09 October 2019


Jonathan Chait at New York magazine published a great piece yesterday (link here) about why impeaching Donald Trump has turned out to be a lot more popular than the President himself.

Indeed, very recent polling is showing that almost 60 percent of Americans now support the current impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives. And a plurality supports an actual impeachment and removing Trump from office.

Now that the train is moving along, it's proving that many of the impeachment naysayers were wrong. Too many warned that it was a bad mistake politically and better to wait for the election to get rid of Trump.

But as Chait notes, the naysayers were wrong. Impeaching Trump is turning out to have two possible benefits: first, it may actually lead to Trump being removed from office and, second, even if not, the whole process will badly hurt him politically in the 2020 race.

Chait writes: "Most voters are locked in to one of the parties. The swing vote tends to be low-information voters with a hazy grasp of the issues. Impeachment is a signal to those voters that Trump has done something seriously wrong. It’s not a magic trick that works against every president — there needs to be misconduct people can easily understand, and which the news media covers as a serious scandal. This easily qualifies."

And he closes with: "Having the news dominated by a scandal even many Republicans can’t defend, with a constant drip of damning new details, is extremely unhelpful for the president."

Nicely too, Trump's own behavior is really hurting him now. His tweeting and public statements are borderline insane. And by blocking everyone from testifying before the House, he looks positively Nixonian, like he has something to hide — and something big.

Once again, Trump is turning out to be his own worst enemy. And at a time like this, that's not an enemy one wants to have.

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