27 July 2010

Malcolm in the Middle

There are times when I don't like being short, but then there are times when I'm happy to be a munchkin. In high school on the track team bus, I frequently was squeezed in the middle of a seat between two much larger, older cornfed farmboys who couldn't help but press up against me. I never complained. The ride home was always the best part because they were sleepy and smelled like sweat.


  1. Anonymous06:14

    hey will,
    what's your take on guys shaving their pubes? would u go completely clean shaven? manscaping, grooming is one thing - but completely shaved??? just curious. thanks mate and continued kudos for a very enjoyable blog.

  2. Rugby, I usually prefer natural pubes. I know I'm probably in the minority with that opinion. Nothing says masculine like a thick bush with a fat, veiny cock poking out of it.

  3. I must be in the minority too. I like the natural look. I really don't understand all this shaving all over look. Give me natural anyday.

  4. there is ties being short is a plus. But sometimes being inthe middle is better.

  5. this is a super cute and hot photo. i love short guys, and usually find them to be hottest in bed.

    and count me as one who prefers natural pubes and hairy asses. totally shaved pubes are just weird looking to me.

  6. Lucky! Hot pic! I am shorter and loved it when my buds surrounded me too..good times!

  7. Natural pubs too, maybe trimmed a little. They both have hot balls!
    Maybe it was their way of trying to do something with you, but, too shy!

  8. Anonymous15:02

    That little guy is doomed, but what a way to go!

  9. Instead of being doomed I like to imagine that the little guy lucked out and found himself a couple of big nelly bottoms and now he's just trying to decide which one to fuck first .


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