12 January 2011

Small Town Secrets

I know most of you prefer the Xvideos embed over MegaVideo, but this clip is only available on the latter platform. I thought the cocksucking was pretty hot, although some other elements are a bit lacking. If you want to watch a larger-screen version online, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous16:52

    You're right--the sucking was very hot. But I haven't seen this many awkward pauses since my mom invited my prom date to Thanksgiving dinner.

    I realize that most pornos show the money shot a couple times--they even slow it down. It may have been my imagination, but I think they actually reversed the film a few times to make the cum shots seem longer. I can't explain it but for a few brief moments, the guys appeared to be jacking off backwards. Time Warp?


  2. is small Town the real name and what studio is this from? I thought it was hot(a bit slow though)

  3. Anonymous18:26

    Ok... I get this is porn and these are actors. I get script does not trump gigantic dick. This scenario is not even remotely sexy in fact it borders on exploitation. Young guy needs a job and he has to "measure up" and suck cock to get a job or a daddy or whatever this script is supposed to imply. I hope Jackson stays on the farm with his ample and extremely fuck worthy dick and lets every farm hand have it any way they can get it. Leave these two creeps to fondle each other and suck on lit cigars till their dicks drop off.


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