some of the scenes look very hot. I'll try to chase down these flicks and see if I can find scenes from them posted anywhere on line.

If you'd like to download free scans of the entire vintage magazine, with dozens of hardcore photos like these, be sure to click here and have at them. (Mirrors here and here.)

20 February 2013

Reader Submissions

Two different readers sent in video suggestions with links for these hot selections. Thank you very much, gentlemen! I enjoyed both of them, and I suspect all of you out there in blogland will like them, too.

19 February 2013

Who Is He?

Does anyone have a name for him? He looks familiar. I want to find more pictures of him to post. I asked my boyfriend who knows a lot of fitness models but he did not know. Google image search doesn't help, because it only finds more of the same picture.

It goes without saying he has a very hot body. Those big powerful shoulders, thick arms, and small waist are catnip for me. If he wants to rob a bank and needs a wheel man, I'll be putty in his hands.

18 February 2013

Naked Art

Can you look at an artistic picture of a hot naked man that's not meant to be porn and not think about sex? Can you think artistic thoughts like "what interesting lighting" or "what striking composition"?

Or are you like me and the first think you notice is his fantastic ass or his nice bushy pubes or his thick cock? I can't really think about pentimento subtlety or chiaroscuro tonalities when a naked hot man is involved in the equation. I think about getting him into my bedroom and having my way with him.

I am such a shameless pervert.

17 February 2013

Big Bottom Bitch

The bigger muscle dude turns out to be a slutty bottom. No complaints about that!

16 February 2013

Cuma Sutra

Someone thoughtfully posted these four hot scenes on Xvideos this week, which all seem to be from a movie called Cuma Sutra which I'd not seen before.

According to IAFD, this film was directed by none other than pornstar Rafael Alencar. I wonder if he had a boner the whole time it was being shot?

All four clips begin with a black leader, so that's why you won't see anything below until you begin playing each one.

15 February 2013

Mainstream Naked

This is Benjamin Godfre, who is a legit fashion model. I normally wouldn't feature a lad of his sort here as he's a bit "twinky."

However, given he's a big-money model who's not afraid to show his cock, I think he warrants inclusion for that reason.

It seems, ever-so-slightly, mainstream models are increasingly doing the full monty, and I hope we see a lot more of that. The whole world knows a man has a dick, so what's the harm in showing it?