25 February 2013

Monday Sucks

Monday is not usually a favorite day of the week. For many workers, it means heading back to the job after the weekend off.

That might change if employers offered certificates for a free blowjob to every bloke who showed up on time Monday morning. Instead of TGIF, soon employees would be celebrating Thank God It's Monday's Blowjob.

Wouldn't you have been happier at work today with a blowjob?


  1. Anonymous07:38

    I have tried three browsers and not one of them will show the photos.
    I use Google, Firefox and Explorer and they are all working well--except for your photos.

    I hope you can fix this.

  2. Anonymous08:28

    ... much happier!!!

  3. Anonymous09:58

    I got screwed today. None of the eight pics would load.

  4. Anonymous13:58

    What a great idea!

  5. You got that right! And I be happy to help with the blow jobs too!

  6. Anonymous01:16

    Without a doubt.


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