31 July 2010

Amateur Urban Cowboy

This is clearly a real amateur video. The production values aren't the best, but the fact that he gladly shows his face while he strokes his cock for all the world to see is certainly commendable. Hopefully, whoever he is, he'll will make many more in the future. Cowboy up!

30 July 2010

Alpha Hunter

This fantastic specimen of prime manflesh without a name was posted recently at the excellent blog Alfa Hunter. If you know more about him, please do shout out in the comments.

29 July 2010

Leaky Plumbing

I've written here before about how much I love to see a nice big dollop of precum (technically called Cowper's fluid) oozing out of a man's cock. Unfortunately, in porn, you don't often see precum.

I am quite a leaky lad myself, and during extended foreplay, I can get pretty drenched. One of my favorite things in the world is when my lover rubs the precum around on the sensitive glans of my rigid cock. This can be one of those ecstatic agony moment, where it's heavenly torture, particularly if he already tied up my hands so I can't stop him from edging me. Precum takes a long time to dry, so he'll stop for a moment until he's certain I won't shoot, then he goes right back to torturing me.

These great shots came from the excellent blog Beef, Boots and Buttplugs.

28 July 2010

Brett Cools Down

Brett Mycles was a fantastically beautiful man. He died tragically and suddenly at the age of twenty-nine due to a previously unknown heart condition. He will always remain young and immortal in film.

27 July 2010

Malcolm in the Middle

There are times when I don't like being short, but then there are times when I'm happy to be a munchkin. In high school on the track team bus, I frequently was squeezed in the middle of a seat between two much larger, older cornfed farmboys who couldn't help but press up against me. I never complained. The ride home was always the best part because they were sleepy and smelled like sweat.

26 July 2010

Shower Buddy

These appear to be amateur photos shot in someone's bathroom. I don't know how the photographer could keep shooting. I'd already be in the shower with him.

25 July 2010

Roadside Attraction

Next exit right lane: food, fuel, lodging, naked uncut amateur guy stroking his half-hard cock. (Be sure to click each image to see him in much greater detail.)

24 July 2010

Stairway to Heaven

He probably has nearly as many haters as he has fans, but I think he's hot. He has the face of a major Hollywood star, but the acting skills of a turnip, so that's why he ended up in porn.

23 July 2010

Ready to Play

He wants to play hide the sausage this morning. Are you up for a game?

22 July 2010

Does Your Wife Know?

I will admit I am fascinated by married men who pass themselves off as straight, often quite convincingly, yet love a fat cock stuffed in their ass. I will never understand them, but they are intriguing nonetheless. And why are married men more often bottoms than tops?

21 July 2010

Hump Day Orgy

I found Carlo in another one of his rare gay scenes, this time a nine-stud orgy, also known as a cum-as-you-are party. Additionally, this scene features the fantastic Dionisio, too. I'll bet that room reeked of cum and mansweat when they were done.

20 July 2010

Sun God

One of the many great things about Southern California is the feel of a warm, dry sun on your naked skin whilst being gently caressed by a strong breeze. I highly recommend the experience.

19 July 2010


Fernando from Brazil is a former boxer turned model. It's always great when mainstream models aren't afraid to show the beauty of their cocks. These pictures are massive, so be sure to click to see and save this beautiful god.

(Now I can't stop that ABBA song "Fernando" from playing in my head. "Can you hear the drums Fernando? I remember long ago another starry night like this. In the firelight Fernando, you were humming to yourself and softly strumming your guitar...")

18 July 2010

Road Trip

There's nothing better than driving aimlessly around with the man you love whilst enjoying the great outdoors and the wide-open highway. Sometimes you have to stop and rest. And sometimes those rest stops turn into something more where you renew your love.

This is a vintage photo set from a late 1970s smut magazine. They don't make vans for roadside action like this any more. I recognize both blokes but can only remember the name of the one with the beard at the moment: a young Al Parker. I'm assuming these were stills from an 8mm film that was much more explicit.

17 July 2010

Carlo Goes Gay for Pay

An eagle-eyed reader brought to my attention that Carlo, featured here in my blog in late June, has also done a handful of man-on-man gay scenes. Thank you anonymous reader!

Today big Carlo has his way with some bloke washing the dishes. I love how he finger-fucks the bottom before stuffing his magnificent uncut cock in his ass. This scene also has a voluminously memorable cumshot, too.

16 July 2010

Rent This Equipment

He was originally seen on the great blog Ruff's Stuff. I sure want to rent that equipment. I might have to put down an extra deposit, however, because he would be used hard and put away wet. The glasses are a nice touch -- my favorite kind of stud, brainy and brawny.

15 July 2010

Library Tryst

Join me on another little jaunt down memory lane. I was a college freshman in 1985. I was slim, had probably close to zero body fat, and looked young for my age. I was also on the shy side. Given this was my first time living in the big city, I made friends slowly. My jock roommate was cordial but had no apparent interest in welcoming me into his circle of jock buddies, although he was impressed I had been varsity and all-state track.

I spent much of my study time in the library. I first used the undergraduate one but soon discovered I liked the graduate library better. I would take breaks from studying and wander through the various floors and stacks looking randomly at books and magazines. This was in the day when libraries still kept many old magazines bound in big volumes.

One weekend afternoon I was on an upper floor exploring a remote section with old books, mostly from the nineteenth century. I turned a corner and a good-looking young graduate student was just standing there with sort of a shit-eating grin on his face. He was instantly friendly and my first thought was that he belonged one of the religious cults that were extremely aggressive in recruiting at the time. I mumbled some kind of response and left the area quickly.

A few weeks later I found myself exploring in the same part of the library. I wanted to look at the old books again. I returned to the remote portion and saw two young lads kissing in the stacks. They noticed me, nodded a silent greeting, and went back to what they were doing. I was both deeply embarrassed to have interrupted them but also secretly fascinated at what they were doing.

That night in my room I put two and two together and wondered if I had stumbled on some clandestine gay hookup spot in the library. This was the mid-eighties, when gay young men still pretty much kept things quiet about their sexual identity. If a gay student group existed on campus, I never heard of it. And, given this was before the internet age, there was no such thing as going online for answers.

I decided to try visiting the same section of the library again. Alas, no one was there but I did enjoy looking at the old books. Some days later the idea hit me: maybe I was trying too early in the day. Perhaps if I went up to the remote stacks at, say, close to midnight, I might discover something.

I planned a particular night after an important exam and looked forward to it eagerly. All I could think about was what might happen. I had some gay sexual experiences in high school but nothing yet in college. I managed to ace the exam notwithstanding the distraction but then had hours to kill before my late-night attempt.

The day passed slowly, but the time finally came when I returned to the remote stacks at the late hour. Some nine or ten young blokes, mostly graduate student age, were hanging out in the nineteenth-century books. Given I had never been there before, I was warmly welcomed. I remember one was really pushy and I took an immediate dislike to him.

Another lad really caught my eye, smiled, and just beckoned "let's go" with his head. We were back in his single room before I even knew his name. We were already half undressed when I managed to tell him mine. That night was particularly memorable for me because it was really the first time I was with a man who knew how to handle himself (and me) sexually. Prior to that date, I had either hooked up with other inexperienced guys my age or closeted small-town men in their twenties who approached gay sex with a certain cautious timidity.

14 July 2010

Masturbation Symposium

The first bloke is my favorite. I love the way he teases his own cock and repeatedly tastes his precum. Too much of him would still not be enough.

13 July 2010

Power Bottom

There's nothing better than a big, masculine, muscular stud bending over and begging to be fucked. You don't have to worry that he'll break if you accidentally get a little too rough.

12 July 2010

Amateur Booty

Men who show off their assets on the Internet are always much appreciated.

11 July 2010

Killer Tits

Sometime it's not just a guy's cock begging to be sucked.

10 July 2010

Jackoff Double Feature

As promised, here is Niko doing what he does best: stroking his magnificent uncut cock.

09 July 2010


I have a feeling the bloke on the left might not realize what his friend on the right has fantasized about so many times.

08 July 2010

He Loves His Cock

This is Niko, a personal trainer and straight pornstar in Los Angeles. He's 32, 5'10", of Italian/Romanian descent, and originally from Romania. These pictures were probably shot when he was in his later twenties. He mostly appears in male-female porn but has also done quite a few solo JO shoots for his gay fans. I'll post clips from a few of those soon.

Niko is straight but really seems to love his body and cock in his masturbation shoots. He's not afraid that loving his penis or pleasuring himself will somehow affect his sexual preference. He seems to have a very healthy relationship and friendship with his cock. Good for you Niko.

For a set of eighteen photos featuring Niko in this shoot, click here and download for free. Does anyone else think he looks like Michael Imperioli's hotter younger brother?