31 January 2011


A selection of terrific amateur images from the great Hot as Fuck Blog. I'm sorry to report, however, that HAFB has hung up his blogging spurs as of this past weekend. If you enjoy his posts, stop by over there and encourage him to reconsider.

30 January 2011

Mind the Flying Cum

In the UK, one says "mind your head" instead of "watch your head." Similarly, "mind the gap," not "watch the gap." In this video, the warning might be "mind the flying cum."

29 January 2011

Fucking in Public

Whilst most if not all of these "in public" videos are staged, occasionally truly unknowing persons do seem to wander into the action. The idea of sex in public is exciting to me. I wouldn't want to shock people. I'd want to turn them on.

28 January 2011


This picture tells so many stories and leaves us wondering how they all may have turned out. How did the money and clothes end up in bed with him? Is he an escort or was he joined by one? Or did he and his lover tumble into bed and rip off their clothes in a frenzy of anticipation?

27 January 2011

Rush Week

I did not join a fraternity when I was in college. I didn't even bother trying. It seemed too straight and none of my friends were interested, either. I was more interested in hooking up with older married men from Orange County and vaguely thought of myself as bisexual.

At the time, my impression of pledging a fraternity was something like the scenes in Animal House with terrified lads in their BVDs being paddled by pimpled megalomaniacs in robes somebody's mother made out of velvet curtains in 1936.

Since then, however, I've heard a variety of tales of what goes on at frat initiations. I've heard that mutual jerk-offs to cum are required. I've also heard that lads were compelled to give each other blowjobs. If anyone had to do this when joining a fraternity, please do tell us all the details in the comments section.

26 January 2011

The Object of His Obsession

A blog reader emailed me and recommended this link of Kurt, his "latest obsession." I heartily concur with his recommendation and suspect many of you will, too. I've seen Kurt in a bunch of flicks and he always gives a stellar performance.

25 January 2011

Goodbye Jack

You've certainly heard by now that the great Jack LaLanne died a few days ago. Most of us knew him in his older years when he was peddling juicers on the telly. When he was a younger man, he was quite something to look at. He was not a tall man and measured in at 5'6" (exactly my height), so he was the original pocket stud.

Thankfully Jack posed for some naked photographs so his beauty will live forever. As always, most images are larger than they appear on the blog front page so click to see and save a better version.

24 January 2011


If a man was taking a shower with me like this, standing right behind me, soaping me up, running his strong hands all over my warm naked flesh, his thick cock bobbing against the back of my thigh, I know I would have a throbbing rock-hard erection. I couldn't help myself.

I don't see how the fuzzy lad on the left can remain flaccid through this intimate encounter. I'm getting a woody just thinking about being in the shower with my boyfriend.

23 January 2011

The Breaker

In the UK, the word "breaker" refers to a bloke who tears apart vehicles at the scrapyard. I sometimes used to play in a scrapyard when I was a young lad before we moved to the United States. I recall the men working there were all fat old drunks, nothing like this fine specimen named Aaron. If you'd like to download a free set with two dozen high resolution photos of breaker Aaron, be sure to click here.

22 January 2011

I Lost My Cock Ring

I know most of you prefer the XVideos platform, but this video isn't on there and it's too hot to miss. If you want to watch a larger screen version, be sure to click here. The thick-dicked older bloke with the goatee looks like a hot neighbor of mine, and their voices sound almost exactly the same. Hmmm.

21 January 2011

Married With Children

This bloke reminds me a lot of an older married man from Orange County who occasionally hooked up with me when I was in my twenties. He had a nice thick cock, too, and the same sort of cocky handsome smirk. He looked a fair bit like Harry Hamlin, who was very popular at the time, thanks to L.A. Law.

He used to take me to Best Western on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. He was always dressed nicely in an expensive suit but I have no idea what kind of work he did. I've long lost touch with him but remember him well. If he's still alive, I wonder if he remembers me?

I'm intrigued also by the man in the photo. Was he looking to hook up and that's why he took this photo whilst dressed in a suit and advertising his cock? Did his coworkers and friends think he was a fairly "normal" guy, the sort who would never put pictures of his junk on the internet? Was he gay, bi, or straight?

20 January 2011

Desert Dick Lickers

These are stills from a 1980s porn magazine with the improbable title of "Desert Dick Lickers." If you're familiar with Southern California, you may recognize these were probably shot around Chatsworth.

I acquired a copy of this mag when I was in college but no longer remember how. I remember it distinctly because the older bloke in this trio looked very much like a law student I slightly knew at the time. He was straight, friendly, and hot. I remember these photos were fantasy jerkoff fodder with an imagined threesome involving him, me, and some other bloke whom I've now forgotten.

The law student had a rather unusual name, and I see his name cropping up in the press these days on occasion in news reports about various matters. I've never seen a more recent picture of him; however, I did find a social network page for his eighteen-year-old son. I immediately saw the resemblance but, alas, the younger lad is not as hot as his dad was back in his academic years.

If you'd like to download a free set of high resolution scans of this entire vintage magazine, be sure to click here.

19 January 2011

Bench Press Me

A new pickup line is born: "You can bench press me." Too bad big Bo hasn't done more porn scenes. I read somewhere online that he had serious problems with stalkers. It's no wonder why.

18 January 2011

Big Dave

Dave Pocock was featured here earlier in the month. Thanks to the readers who kindly supplied his name, I chased down more photos of him. He's 22, 6', and 220 pounds. What a prime piece of studflesh.

17 January 2011

Ski Patrol

Here in Southern California, you will find no shortage of hot young studs who spend much of their time surfing, skiing, or chasing pussy. They work some uneventful part-time job just to pay the bills. They tend to be happy-go-lucky, laid back, what-me-worry dudes. I found this candidate at the great blog Uncut Plus.

16 January 2011

Ginger Max

Max has only done a few porn scenes. In the handful I've watched, he's a pretty aggressive top. I think he definitely needs to do many more, including some bottom roles. If you'd like to download a free set of 56 high resolution photos of Max, be sure to click here.

15 January 2011

Big Jeff

Jeff Stryker was probably the biggest male money-earner in the history of porn. Author Susan Faludi profiled him and several other male porn stars in a lengthy New Yorker article about fifteen years ago.

In the piece, she revealed Stryker owned a sprawling house on exclusive Mulholland Drive above Los Angeles and a 6,500-square-foot manse on three hundred acres in the Midwest. If you'd like a free copy of the entire article to read, be sure to click here.

14 January 2011

Take Me for a Ride

Real Guys 4 Real Guys is a fantastic free site filled with nothing but amateur photos featuring a smorgasbord of real blokes in a wide variety of not-safe-for-work activity. He has several dozen tag categories if you're in a mood for a particular type of amateur photo.

If you're not already familiar with the site, be sure to swing by and have a look. All the images appearing below were originally found on RG4RG.