26 October 2019

Worse Than Imagined

The Washington Post broke an important story late Thursday afternoon (link here) that unfortunately hasn't been receiving the attention it should.

In short, the piece details how the Trump "administration’s suspension of assistance to Ukraine extended beyond the congressionally authorized military aid and security assistance to other government programs." That suspension, of course, was all part of a scheme to extort the Ukrainian government into investigating Joe Biden's son and making public announcements about it, the matter at the core of the current impeachment inquiry.

Given the many dozens of hours of closed-door testimony from Trump administration officials, and more coming in the weeks ahead, one has to imagine even more revelations like this will come to light. This scandal has reached epic, Watergate-sized proportions and is spread through multiple departments, including Justice, State, Energy, plus the White House itself.

Once all the details are brought to light in the public hearings, due in a few weeks, and the almost certain Senate trial after Trump is impeached, it will be very difficult for many Republicans to dismiss this as some partisan witch hunt. If it's a witch hunt, it's sure finding a lot of witches.

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