24 January 2011


If a man was taking a shower with me like this, standing right behind me, soaping me up, running his strong hands all over my warm naked flesh, his thick cock bobbing against the back of my thigh, I know I would have a throbbing rock-hard erection. I couldn't help myself.

I don't see how the fuzzy lad on the left can remain flaccid through this intimate encounter. I'm getting a woody just thinking about being in the shower with my boyfriend.


  1. Anonymous06:03

    I am with you on this one.

    Nice bush by-the-way...

    - John

  2. Probably it's after an all night fuck.

  3. I think he is hard ... he's uncut and the head of his cock is exposed and hard

  4. I have to admit. He just got into that shower. that is why he is soft.


  5. Anonymous11:47

    Maybe the guy behind him just isn't his type. Maybe it's his first time and he's scared. What he needs is a mature daddy type, like me, to teach him the ropes.

    I promise to be gentle--at first.


  6. Anonymous12:27

    I agree with adonis. They've just had sex.

  7. Anonymous14:13

    Ahhhh, what do we do next, "how the hell do I know buddy, this is all new to me, but I have to admit you have nice big balls. I told you I never sucked a dude off before, give me time, do we have any more beer"?

    Ps. the furry dude is hot, love the hairy around his tummy.... yummy.....

  8. Anonymous19:06

    He's just moved his hands away . . . he's showing his cock to his buddy for the first time. He's scared . . . wondering . . . hoping.

  9. RedCedar19:51

    To be honest, he's not completely flaccid, and thus there are several reasons why he might not be erect, as others here have already noted (one of which of course could be that guys aren't his thing and that he's only doing it for the money, but based upon this picture there's no way to know if that explanation is any better than any other).

  10. Anonymous14:21

    He certainly has a nice bush surrounding his cock. Perhaps, they just got in the shower and he is slowly getting hard whereupon the guy who is soaping him will grab his cock in his hand and jerk it up and down until it gets real hard.


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