31 October 2019


Yesterday, Twitter announced that it would no longer accept any political advertising, a move which takes effect next month (details here). At the same time, Twitter's CEO challenged Facebook to do the same.

As you may know, Russian operatives bought a considerable amount of ad space on Facebook and other social media platforms in 2016 to influence the election in Donald Trump's favor.

Equally troubling, right now Facebook is refusing to take down political ads that knowingly include false claims and outright lies. The company is profiting from political fraud.

Twitter's move is an important victory for democracy and free elections. Facebook should be pressured into doing the same thing because that was Russia's primary advertising outlet. Equally, the same should happen with Google and its various platforms like YouTube.

American voters can put pressure on companies like Facebook and Google to adopt similar bans. That pressure can be increased by refusing to purchase everything advertised on Facebook and Google until they remove political ads. Hopefully someone clever with a publicly recognizeable name will organize a boycott like this if Facebook and Google do not act soon to ban political ads, too.

Tricked Treat

If you knock on Trevor's door tonight and are a hot-looking lad, he'll give you a treat but it won't be candy. He'll give you a ride in his sling that will be anything but frightening.

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30 October 2019

An Attempt Matters

When Donald Trump's now metastasizing Ukraine scandal that is consuming his presidency and a number of his appointees first surfaced, the Republicans trotted out talking points claiming the allegations were all hearsay and that there was no quid pro quo.

Since then, a number of witnesses have come forward and testified about having directly witnessed Trump's damning telephone call establishing a clear quid pro quo requiring Ukraine to investigate the President's political opponent before Congressionally approved military and other aide would be released.

Republicans are now forced to concede there was quid pro quo. But this has given rise to a new talking point: that it doesn't really matter, because Ukraine eventually got the money with no limitations or requirements.

This set of talking points asks us to ignore a wide variety of crimes: (1) the conspiracy to do this; (2) the intent to do this; and (3) the attempt to do this.

If you and your friend plan to rob a bank, organize a plan, and then walk into a bank and shout "stick 'em up" whilst brandishing firearms, you too have formed a conspiracy with intent and an attempt. Now let's say you and your friend suddenly get cold feet and run out of the bank before your robbery is completed.

You would not be prosecuted for bank robbery, but you could be prosecuted for conspiracy, intent, and the attempt. And if convicted you would spend at least several years in prison.

In short, failure to succeed in a crime is no defense in the real world. Plenty of people in America are behind bars for intended and attempted crimes that did not succeed.

Yet Trump's apologists expect the President to be forgiven for his intended and attempted crimes.

Why do you punish someone for intended and attempted crimes? Because without some disincentive, they will likely attempt the crime again.

This is certainly true on Trump's case. The day after Robert Mueller declined to file criminal charges against Trump, the latter committed new crimes with his attempted Ukraine extortion.

If he's allowed to get off a second time with no penalty, it will embolden him to commit still more crimes in whatever time he has left in office.

So instead of giving Trump an out with their talking points, they're giving Senators a very good reason to convict the President and remove him from office.

Three Amigos

The premise here is silly — two lads who happen to be bottoms are watching TV when a friend just walks into the house and tells them to take off their clothes. They do so and, within seconds, cocks are hard and sliding in and out of mouths. Things proceed quickly from there.

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29 October 2019

The Audience Dissents

Donald Trump was loudly booed by an audience of 35,000 people Sunday night when he arrived to watch a World Series game. And then the audience broke into a loud "lock him up" chant (details here and here).

Behind home plate, spectators held up "Veterans for Impeachment" signs whilst others displayed two large anti-Trump banners. Video footage shows Trump's face turning from a broad smile into seething anger as he realized this was not like one of his adoring rally crowds.

Now some commentators yesterday from the left took exception to what happened. They said it was disrespectful of the presidency and contemptuous of the Constitution for advocating imprisonment without trial.

I disagree. They weren't booing the presidency. They were booing a corrupt incompetent who has repeatedly disrespected the American people throughout his presidency.

And as for the "lock him up" chant, the crowd obviously wasn't advocating punishment without trial. They were simply giving Trump a taste of his own medicine. Good for them.

Attila the Hunk

The lad here with the shaved head goes by Attila in porn world and perhaps in the real world, too. He has an absolutely fantastic physique. He also, unfortunately, has very poor spelling skills.

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28 October 2019

The Raid

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State leader, was killed by United States special forces in a daring raid over the weekend in Syria. Kudos to all military and intelligence personnel responsible.

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump was arrogantly boastful about the action. What he didn't reveal, however, is that the whole mission was nearly scuttled because of his hasty decision withdraw all military personnel from Syria and thus allow the wholesale slaughter of America's Kurdish allies.

As the New York Times noted (link here) "al-Baghdadi’s death in the raid ... occurred largely in spite of, and not because of, Trump’s actions." In a companion piece (link here), the Times noted that while Trump is trying to claim the ISIS leader's death is a validation of his disengagement strategy, it succeeded because of the intelligence agencies he has defamed and the allies he has shafted.

Trump's boastful announcement about al-Baghdadi and subsequent press conference were nothing short of embarrassing and peppered with his trademark lies. He took what could have been a high point for his administration and instead made it all about himself, wandering into nonsensical topics about how many copies his ghostwritten books had sold as well as shameless self-aggrandizement when he claimed this raid was much more important than the one during President Obama's term in office when Osama bin Laden was killed.

The Pulitzer-winning Thomas Friedman wrote an excellent analysis (link here) of Trump's reaction to the raid. The deck title reads "Trump boasts of defeating the Islamic State. He’s only showing how ignorant he is."

He ends with this particularly withering conclusion: "Only Trump would boast of defeating ISIS and thinking that all that needs to be done now is to protect the Middle East’s oil wells and America’s favorite dictators — and not its wells of decency."

Joe and Seb

Both of these lads are keepers. They'd be great in a fourway with my boyfriend and me. I believe they're both making their porn debut with these shoots. Hopefully we'll see lots more of them in some hardcore action, either topping or bottoming or both.

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27 October 2019


Several readers have written to recommend George Conway's excellent article at The Atlantic (link here) about Donald Trump titled "Unfit for Office." I had actually already read the piece several times and was planning to write about it here.

Needless to say, I highly recommend the article. Conway lays out a careful and detailed picture of how Trump is seriously impaired by several psychological deficiencies, including a narcissistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and sociopathy.

It's not a short piece but it's one of the best articles on Trump I've read. If you don't have time to read it, I recommend downloading the audio version of the article for your personal media device — that link can be found on the article link above. The article in its entirety is read by a professional voice actor who really brings the piece to life.

If you have the time, I also recommend downloading and listening to former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara's excellent program (link here) where he interviews Conway specifically about his article. Conway rarely sits for interviews so it's a really fascinating program.

Gymbunny Fourway

There's no story here. It seems to have to do with boyfriend swapping. Or something. As is usual for this studio, it's wall-to-wall muscle and uncut cocks.

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26 October 2019

Worse Than Imagined

The Washington Post broke an important story late Thursday afternoon (link here) that unfortunately hasn't been receiving the attention it should.

In short, the piece details how the Trump "administration’s suspension of assistance to Ukraine extended beyond the congressionally authorized military aid and security assistance to other government programs." That suspension, of course, was all part of a scheme to extort the Ukrainian government into investigating Joe Biden's son and making public announcements about it, the matter at the core of the current impeachment inquiry.

Given the many dozens of hours of closed-door testimony from Trump administration officials, and more coming in the weeks ahead, one has to imagine even more revelations like this will come to light. This scandal has reached epic, Watergate-sized proportions and is spread through multiple departments, including Justice, State, Energy, plus the White House itself.

Once all the details are brought to light in the public hearings, due in a few weeks, and the almost certain Senate trial after Trump is impeached, it will be very difficult for many Republicans to dismiss this as some partisan witch hunt. If it's a witch hunt, it's sure finding a lot of witches.

The Sofa Biter

The bottom at one point whilst being pounded bites the sofa as that fat oversize cock hammers into him. That's a curious variation on pillow biting.

Notice too how the bottom is yet another porn stud with religious tattoos — is that so his mom won't get suspicious about his mysterious source of extra funds? Unrelated: the top calls the bottom puta on more than a few occasions, which means "whore" in Spanish and Portuguese, and he also says puto as well, which is Spanish and Portuguese for "fuck."

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25 October 2019

Losing the Narrative

The Atlantic published a great piece yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump has already lost the impeachment narrative.

By accident or design, Trump successfully spun the narrative after the Mueller investigation concluded with his "no collusion, no obstruction" one-liner sound bite. Of course, that was a lie, but the narrative worked in his favor.

With impeachment looming, however, Trump is flailing. He's tried to claim it's "a witch hunt" but that's a tired, recycled theme from when he was attacking the Mueller investigation.

He's also tried to claim it's all a conspiracy cooked up because Democrats are still sore they lost the 2016 election. That, too, is shopworn goods recycled from past sound bite battles.

His most laughable attempt is the claim the impeachment investigation is unconstitutional when everyone who's had civics knows the House alone sets all the rules for an impeachment.

The steady drip-drip-drip of new revelations, many which have disproven Trump's recent lies, certainly doesn't help. And there's much more damage to come with further witnesses behind closed doors being deposed and then public hearings coming in November, to be followed by the actual removal trial in the Senate.

So rather than sounding like the master communicator he sometimes is — again by accident or design — of late he's been sounding positively Nixonian. Which is another way to say "panicked" and "desperate."

Weekend Wallbangers

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24 October 2019

Unlawful and Disorderly

Since before World War II, the GOP has styled itself as the "law and order party." Against that background, consider the following three events which happened yesterday:

First, Matthew Whitaker, who served for a period as Donald Trump's acting attorney general, said yesterday in a television interview, in defense of the President, that "abuse of power is not a crime" (details here). What he failed to mention — or possibly even grasp — is that it's not necessary to commit an actual crime in order to be impeached. Some of Richard Nixon's articles of impeachment, for instance, did not involve crimes either and included abuse of power.

Impeachment is not a legal process but a political process. It is up to the House and no one else to determine whether or not a President has committed impeachable acts (details here).

But we should all thank Whitaker for affirming that Trump has engaged in abuse of power.

Second, in a federal court yesterday, Trump's lawyers argued that the President cannot be prosecuted or even investigated for any crimes he commits while in office, even if it's murder in broad daylight in front of witnesses on live television (details here). His attorneys were making this argument in an attempt to stop a criminal investigation by the Manhattan district attorney into possible tax and loan fraud committed by Trump.

The only remedy, his lawyers asserted, would be to impeach Trump should be commit a crime, remove him from office, and then prosecute him as an ordinary citizen. What Trump's attorneys failed to mention in court, however, is that Trump himself refuses to admit that impeachment is a valid process and his instructed his administration to ignore every subpoena for documents and appearances before relevant House committees.

Third, panicked about how the House Intelligence Committee hearings are uncovering damning information about Trump's quid pro quo crimes in Ukraine, with the President's approval and blessing, some hard-right Congressmen stormed a closed-door hearing yesterday, forcing a six-hour delay in testimony (details here). They claimed they acted to urge "transparency" but it's patently clear to everyone they were trying to disrupt the impeachment process.

So do these three actions sound like something a "law and order" party would endorse? Or are they the actions of a party that favors the unlawful and disorderly in defense of a deeply corrupt and criminal President?

Arms and the Man

Markus it the big hulking top seen below. He's been featured here on the blog twice before in recent months. Some lads can rock sleeve tats and I think he's one of them with his massive arms.

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23 October 2019

A New Worst Day

Acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor testified before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday for nine and a half hours.

Although much of his testimony has yet to be released, his opening statement leaked to the public, and that alone made crystal clear Donald Trump very definitely mandated a quid pro quo with the Central European country — if they didn't publicly acknowledge they were investigating Joe Biden's son, they wouldn't receive military aid (details here, here, and here).

Already rocked by the impeachment crisis, yesterday's testimony has now made matters much, much worse for Trump. While the President has experienced what could be called "new worst days" in the past, yesterday eclipsed all of them because Trump's presidency is potentially in real jeopardy now that there's a smoking gun in Taylor's testimony. The President was all but silent yesterday on Twitter, suggesting he knows he's now in serious trouble.

It's all but certain that Trump will be impeached. If that happens, the GOP Senate leadership has confirmed Trump will face a full trial because they don't want the appearance that they're sweeping this matter under the rug. And that trial, which may not happen until next spring, will be devastating for Trump's reelection chances even if he survives a removal vote.

The full fallout has yet to be seen to Taylor's appearance yesterday. We'll probably see more developments today and in the days to follow. And at some point soon, the House will release full transcripts of Taylor's and other witness testimonies. So definitely stay tuned.

Waiting a Long Time

Great porn scenes are those that feel real, where the performers make it seem we're seeing a glimpse into their private lives. The bottom here says breathlessly "I've been waiting for this for a long time." There's every reason to believe he's telling the truth.

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22 October 2019

Constitutional Clown

Faced with excoriating criticisms from his own party members in Congress, Donald Trump has dumped plans to host the G7 summit at his Miami-based hotel resort next year.

Even after cancelling the plan because they were a very bad idea, Trump yesterday insisted to reporters that it was a very good idea (details here) He then blamed Democrats and the media for making him cancel the event, which of course is a flat-out lie.

And then he made a shocking statement to reporters: "You people with this phony emoluments clause."

The emoluments clause is not phony. It's spelled out in the Constitution. Was Trump just babbling here or did he slip and reveal his contempt for the founding document that restrains him?

At differing times, Trump claimed US taxpayers would pay "at cost" for use of the resort and at other times he said it would be "free." Those two are not the same thing, but we all know accuracy and truth are alien concepts for Trump.

"At cost" can be a scam if it's being done by an unscrupulous, unethical individual like Trump. Indeed, New York magazine published a piece yesterday (link here) about how Trump would make out like a bandit whilst billing taxpayers "at cost" for use of his facility.

This dustup also reveals that Trump has no sense of ethics. Holding an important international event at your own hotel, even if you never billed for it, would still generate millions of extra revenue in future months and years because the summit itself would act like a gigantic free advertisement.

Trump sees nothing wrong with self-enrichment whilst President. And for that reason alone, he should not be President.

The Middleweight

This lad is named Osman and is said to be in his twenties and is a boxer. He's very nicely put together. At 5'6 and 165 pounds, that would make him a middleweight. His nose does not appear to have ever been broken.

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