06 January 2011

Big Bryce

This bloke looks like a cocky alpha, the sort who was a team captain in high school, went into the military, and came home to marry his longtime girlfriend. The last picture, however, reveals the position he likes to assume when he goes hunting off in the wilderness with his best bud Bo.


  1. Anonymous07:49

    These photos do not display in either
    Explorer 8 or Firefox.

    Can you fix, please?

  2. Torontonian, it was a temporary image host issue. Has been remedied now.

  3. Love to get those HOT tops looing Men that are really bottoms.


  4. hollyboy01:23

    Yeah, his photo at http://blog.waybig.com/ better shows off his "experience" as a bottom. Men like him gives you a better understanding of the reality of the gay world.

  5. Anonymous22:00

    Amazing muscles--amazing abs in the video. And, well, his looks COULD look cocky and alpha-like--but he looks a little too eager to be liked for that. He unfortunately, is one of those porn stars who cannot hide his troubled, needy soul behind a game face.


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