27 January 2011

Rush Week

I did not join a fraternity when I was in college. I didn't even bother trying. It seemed too straight and none of my friends were interested, either. I was more interested in hooking up with older married men from Orange County and vaguely thought of myself as bisexual.

At the time, my impression of pledging a fraternity was something like the scenes in Animal House with terrified lads in their BVDs being paddled by pimpled megalomaniacs in robes somebody's mother made out of velvet curtains in 1936.

Since then, however, I've heard a variety of tales of what goes on at frat initiations. I've heard that mutual jerk-offs to cum are required. I've also heard that lads were compelled to give each other blowjobs. If anyone had to do this when joining a fraternity, please do tell us all the details in the comments section.


  1. the second one with the dimples in his arse. I would love to rush him with my stick.


  2. Anonymous23:18

    All my frat brothers were straight....as straight as I was during college. But at ages 18-21, a few were in denial or not sure of their orientation, like me.

    The idea of being part of an all-male secret society definitely appealed to me. The pledging process was like dating. Freshmen would visit frat houses & try to get a "bid" where there was mutual attraction, and not just in compatible personalities & interests. There was a physical component too. One of the brothers flat out told me they went after the best looking guys because "they were the ones who would bring the hottest girls to fraternity social functions."

    My "pledge class" consisted of about a dozen greatlooking All-American boy-next-door types. The brothers hazed us for a full semester before we were initiated. Many things they did were homo-erotic, if not outright queer.

    For instance, we were told to memorize all the middle names, hometowns, girlfriends' names, and major area of study for all the brothers. At random times during the semester, they would call a few of us pledges over to the house late at night for what they called a "Rat Court". A table was set up in the middle of the basement floor. The "Grand Master" stood in back of the table & the pledges faced him. All the brother wore black gowns with hoods & lined the walls, holding candles.

    We were told to take off our shirts & pull down our pants. The brothers would ask us questions about the info we were supposed to have memorized. If you answered wrong, you had to bend over, placing your palms on the table. The brother who asked the question would whip your bare ass with a paddle. We then had to say "thank you, sir....care for another?"

    Two of the pledges seemed to always get it the worst. One was beaten so hard he broke down in tears. Both of them quit before initiation. After our pledge class became full-fledged brothers, we voted to have paddling outlawed.

    During "Hell Week" all the pledges had to stay at the house. We all slept together in a small cloak room on the carpeted floor only wearing our underwear. At various times during the night, a brother (known as the "pledgemaster") would come in screaming, waking us up, telling us to strip naked & go down to the basement.
    Once there, we had to do push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, etc. in the nude. Sometimes we were ordered to pile on top of each other in one huge heap of flesh. He'd then tell us to stand in a straight line so he could check to see if anyone sprung a hard on, so he could "weed out any queers". I don't recall seeing any boners after the rigorous exercise sessions, but when we were first rudely awakened for the hazing, it was not unusual to see several of us sporting morning wood. The brothers would point & laugh at the erections, making jokes about the ones they deemed too big or too small or any insult they could think of. This, however, was not considered "gay".

    By my senior year, I lived off campus & didn't really participate in fraternity activities. I was beginning to have gay adventures. By the time I was 22 and had graduated, I considered myself fully "out". Ironically, my very first official boyfriend was from another fraternity down the street. According to him, his frat had similar ceremonies & he actually messed around with several brothers in the house as an undergrad.

    No doubt such experiences are fairly common, but kept in strict confidence.

  3. Anonymous11:13

    This is like the best game show ever! Do I want to see what's behind ass #1, ass #2, ass #3, or ass #4?

    So many asses, so little time.


  4. Anonymous18:27

    i never cease to be amused by all the tales of gay escapades that supposedly take place in frat houses. interesting that the stories usually emanate from guys who have never darkened the door of a real fraternity and not from an actual brother.
    i belonged to a gentlemen jock house 10 years ago. there was a lot of nudity, some paddling and crazy antics all designed to humiliate the pledges and mold them into a tight band of brothers not dissimliar from marine boot caamp.

    we live in a very litigious society. if just one disgruntled pledge ever could prove sexual misconduct, the house would no doubt be sued and the national organization would yank their charter and close the house down so fast it would make your head spin.

    so enjoy the antics of frat porn, but take it all in with a HUGE grain of salt. just sayin...


  5. Anonymous18:32

    We were required to assemble in a line-up every Wednesday (hump day), drop our clothes, and grab a bar above our heads. The actives could then come in and "assess" our progress in the gym by running their hands over our bodies. Most of us got hard and were the subject of being "milked" by whomever wanted to grope us. Afterwards, brothers would slelect pledges to be "bed warmers" and spend the night with them. Why we did this? Who knows what goes through the minds on 18 and 19 year olds suddenly being challenged by guys who are supposed to be their friends.


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