23 October 2019

A New Worst Day

Acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor testified before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday for nine and a half hours.

Although much of his testimony has yet to be released, his opening statement leaked to the public, and that alone made crystal clear Donald Trump very definitely mandated a quid pro quo with the Central European country — if they didn't publicly acknowledge they were investigating Joe Biden's son, they wouldn't receive military aid (details here, here, and here).

Already rocked by the impeachment crisis, yesterday's testimony has now made matters much, much worse for Trump. While the President has experienced what could be called "new worst days" in the past, yesterday eclipsed all of them because Trump's presidency is potentially in real jeopardy now that there's a smoking gun in Taylor's testimony. The President was all but silent yesterday on Twitter, suggesting he knows he's now in serious trouble.

It's all but certain that Trump will be impeached. If that happens, the GOP Senate leadership has confirmed Trump will face a full trial because they don't want the appearance that they're sweeping this matter under the rug. And that trial, which may not happen until next spring, will be devastating for Trump's reelection chances even if he survives a removal vote.

The full fallout has yet to be seen to Taylor's appearance yesterday. We'll probably see more developments today and in the days to follow. And at some point soon, the House will release full transcripts of Taylor's and other witness testimonies. So definitely stay tuned.

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