30 September 2011

Coitus Interruptus

This photograph is a mystery in several ways. I found it on Tumblr so I don't know anything about its origin. Did someone shoot it themselves? Was it done by an art photographer? An outtake from a porn shoot?

Why are his pants missing but he still has on his dress shirt and suit jacket? Why is his cock somewhat distended and tumid, like he may have been fully erect thirty seconds ago? Was he in the middle of some sex act and it was interrupted?

Did his wife call on his cell just as the male escort was getting ready to suck him in a hotel room? Or while he was sucking the escort?

29 September 2011

Full Load Pickup

These shots are from a vintage porn magazine called Full Load Pickup that looks like it was published in the later 1970s. The story here is familiar -- a horny lone male picks up a hitchhiker and pretty soon their clothes are off, their cocks are hard, and they're happily sucking and fucking.

I spent my teenage years in the American Midwest where hitchhiking was a necessity for most lads who didn't have a car. I did my share of it and learned that, unfortunately, if a driver made a sexual advance, almost certainly he was not worth the effort, to put it nicely, although there were some exceptions. More often than not, however, the driver was some religious nut you had to endure simply because you needed a ride.

I've noticed that recent vintage posts here have resulted in few or no posted comments. I know a lot of you still like the posts because of the thousands of times the accompanying files are downloaded. So I will continue to post them about once a week.

If you'd like to download a free folder featuring scans of this entire vintage magazine, be sure to click here.

28 September 2011

The Garden Blower

Good thing the landscaper likes to suck cock because his gardening skills suck, too. He's using the wrong kind of clippers and hasn't a clue how to use a leaf blower.

27 September 2011

The Perfect Ass

The cleanshaven lad has the most perfect ass I think I've ever seen. Both of them look familiar but I don't remember their names, if I ever knew it. Hopefully one of you studious readers will.

26 September 2011

Revenge Is Sweet

These came from one of those revenge sites were straight lads post naked pictures of their former girlfriends, which often include shots of some sex act the ex performed on her boyfriend. Occasionally and probably by accident, they also include solo shots of the lad himself naked when they dump a whole folder online at once.

That's what we have here today -- a careless lad who probably forgot to check if he removed his naked solos when he was uploading pictures of his ex sucking his cock and taking it up the ass. I wonder what his friends would think if they could see that last shot of him posing in a skirt?

25 September 2011

After Last Call

This was shot in a bar somewhere, as the sign on the wall in the one shot reveals. I guess the bartender had his eye on a hot customer all night and kept plying him with drinks. Once the bar shut down, he made his move.

24 September 2011

The Model and the Photographer

Thank you once again to Dirk for supplying the link for an excellent video. You might want to crack a window because this one really steams up the room. If you'd like to watch a larger screen version, please click here.

23 September 2011


I found these on Usenet where no further information was provided so that's all I can say about Chet. He looks like he's horny and has some attitude, which is AOK with me.

22 September 2011


Derek here started appearing a few months back on various porn sites but only in solo jackoff shoots. More recently, however, he's been appearing in male/male scenes. That seems to be the tease now at certain sites -- they unveil a new bloke jacking off and tease their audience into hoping he'll have sex with a man.

So far, Derek has only fucked another lad but he did suck some cock. Hopefully we'll soon see him on his back, legs in the air, and taking a proper pounding like a real man.

21 September 2011

Bite Me

This video is memorable for several reasons. The slim younger lad is none other than Arpad Miklos in one of his first film roles. He looks markedly different today -- he's a big strapping ursine fellow. The blond bloke is straight porn star Anthony Hardwood who made a few gay films early in his career before he went on to make thousands of het flicks.

If you'd like to watch a larger screen version, please click here.

20 September 2011


Class, today's word is "pendulous." Can someone use the word in a sentence? Anyone? Yes, Johnnie, you're sort of reluctantly raising your hand there.

I felt my crotch stiffen when I secretly watched Scott's large, pendulous cock bobbing gently as he shampooed his hair.

Very good Johnnie.

The dictionary defines "pendulous" as "hanging down loosely, swinging freely." Whilst an ordinary cock might not do that, someone who is amply endowed like Scott might be said to have a pendulous cock.

Unfortunately, Scott's cock only stiffens in the presence of pussy. He's a well known straight pornstar with a reputation for buttfucking women onscreen. He's rarely caught in solo shots like these. And I don't think he's ever jacked off on screen for cash.

19 September 2011


He's a Russian model named Yaroslav but unfortunately that's all I know. He is a fine looking specimen of grade-A manflesh.

18 September 2011


These photos are very erotic to the point where you don't even notice they're not explicitly hardcore. You don't actually see their cocks in each other's mouths or bung holes, but they're cleverly staged so the erotic effect is not diminished.

They're from a 1979 porn magazine called Deuce. The models are Victor Houston (with the thinning hair) and Ed Wiley. The two did several porn scenes together but I couldn't find any information about whether this scene was originally in a movie.

If you'd like to download a free folder containing scans of the entire magazine, be sure to click here.