30 June 2014


You can't get much furrier than this. I know some of you will love this lad while others will be itching to shave him. But if you haven't snuggled up to a muscular furball like Hussein here, you don't know what you're missing.

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29 June 2014

Bryce Bottoms

Following my picture post with Bryce the other day, a reader alerted me to this hot scene with him bottoming for Landon. Well, this was like getting a puppy from Santa -- who wouldn't love this? Lucky cameraman who got to shoot this.

As always, if you'd like to view on the source page or to download your own free copy, you'll want to click here.

28 June 2014

Reality Lust

These lads reportedly were a real couple when this scene was made, and that adds to the steam and scorch factor. This is true reality TV.

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27 June 2014

Eight Hard Cocks

This must feel fantastic -- seven other blokes rubbing their hard penises against yours. Your engorged cockhead slides against theirs, bobbing back and forth at the end of their stiff cocks, all coating each other with sticky, slick precum. I'm getting rock hard just imagining this.

Now here's what blew my mind. After looking at this picture for a while and letting my imagination wander, I suddenly realized something: this is from straight porn, not gay porn. I did a reverse image search and found the straight video porn it's cut from with one chick and eight men. There's also one visual clue in the photo itself that this is not intended for a gay audience.

I'll never understand the straight mind. They have no problem seeing eight lads rubbing their hard cocks against each other. But two men kiss? It's the end of civilization as we know it.

Click here if you want to download the extra-large original of this photo, suitable for use as a screensaver. It'll be a great icebreaker at Starbucks.

26 June 2014

Big Bryce

This sturdy bloke is pornstar Bryce Evans. He's the best kind of pornstar -- versatile. I've seen him happily ride a cock with as much enthusiasm as when another lad rides him. He has a few credits from 2011 but most are from last year and this.

I couldn't find any personal stuff about him online -- age, background, and the like -- other than his height (5'9) and weight (185 pounds). He looks like he might be in his thirties or even early forties. I think that's part of the reason I find him alluring, because he's seasoned by a few years, as the hottest blokes tend to be. Give me weathered over pure any day.

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25 June 2014

Steamy Afternoon

The company producing this scene has really improved the quality of their product recently. If memory serves me correctly, they used to crank out forgettable twink fare. Now, however, the stuff is highly erotic and very well produced.

My only complaint about this is the improv voiceover. While it's well done and natural, not to mention much preferred to the standard bad porn acting, I think it diminishes the effect of this scene by underscoring how these two lads just met. I think by not hearing that, the scene would have played more like a long-awaited fuck between two long-time lovers.

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24 June 2014

Beautiful Butts

I imagine most of us never tire of seeing a magnificent male ass. A fit man might have an ugly face but he'll always have a beautiful butt. Some are leaner, some are fleshier, some are more muscular, but they're all mighty fine to look at.

The selection below are eight out of twenty asses I collected for your enjoyment. To see the entire set and to download any or all, please click here for the free folder.

23 June 2014

Summer's Here

Summer officially began on Saturday. So now is a perfect time to go outside and get naked. Our tenant is out of town as are the neighbors with a view of our pool.

For the first time in a long while, we could do whatever we wanted in the backyard without danger of being seen. As a result my boyfriend and I had a naked moonlight swim last night and more. A good time was had by all.

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22 June 2014

Fuzzy Muscle

This lad, named Drake, is magnificent. I love a muscled body pelted with fuzz. He also has a masterpiece of an ass, all rippling rock-hard muscle.

My laptop has gone John Wayne Gacy on me and a little voice is whispering "Drake is a big slutty bottom and wants you and your boyfriend to tie him up and fuck him into the next time zone."

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21 June 2014

Austin Again

I located another Austin vid which someone posted recently online. This big strapping lad just gets so hot and worked up when he fucks. He's turning himself on, and who can blame him. He clearly loves to fuck -- but then, who doesn't?

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20 June 2014

Just a Glimpse

I sometimes am annoyed at models who show partial glimpses of their cock but keep it mostly obscured with a hand or a prop. In the movie business, this is known as a cheat. A good example of a cheat is a sign or truck placed at a strategic spot in a period movie to obscure a newer building or permanent fixture that can't be removed temporarily for filming.

Sometimes a clever and creative photographer will come up with a cheat that doesn't look like a cheat and, in fact, enhances the erotic feeling. This is one of those photos.

We see just a glimpse of his magnificent uncut cock. It's like he's in the locker room and turning toward us, but then another bloke passes by, temporarily obscuring any further view. By the time he's passed, the subject of our admiration has pulled on his underwear or turned the other way so we can no longer see his meat.

Of course, if you're devious like me, you could trick him into facing you full on with a ruse like, "excuse me, sir, but I think I just spotted a tick on your thigh." He steps closer so you can see everything unobscured.

This is a huge photo, so click here to see and save the large format original.

19 June 2014

Vulnerable Chris

There are a lot of Chris Rockway photo sets out there, but I think this is about the nicest one I've seen. He somehow seems both strong and vulnerable here, particularly in the first one. The pornstar mask is down and we see the real Chris (or whatever his name actually is) underneath.

From the neck down he reminds me of a bloke I had a crush on in my sophomore year at university. He was a math major so I shared no classes with him save for one first-year lecture, but we lived on the same floor so I regularly saw him nearly naked in nothing but running shorts. He was on the wrestling team but otherwise super quiet and shy.

These are large, high res pictures of Chris, so to see and save the entire set of twelve, be sure to click here.

18 June 2014

The Petty Thief

This is one way to deal with prison overcrowding -- exact punishment when a thief is caught in the act to prevent his incarceration. I'm unclear, however, why the victim of this crime has masked his face. Perhaps so he may nab more thieves in the future? So he's like a superhero with an erection?

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17 June 2014

Beau? Is That You?

This bloke looks amazingly like Beau Bridges when he was younger, somewhere on the timeline shortly after his Norma Rae days. It's definitely not the actor, because he's now 72.

Mr. Unknown doesn't ping my gaydar, so perhaps he sent this to a now-ex girlfriend who exacted her revenge by posting it online. Or maybe my gaydar needs a service check.

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16 June 2014

Cock Alfredo

When I moved to Los Angeles in 1985 to start college, I saw Hispanic lads for the first time. I never saw them when I lived in London or the upper American Midwest.

LA, in contrast, had a bumper crop; some were the hottest men I'd ever seen. I remember one in particular who was in one of my first classes. He had a classic T-shape body with narrow waist and broad shoulders, thick muscular arms, a fantastic ass always in tight 501s, a handsome olive face, and the bluest eyes I'd ever seen.

I learned quickly that most Hispanic men were straight and many to the point of being homophobic -- a cultural thing -- but some were very into other blokes. I got to know a few quite well.

Alfredo here has a tattoo with another bloke's name on it. So that means he's not really named Alfredo but instead what it says on the tattoo, or maybe the name belongs to his boyfriend. I'd love to see the two of them make some hot Latin love. Alfredo has just about the best blowjob lips I've ever seen. That face cries out for a big wad of cum blasted across it.

These are from a set of twenty larger format photos. To see and save the entire set in a free folder, please click here.

15 June 2014

World Cup Coupling

I believe these two hot lads are Brazilian, so they're a perfect tie-in for the World Cup competition that runs until mid-July. I bet there's quite a lot of international hookups that go down during the World Cup with lots of prime studs sampling more than just Brazilian sport and food.

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14 June 2014

Alpha Austin

You lads are fantastic. I post still pictures and within a few hours, one or more of you will email a link to the video that's already on one of the porn sites. I posted Austin Wolf stills the other day, and soon I was sent a link to the same video as the pictures. I don't know how you do your searches, because I've tried and failed to find some of these on my own.

If you'd rather watch on the source site and/or download a free copy, you'll need to do that here.

13 June 2014


I have a confession. Part of the reason I'm attracted to this lad is because he looks like he might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. I'm always drawn to good looking, well built blokes who seem like they might have some trouble balancing their checkbooks.

I suspect that's because I'm somewhat predatory and devious by nature. I've always found it easier to seduce a dimwit than a PhD hunk. In my college days, more than a few freshmen overwhelmed by their coursework were kindly helped by me, but I did extract some quid pro quo. I never forced myself on them, of course, but I did play them.

I promise, mate: after the first ten or fifteen minutes of me fucking you in the ass, you'll love it. You'll cum like you've never cum before. Trust me. And did I mention I just got a big bag of Mendicino sensimilla?

Young blue-balled lads have a particular craving for cum when they're stoned out of their gourd. I speak from experience.

This is pornstar Enzo Bloom and I imagine he's been talked between the sheets on more than a few occasions. These photos are larger than they appear below, so click here to download the complete full-size set of eleven shots.

12 June 2014

Bubu's Boner

Thanks to the observant reader who linked a folder at Xtube to this super hot bloke seen below. If the profile linked to those pictures is for real, he lives in San Diego and has a partner.

I suspect these are cropped down from larger photos where he's naked in some and you can see everything, but alas he appears not to have shared these online. I did discover there's a little more in the "Bubu's bulge" photo which looks like his cock was hanging out of his sorts but the various versions I found online show very little of his meat (two versions in the links described below).

In one shot, he's wearing thin white shorts with nothing on underneath and you can see his erection. I like that one the best. I'll bet his lover is as hot as he is!

I archived all the photos in a zipped folder which you can download for free here. I also put them on two image host pages (here and here) if you'd rather not download.